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Part of the south coast path in Devon on a foggy day. Read more here

About?   Welcome to my blog of life outside big cities in the UK.
Why? there is far more interesting stuff going on than you could imagine
Special welcome to
* people who think out of the box
* fellow bloggers and writers
* those contemplating moving from big cities to the west of England
* those into spirituality and the meaning of life.

The personal account gives daily in-depth insights, the off-beat news that conventional media do not share with you, plus personal observations Samuel Pepys style on the many curious aspects of human nature.

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A diary is the most honest form of biography” Alan Taylor.

Who we are?  Myself and my wife Francoise have lived in Midsomer Norton, Somerset since 2012  having escaped from London. I am a Life Coach and author, write for Trip Advisor, have traveled to 42 countries and enjoy philosophy and seeing life from ‘outside the box’.

Brian Snellgrove

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