Words of wisdom from Sir Bernard Ingham.


Yesterday, to a physiotherapist. I see I should have gone a couple of years ago after my big accident when I broke five ribs. Unbeknownst to me the ribs had gone out of alignment and I had been functioning at less than 100% ever since. A recent manifestation on a weak spot has caused a cascade of pain in my left rib cage and shoulders. I must now spend a considerable amount of time and money getting this re-aligned. The problem is that once the human body has got used to something being out of order it remembers it. The human body has to be retrained to normality. Fortunately all this is happening outside the garden season which is my main source of income during the year. Lessons learnt. Finally.


The fact that I even know who Bernard Ingham is dates me. But there are some people that are the source of common sense and they have something that the youngsters do not have, a reflection on how times have changed and what we need to do.

I’m  reproducing an article from the Yorkshire Post by Bernard which I think sums up the whole thing very well. In my two years of writing this diary this is the first time I have ever done this:

“This is our society and we shall all have to clean it up”

Do you remember Moral Re-armanent, the movement founded in the 1930s by an American cleric, Frank Buchman, who thought that military re-armament alone would not solve the problem? It attracted much criticism, perhaps not surprisingly since idealistically it sought absolute honesty, purity, unselfishness and love. I was always wary of it, even if the Russians accused it of “supplanting the inevitable class war by the eternal struggle between good and evil”. MRA is now called ‘Initiatives for Change’ and is based in Switzerland. We do not hear much, if anything, about it but, by Jove, we need to think seriously about its objectives. Frankly, society – and politics – is going to pot.

The “magnificent seven” as the Labour defectors are called – and the threat of Tory resignations – just one aspect of it. Westminster is in a mess. You may feel my dismay is inconsistent in one resolved to look on the bright side. Not so. If history is any guide this could be the darkest hour before the dawn.

Human nature, if only out of self-preservation, swings from one extreme to the other. The reaction cannot come soon enough if Britain – indeed the world is to become a better place for generations unborn.

Off the top of my head I have in my Islamist terror risk corruption, the Communists determination to succeed by hook or crook and destabilisation, the multiple evils of the Internet and what I call the antisocial media, the drug culture, the flashing lights of a violent society, the mind sapping preoccupations of politically correct minorities, that perhaps inevitable preoccupation with mental health, intolerance as manifested for example by Brexit, public and private greed and the acute loss of individual responsibility

You might add the conversion of the world into a rubbish tip with devastating consequences for wildlife and on the other hand environmental fanaticism with headteachers, God help us, backing strike action by pupils against entirely unproven global warming.

Only the other day, a British scientist relatively asserting that on the basis of accurate records going back 800,000 years we are today where we should be in the ice age cycle. This is substantiated by two German scientists showing roughly a 1000 year climatic cycle from warm to come back again. No wonder people are confused.

It would be wrong to write off the human race as hopelessly degenerate. It is far from that when there are millions unselfishly performing good works every hour of the day.

But evil is stalking the land and we need to hunt it down and point to a better, more wholesome and satisfying way of life. What do we believe in?

Each of us has to stop passing the buck. It is our society and we shall have to clean it up. It’s no use whatsoever expecting government to do it all.

Of course, none of us as individuals can legislate to control the Internet, to prevent the crude and cruel abuse of for example Jewish women MPs or to provide effective defence against terrorism, crime, intolerance and greed.

But we can register our increasing disgust at criminal and antisocial behaviour, the corruption of youth by a prejudiced academia which is suppressing free speech and the awful greed among company executives and university vice chancellors who are rooking fee paying students interfacing daunting debts before they start earning a wage.

When our inadequate parliamentarians finally find themselves deprived of their Brexit games, if not Jeremy Corbyn, they had better launch the re-moralising of Britain.

After their long Brexit indulgence and before their expenses scandals they may not be the ideal agents of reform. But their job is to give a lead and we must now mount pressure on them for action.

Always, providing, of course, we ourselves are setting the standards we wish to live by. We are the best agents for a change in national attitudes and purpose.

Moreover, the press does not need much persuasion did join the exposure of neglect, incompetence and irresponsibility.

Our political parties would transform the atmosphere if they showed real determination to respond. At present the Tories are preoccupied with tearing themselves apart and Labour advocating a creed – Marxism – that has failed, not least morally, the world over while others, including defectors, wish to subject us to Euro – domination or, like the Nationalists, tear the UK apart.

They are, I admit, a divisive rabble. But we can start this day demanding they earn their keep by progressively eliminating society’s moral decay.


If I had the means, I would create an infrastructure for the spread of good ideas which would help society and community run better. Around the place, and by that I mean the whole of the United Kingdom, there must be thousands of elegant ideas partly going to waste because of the lack of other people finding out about them. For example I read an idea called “talking tables” which could be situated in the refreshment areas of larger chain stores. It could become the thing that if you wanted to talk to someone, if you were on your own, you could sit down and invite people to join you if he so wished. It will be public, anonymous, and safe. The cost would be virtually zero but who knows whether the idea would take off or not. The worst that can happen is nothing.

As Bernard wisely says, all change has to start with us. This Samuel Pepys type diary I am writing now is my modest way of making a contribution as indeed is my participation in our local allotments here in Midsomer as indeed is my 5G website which is now the largest reference point for things 5G on the planet. I started the website because I thought it was a good idea and it has blossomed into something very much greater than I expected. It has over 100 hits per day which is very small but I guess that the people who visit want to read the content, so it is not just a casual visitor.

I hope that is the case anyway.

calling 999 twice within four days does not happen


Calling 999 twice within four days does not happen.  Well, it did happen in my case. On Monday morning at about four o’clock I woke up with a stomach pain. Not the normal acidic pain but a heaviness and bloatedness that would not go away in spite of my taking medication. I write this, not to bore you to death, but to remind you that anything can happen at any time with even very healthy people because your body has triggered that something is amiss.

I felt so sick and debated whether I should tough it out or call the ambulance but in the event I called them at about 6:15 AM. A very calm lady – several hundred miles away in the Devon call centre – took down my details and asked me a lot of questions which determined the priority of my call. A cheerful man and woman team arrived about an hour later and set about doing my bloods and taking an ECG. They had a good feel around my stomach but couldn’t find anything so suggested that to be on the safe side we ‘popped down’ to the hospital.

I was quickly wheeled in and because it was not busy we were found a free cubical straightaway. From the moment you enter the hospital facility you are logged in. Things have to happen in a certain order. First, the nurse arrives to do the basic tests and make sure you’re comfortable then there may be a considerable pause. In my case the pause was because my bloods were sent away for analysis. It’s not as if they were unaware I was there. That is why it is a good idea to have someone with you and possibly to bring a newspaper or a novel, something to keep you distracted. If you think about it, the system has to be good otherwise chaos will ensue. Those of us that have seen TV accident and emergency programs tend to forget that there is such a thing as editing, and also tend to forget that the producers focus upon dramas rather than times when nothing happens.

In my case, the very young doctor turned up (it shows how old I am that she seemed young) and had a chat with me about my condition. I gave her something of my history; she went away and made several calls on my behalf including the endoscopy department where I was waiting for a stomach examination. She was very friendly and there were no ‘us and them’ barriers. I told her that the most important thing I wanted was the correct attitude to where I was going and particular that not knowing what the problem contributed to the body tension which cannot help any condition that is trying to heal itself.

She totally ‘got it’ and we agreed a plan which consisted rather boringly waiting on the results of the endoscopy, and maintaining the proton pump inhibitor pills which would get some sort of physical stability with which any other symptoms could be considered.

We were there about three hours and by the time we were discharged at 11:15 AM, it was time for an early lunch so off we went.

Much later on in the day, about 7 PM,  the consultant from the endoscopy department called me to discuss an early appointment and she told me that there was a new type of endoscopy device which was smaller than the one that gave me such anxiety (I hate having things stuffed down my throat) and suggested that I become part of this. I accept it with alacrity.

I am coming to the opinion that if you get a doctor to call another doctor about a problem you will get more attention than if you ‘cold call’ as someone who is on the waiting list for a particular intervention.

Sometimes, things had to become a little bit dramatic before anyone takes any notice but then I guess it’s the same with me in my dealings. But there is absolutely no point in being objectionable or complaining because they are professional people are these doctors and nurses and they do what is necessary in a timely manner. Being obnoxious will mean they just go through the statutory motions and will not go the extra mile.

So back at home and much comforted. I take the view that so long as I learn from something a little bit of pain and discomfort here and there is the price you pay. So be it.

The annual Shepton Mallet snowdrop Festival


Nothing to do with snowdrops, but a quote jumped out at me from one of the many mailouts I get from Lee Abbey, which is a retreat centre in North Devon. I remember giving my life to Jesus there when I was about 15, far too young and naive to know what I was doing but it was a step in the right direction I feel.

“Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” ―Maya Angelou

I do trust text that jumps out at me especially when I’m not looking for anything in particular. To stand against the crowd especially in this day of social media requires more and more strength of character. The problem is if we don’t stand up for anything we are really nothing more than robots.


We went to day one of a two-day festival in nearby Shepton Mallet where all aspects of snowdrops were to be examined. Indeed there are many aspects. Someone was offering single specimens of snowdrops at £25. there are about 250 different types of snowdrops most of which I understand are found in Turkey.

I saw this lively book which it had a section cut out and fresh plants inserted. Lovely symbolism for new seeds of thought.
yes if you enlarge this page you see right, single bolt for £25 or £30.

An old church is almost adjacent to the main road through Shepton Mallet, now a mere tributary but fascinating and romantic. there are a cluster of cafes which I feel I just struggling to exist, no less than two Polish shops  (how do they both manage?). Anyway, through the lovely historical churchyard and into the church.

It is an indication of a lively church that there are so many younger involved people. As the son of a vicar with visits to hundreds of churches under my belt, you know how to see the signs.   This is the church of St Peter and St Paul more or less in the middle of Shepton Mallet and part of a Benefice– that means a group of churches  – which include St Aldenham’s church Doulting and St Bartholomew’s Church Cranmore.

a large screen TV in the church was showing images of snowdrops

This church opened its doors in 1274 A.D. presided over by one Hugh De Clifford, followed by in 1280 ‘Bertrand’ and 1316 ‘Reginaldus’.  I think we take our wonderful ecclesiastical history for granted; here is a building that has been open continuously for worship and prayer for nearly 750 years. You can certainly feel it as you walk in the door, the welcome and prayers are in the walls. The many volunteers gathered within gave the impression of being in a close knit but not cliquey group.

There is an extraordinary two manual organ almost hiding away



not quite your typical Valentine’s Day schedule



We decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a breakfast at our favourite restaurant in the middle of nowhere, Hartley’s cafe bistro. Unfortunately I woke up very stiff in my ribs from my hitherto referred to accident but undaunted we set off and arrived shortly after 9 AM. We had requested a table next to the blazing wood fire which always adds so much to the atmosphere.  Francoise had salmon and scrambled egg. I had a full English breakfast accompanied by copious amounts of coffee. Mien host was attentive as ever and bought along a lovely red rose for my partner.

Off to the nearby Rocky Mountain nurseries to admire the amazing numbers of varieties of potatoes that are now being sold for growing. The one problem you cannot solve is knowing which varieties will be attractive to grubs and which will be ignored and there’s only one way to find that out and that is my planting them. Local conditions vary so much that there is no such thing as a guidebook. There is a once weekly vegetable market where you can get very good bargains for about 20% cheaper than the shop prices.

Off to a medical checkup of my vision at the local optician; a full and thorough half-hour examination with equipment that must have cost quite a good few tens of thousands of pounds. I do not intend to spend any money buying glasses in the opticians where you could you can easily spend £300 – £400 without blinking so I shall go on the Internet. I use spex4less which gives quick and efficient service. I can’t remember where they are, Manchester or someone like that but these days who cares where something is located as long as it arrives.  I have recently ordered an electronic instrument and there is no indication of where the firm is. If he doesn’t arrive I just use the guarantee service with PayPal. It has worked on the one occasion when I have needed it.

So far so good as far as my sore ribs go but suddenly my condition took a turn down.   About 2 PM I got a very uncomfortable pain in my upper left rib cage. It is very near to the heart and I was worried that I had some sort of heart trouble which was being masked by the rib pain. With one overlaying the other  anatomically it was very difficult to form an opinion so I decided to call 999 which we did at 2.45 pm. I can count the number of times I have called this emergency number on the fingers of one hand in my entire life but this incident – The co-positioning of the heart and the pain –made me panicky. 15 minutes later two cheerful lady paramedics turned up and tested my vitals such as heart rate ,ECG, temperature etc.

The ambulances carry quite a lot of technical kit these days; the printout of my heartbeat was immediately sent to a doctor at RUH for evaluation.  Although the duty doctor said there was no room for concern, the paramedic decided to have me in for a check just in case.  Off we went in an ambulance that was so ancient that it had traveled as far as to the moon and back.  I have seen so many programs on ambulances in fact I would say I almost have an obsession with them so ironically here I am in a real-life situation with me lying down and strapped in. I was given some morphine to survive the rather bumpy journey.

We arrived at Bath and were wheeled through a maze of corridors. To my left there was a woman swearing so much that the nurse threatened to get security to throw her out . The moment soon passed and we were allocated a cubicle.  I have always had respect for the NHS and on this occasion my opinion was enhanced. It is quite obvious that the key thing is having the right software where everyone can access. Once you are on the system, a stream or people turn up, each with varying job, each asking questions. We were visited by about six specialists starting with a staff nurse and ending with a consultant.  I was asked a great number of questions about lifestyle, how long my condition of pain had been going for, what symptoms I had and did not have.

what a great way to spend Valentine’s Day

I realised how much this was a grand detective story. They started off by making a number of broadly based enquiries and statements; that I may need to stay overnight, that I might have angina which is the inhibition or restriction of blood flow to all parts of the body.  As I went through the interview process, the questions got more and more specific about certain areas. It was clear they were narrowing down the prognosis which in my case was heart condition versus muscle trauma. It was left to the consultant to sum up the whole thing, looking at his own observations and the questions asked by the people before him. The result was I didn’t need to stay in the hospital.  I should take painkillers and allow the insult to the musculature to heal itself over time.

In about two and a half hours I had had a very large cycle of blood tests including the results, an ECG, a visit to the x-ray room to make sure nothing was broken, some reassurance and an explanation for my condition. We left the hospital about 7.40 PM after having had a cup of coffee.  This makes a total of five hours from the first call  to the 999 (911) service, through to leaving the hospital having been given the appropriate treatment and care.

The cost of this wonderful good-humoured and professional service was precisely zero. I mention this in case some of our friends are reading this from the USA. We do not pay. It is paid in our taxes by the NHS, the National Health service.  I reckon via the private route I would not get much change out of £2000.  I realise that I got a lot out of it and I saw how lack of knowledge and lack of reassurance can be so wearing and how important it is to seek opinions at an early stage because we can all waste so much time worrying about things and worrying doesn’t change anything.

As my readers will know, I always look at the posters throughout the hospital. Here are two

A nice clear invitation, easy to read typeface, friendly people, makes you want to get involved.

And so home on the 172 bus to Wells. Whether it was the morphine or the release from worry or both I don’t know but I felt in a splendid mood and looking forward to a time of improvement.

Passing the time of day – Somerset style


I’m glad to say that my diary is not very full at the moment. Today I took out an advert for gardening, the means of our keeping on top of things financially, but basically we have been in hibernation, early spring cleaning, throwing out the material we don’t need, and just generally ‘being’. I quite like just sitting in front of the fire, yes it’s a real one, and enjoying its warmth and feel. It’s never the same sitting in front of a radiator.

I am suffering from various permutations and combinations of stomach problems including a new course which consists of pills training to restore your energy spectrum to characteristics of an earlier time in your life in other words rejuvenation. These pills are very strong and they do conflict with my stomach condition and that is something that you can only find out through experimentation since no course of pills can be tested against each individual circumstance.

We have some drama this morning with an overflowing sink. Looking outside we saw dirty dishwashing water flowing over the flower beds. I called in my trusty plumber Robert and we did our best to find out what was going on. Robert told me of his mother who had trouble with their plumbing, a blockage, they called Dynorod. They were told that there was no callout charge. After 15 min work, the chap submitted a bill for £90 because it was a diagnosis. I do hate being taken for a ride so we decided to be creative, face the problem, and deal with it on a commonsense basis.

First of all I tried to clear it with some drain rods but the angle was too great for the boards to end in and we did try from both ends so we then had plan two and plan three.

The drain had not been cleaned for years so after unsuccessfully trying to jet wash it and noticing some small pieces of masonry jumping up and down I decided to go for broke and buy some of this evil drain unblocker which is actually 95% sulphuric acid. It is absolutely essential to teach yourself up with glasses, gloves and waterproof clothing. The people in the shop told me that one drop had jumped up into someone’s face and he had to go to hospital to save the sight of his eye. With great caution I poured in 1 L of this evil liquid and immediately it started frothing and smoking. It should never be used indoors by the way. The shop who sold it to me thought they would soon stop selling it because it was so dangerous and they would not have sold it to me without knowing who I was working with in this case Robert my plumber.

Anyway I left it for about 10 minutes then try flushing the whole with running water and we saw the first signs of a dribble down to the main drain. We filled the sink and increase the volume. It is not entirely free but it will do. My total costs were £18 for the rods and £11 for the evil acid but it is certainly better than paying someone six or seven times as much.


I have finished reading the second of two books on the BBC. As I may have mentioned before, we might as well call the BBC the British Marxist Corporation. They cannot resist political correctness which was a Marxist device developed in the 1920s in Germany by a group of Frankfurt group and they cannot resist marginalising Christianity and other traditional values. I think in order to remain sane in this world, great strength of character is required. It is made much easier for me because I have a very supportive spouse but I honestly don’t know how I could survive on my own. It is the everyday conversation and support that is so necessary for the human being.


I’ve just been watching a rather dystopian video on YouTube, “Six deceptions  needed for Agenda 21”. If you want to know what sort of world is planned for us all then I suggest that this video is part of your general education, ghastly though it may be.  It is an open question whether one individual can make any change at all but I think we at least need to be aware of what is on the cards. it is in a way a numbers game in that the more people are aware and on a certain level of consciousness, change of the right sort can take place.

One of the most unfortunately run social events I have experienced


We decided to go on impulse to the local Valley Arts Centre meeting which had as its subject a talk by a BBC wildlife producer, and the young lady dubbed  Bird Girl who due to very fortunate parents with plenty of time and money to spare had introduced her to wildlife around the world. At the age of 16 she is probably a more traveled person than most adults. Surely a treat which for the most part it was.

Anyway, here is the story. Before I start, I have been corrected in that the Valley Arts group hired out the venue to another party.   I am aware that this is a very local institution and every area has its own culture micro climate so to speak.  I should also add that the atmosphere between the people in the crowded hall was very good and everyone was chatting and catching up on their news so nothing wrong with that.

We entered the village hall, a fine enough building, and there sat a young lady of about 16 seated at a table with a list. I gave my name but she did not even bother to look at the list and just asked if we had paid. This is all very fine but if someone had come in who had not paid all they had to do was say yes. I do agree that people in this part of the world do not lie, and most people are well known, but to put an untrained in charge of the reception and possibly money seems little bit irresponsible to me.

The ticket that we received gave no mention of starting time, for example 7 PM for 7:30 PM.  7:30 PM came and went. I quickly figured out that there was no effective chairman and the speakers were expected to do their own chairing. I did have a word with the speaker asking if there was a microphone. He said ‘no there wasn’t’ but he would try and speak up. I was thinking more of the young girl being heard in a very crowded hall, there being about 120 souls gathered there.  About 7:50, the event started. The BBC person introduced himself saying that the event would take place in three parts, first of all he would introduce himself then Bird girl, then he would speak for about an hour. Still no sign of a chairman or organiser.

The first part of the presentation went well enough. The only problem was a two-year-old child that insisted on running around the place with squeaky shoes. I suppose people tolerated it as they had to. The parents seemed not to be able to control their child save occasionally speaking to him and carrying him around.  They don’t call them the ‘terrible twos’ for nothing. He was impervious to being told off so some of the other adults tried to calm him down with limited success.

There then followed an interval of about 20 min when people went to the bar for service and were also offered bread and cheese plates where they helped themselves and put the money in a beer jar.  During this time, there was a young lady of Indian descent who tried to make some announcements but since she had no microphone, and she didn’t have a very strong voice, most people could not hear what she had to say. I have to say, these appeared sophisticated people and has no one’s thought of buying a microphone so that speakers can actually be heard? It really beggars belief.

Anyway along came Mya ~Rose AKA Bird girl and spoke. She is 16 years old and is from Compton Martin where the talk was taking place. She was interesting enough, humorous and humble, and showed some slides going back over a period of 10 years or more. The talk was well received. During the event she was assailed by a cough. The lady of Indian origin was at the front and simply stared at her. There was no connection in her mind between a cough from the speaker and the need for a glass of water so eventually the speaker had to ask for one which eventually arrived.

After her speech, there was a raffle. Once again there was no microphone so the draw could hardly be heard above the hubbub of conversation as people were at the bar and consuming the bread and cheese meals. It reminded me of the long intervals at the Royal Opera House in London.

After a further 20 minutes, the BBC chap then spoke for an hour, interestingly and amusingly, about various places in the world he had visited. The evening ended at about 10:30 PM. I noticed that before he spoke, a dozen or so people left, fair enough dark rainy night – they probably wanted to get home in good time.

It would have been such a difference if there had been chairman, and microphone, and some discipline. If you start the meeting half an hour late, and there are 100 people there you’re wasting 15 man hours. I know the timing isn’t everything but isn’t it just plain good manners to start on time if people had taken the trouble to turn up. Everyone was in place by 7.30pm  and as time went on I noticed that the BBC chap was running around asking if he could start. The woman apparently in charge confined herself to smiling and running around.

Incidentally, when I arrived, I asked behind the bar if the person who signed the invitations, Geraldine Hill – Male, was the person I think. I wanted to greet her because we didn’t know anybody. The young lady was nice enough but had no clue who I was talking about.

I suspect there are some politics behind the scenes because there was an lack of teamwork and the sort of basic corporation and courtesy you afford to speakers.

I invite others who plan evenings to stick to basic rules of procedure and courtesy. . They are not difficult. Advance planning, making sure suitable people are at their workstations, all technical equipment bought along just in case, above all, timekeeping. It makes a huge difference to an evening.

I could sign myself, ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ but that would date me so let us leave it at that 🙁   I have sent this to the people concerned so they have a right of reply but I’m not holding my breath.


On another topic entirely, I’m totally embarrassed that us Brits are apparently so indifferent to the wasting of billions of pounds of taxpayers money that could be used to pay nurses, police, doctors, public servants in general. I hope that this White elephants of all white elephants will soon be disbanded.


a visit to Shepton Mallet


It seems a long time since I wrote my last post.  We have been busy with tempestuous weather plus running our lives in the normal way, and I have become very interested in adopting a carnivore diet. This is basically meat and water – various forms of meat including chicken, beef, pork. There are some people, did you know, who live exclusively on meat and are healthy.

If you are interested in your own health you might like to see an article by Kevin Stock called health dangers of a plant-based diet

The real killer article is actually a piece written by Kevin called ” The ultimate thirty-day guide to going full Carnivore” or the site itself meat.health

So I went off to the local butchers to buy sizeable quantities of bacon, cubes of beef, a side of beef which I cooked and froze. The person who recommended me said that I should start the morning with eating meat and if I do it properly I will not be hungry again until 4 PM. I’ve only been on this diet now for three days and I find that what she says is correct. I have abandoned milk, most vegetables, Coffee and definitely alcohol. Alcohol produces sugar which sooner or later inflames the intestine. So, time will tell.


Off we went to Shepton Mallet on a day interposed with sunny periods and showers.  Our main source of entertainment was a small coffee shop run by a fairly eccentric couple. It might as well be the local branch of the Labour Party. It is very much a family affair. Everyone who goes in there is known and cared for and everyone teases everyone. This is a picture of the Austrian owner. His English wife is making coffee.I started chatting with a man sitting next to us called Anthony who is a member of the local Labour Party.  Apparently he is a Francophile but could not detect Francoise’s very obvious French accent so we teased him about that.  It turned out he was a very interesting chap a musician. He had met David Bowie before he was famous. During the conversation between him and David, a young lady came in asking him for an autograph. She raised her sweater and asked him to sign on her chest – as one does. What a lovely story. He did sign by the way.

We also chatted on the topic of the impartiality of the BBC, appearance versus reality and realised that the BBC News had a lot to answer for. He was 28 years in the air force and was one of those sent by Mrs Thatcher to the Falkland Islands. My policy when going out is to talk to absolutely everyone and not make any assumptions. Everyone has their story.

a feature in the window of an antique shop.

Allotments do not look very beautiful at this time of year but the majority of the plots here need some attention to prepare themselves for sowing in a couple of months.

A memorial to the fallen of World War I in the Park in the middle of Shepton Mallet.  detail below.in spite of the rain and the cold, a pleasant day. This evening, off to a talk by one of the BBC nature people and a young lady called Bird girl.



Winter visits us

two of our animals keeping watch for burglars and generally keeping the house safe

I’m on a new course of mitochondria repair. It involves taking six tablets twice a day. The technique is supposed to reverse the effect of ageing,  to reverse the state of health that started to degrade when we were 16 years of age or thereabouts.   I have no idea if it will work but I tend to trust the professional person who told me about the medication and therefore from whom I made the investment (about £250 for a two month course).

So, last Friday the snow came as the temperatures plummeted. I won’t use this term in the same breath as the Chicago phenomenon of -40°C Low, a phenomenon that I’m deeply suspicious of. Man made?  Who knows?

I went for a walk yesterday morning in the lovely crisp sunlight but the conditions were so difficult that I had to concentrate almost full-time on not falling over. Francoise had bought some spikes which helped her to negotiate the ice with dexterity and it was me who almost acted like an old man stumbling and walking slowly.

We decided to go into hibernation. Last night we went to bed early, at about 10 o’clock, and I slept through until eight o’clock in the morning which is a phenomenal amount of time for me to stay still. Actually, there was nothing much to get up for. My local church service had been cancelled due to the weather, very wise as it turned out so why not stay in a warm bed and drift into the arms of Morpheus.

Around lunchtime we listened to Jacob Rees Mogg our local MP being grilled by the BBC who tried to make out but there was a connection between a car company not building any more cars here and Brexit. The presenter of the World at One did his best to interject and interrupt the MPs thoughts but to no avail. Rees Mogg pointed out that there were other problems apart from Brexit, for example that the chief of the car company was languishing in jail because he had understated his income. I admire the interviewee for not losing his cool.

If I ever get into a position when my words are listened to in public I will not let the BBC anywhere near a press conference. I shall tell them that they are expert at disguising their Marxist philosophy as objective news and presenting it to the public in this form. They have done
untold damage this country, and get paid millions by the government to carry on in this way. Thanks again David Sedgwick for bringing all this into focus in your book as mentioned in my last diary entry.

There is a lot to be said for hibernating in the winter. Animals do it and recover perfectly well, what is it about man that thinks he is indispensable on 24/7 basis all the time ‘doing’ things. Why not have a period of not doing anything? The point is that while you’re alive the brain is working and it is impossible to do nothing. You may be processing information or repairing yourself. The brain being the ultimate relational database loves to process things, and for all you know you may wake up from the hibernation wiser than when you went into it.

Just a thought.

I’m meditating on the problem at the moment of a very good professional friend of mine who has an employee that has lost momentum. Because I have the ability of going back in time with my mind and seeing how they were letter say six months ago, I can track patterns in behaviour and motive. I really want to share this with my friend but can do nothing if there is resistance. I agree that people such as myself should wait to be asked but if a person is not aware what you can do then they will not know to ask. the normal reaction to offering help is defensiveness so I guess the only time to be able to help is when someone is ready.


Is the BBC a waste of time / should it carry a health warning?


I do not normally comment on books I am reading. Since I de-cluttered my books I found that my concentration span has increased a lot; over the last two days I have read and nearly finished two quite lengthy books. One was about a so-called spiritual centre in Forres, Scotland, called Findhorn. The book deconstructs the idea of it being a spiritual centre, rather a wasps nest of egos, politics, power, greed, sexual licence. All the stuff you want.

A week or so ago in spite of the fact that I have over 1000 books, most of which have not had the attention they deserve, my eye spotted in a daily paper a book by David Sedgwick called BBC: Brainwashing Britain? I ordered it on instinct and noticed its moderate price, £6.57, which was very good for a new and substantial publication. I reckon it was finished somewhere near the end of November 2018 and printed at rocket speed.

I did not realise how much the BBC, in whom I had a naive trust albeit residual, was in fact the vast Marxist propaganda machine. There are some books that I cannot put down, I think they are called “Page Turners”. I found myself going yes, yes, yes – amazing – of course.

I hope David will forgive me for quoting from his book in which in one chapter he discusses the similarities between the Ministry of truth, which appears in George Orwell’s 1984. I was not aware that Orwell worked for the BBC as an Eastern correspondent for a couple of years and was inspired to carry this experience forward to writing his seminal book.

On page 160 David says “the mission of the BBC is to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain.

However where it promises to inform the Ministry of truth misleads; where it promises to educate its indoctrinates, where it promises to entertain it stultifies. In the book Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky and Herman provide a much more expansive explanation of the BBC’s mission

It is the mass media’s function to amuse, entertain and inform and to inculcate individuals with the values, beliefs and codes of behaviour that will integrate them into the institutional structures of the larger society. In a world of concentrated wealth and major conflict of class interest, to fulfil this role requires systematic propaganda.

…….critics would suggest That this is precisely what BBC content is tailored to do: convince the masses how they ought to think, feel and react to the world around them in accordance with the wishes of the elite. An unethical broadcaster would do this not by faithfully reporting by distorting its content accordingly.

I hope I’ve written enough to persuade you to buy the book which you can find on Amazon.

One very comforting phrase that I read originating with Goebbels. He wrote “propaganda becomes ineffective the moments we become aware of it”

David tells us of the low level of trust that the public hold in the BBC. He says that 84% of people do not trust the news issued by this organisation and this was a large survey of over 10,000 people.

I realise and admit without any pride that I’ve been very naive and actually lazy and just listening to this propaganda over the years. If anyone wants good solid TV news I recommend Russia Today or Aljazeera. Here, speakers are allowed to state their point of view without being interrupted every two sentences by an aggressive and rude interviewer.

My long time nick-name for the BBC has been ‘Dumb Down Central’ and  latterly the ‘British Marxist Corporation’

I do not sleep particularly well and tend to listen to Radio Five Live which is a shade more anarchistic than the mainstream news offering, and also the World Service of the BBC where again the Marxist element is not quite so obvious.

I remember once a number of years ago when I was without news for a period of three weeks and when I switched on the news again on returning home, it was just more of the same, nothing has changed except the detail, and I wonder what would happen if I had a news-free year.

An evening of storytelling – a day of frustration


The telling of stories should be a unique and special part of our culture . Many of us remember being told stories on our parents knee or in bed. I think this is part of the bonding process between children and parents. We attended last night the Mendip storytelling Circle which was in the local village hall in Farringdon. There were about 50  of us there and we were greeted by the sight of a very generous bread and cheese supper which I foolishly overindulged in and spent the next three hours disgorging the lovely local cheese. My problem is that I’m well for a few days, and I’m referring to my stomach situation, and then I think I’m free to carry on in my old ways. This is a big mistake.

We had six stories, one was about a young man who was waiting in a forest for his young lady. Along came an old man with a waistcoat that turned out to be a magical garment. If the wearer took hold of one of the golden buttons and turned it clockwise he could go forward into time. First of all, the young man refused it saying it wasn’t suitable for him but the old man said, ‘take it anyway’. The young man fast forwarded his life to meeting the girl, marrying her, having a child, having a new house, and then he ‘fast forwarded’ again to when he was dead. He realised, too late, that he had been so impatient to get onto the next stage of his life that he had missed out on the quality of enjoying ‘the now’.

In frustration, he turned the magic button the other way to when he was in the forest waiting his young lady. The old man came along again and the young man was glad to return the waistcoat to him. The old man chuckled saying “maybe it wasn’t the right thing for you after all”

There was another story about a young man who yearned for praise from his father and who only got it 30 years after he had first tried to prove himself by doing daring deeds.”it was worth the wait” said the son.

What I enjoy most of all is the fact that people can use their imagination. The atmosphere in the hall was quiet, almost hushed, and I could see people drinking in the ideas and using their imaginations.


Earlier on in the day we had gone to a course on evangelism. It was called New Expressions. Unfortunately it became obvious that the person who was running the first part of the course had yielded to pressure to do the job because he was not really identifying with the course material though the words were not incorrect. The problem is that we were under strength. There were only about 10 of us when the minimum for a lively group, or series of meetings, should be about 20. it was a lack lustre and forced event during which we had to discuss simplistic questions taking maybe two or three minutes before we had to stop and go on to the next point. I missed the joy, the spontaneity, the laughter. People were almost afraid to express themselves. Belief in God can either be the best or the worst thing that happens to you.

What really annoyed me is that we had to fill  in sheet saying how much we enjoyed the session, was it valuable, do we have any suggestions etc. I refused point-blank to fill in the forms because we were being asked for an instant reaction when very often the truth comes was when we are doing something else or occupied elsewhere. In other words you cannot control inspiration. We already have enough forms to fill in a moment without adding to them. I don’t mind filling in a form at the end of the day but not after each session of which there were three. How is that form filling supposed to improve the quality of anything.

Today I read quite a long letter to the other participants expressing my concerns. Whether anyone bothers to read it I don’t know but I have done my duty of care. Sometimes you fire ideas off into what appears to be thin air but good comes of it somewhere along the line. In fact, it’s none of our business. Our business is to be ourselves.

Illness – what to do?


For some weeks now I have been feeling faint, lethargic, unable to find the strength to do something which is at arms length. If I was a Duracell battery I would be empty. I’m quite glad that this has coincided with a period of the year where no particular demands are being made upon me except for the odd hospital appointment here and there.

A few days ago I decided to give in. I did not even dress but stayed in my pyjamas and dressing gown for the whole day, wandering around, reading the papers, watching TV from time to time. I got up at about 11 o’clock, went to bed about 7:30 PM, and stayed in the bedroom staring at the wall listening to the radio. I did not feel bad while I was doing this. There was nothing much that could have been done apart from time to minimise my horrible cough which was only partially successful but then I decided just to let nature take its course. I did not have to switch the phone off because there were not many calls anyway and we have to leave it on because of the odd emergency.

Yesterday, Thursday, we went to see some very old friends. One of my friends is up to date with the latest technology for measuring the human energy field. She measured me and found that I was far too active on the mental side and leaving myself with insufficient energy for self-healing. I was about six times as stressed as I ideally should have been. In a way it was a relief to hear this. She has prescribed me a course of pills, for no less a sum than £245 for two months, but she claims very significant improvements among her large client base.

I felt much better today and did some work on the allotment. it was a lovely day, sun shining and around 10°C. I think that the disease had largely run its course, the energy has come back to me, it was good to know how I was stressing myself which in a way is a self healer.

This evening, back to sorting out my books, watching TV and probably an early bed.

An interesting telephone call – was it a time waster?


Some weeks ago I wrote about smart meters in the local paper.  I just now received a call from someone of the “you don’t know me and sorry to trouble you” variety. She told me that she does not have a smart meter and is very electro sensitive but then tells me that the electricity company EDF is pursuing her for a bill that she does not think she owes. She was away in hospital for about a month and decided to deduct a percentage of her bill, about a third, and is refusing to pay the rest because she says she was not there. The sum in dispute is about £33. The company has threatened to take her to court unless she pays. I realised that if I started to talk about such things as fixed charges etc that would be a waste of time. I told her that the only occasion where it would be worth contesting the bill is if the overcharge was say £500 but the sum of £33  was far too trivial to argue about.

At this point I realised I was dealing with a very disturbed person. You don’t deduct a percentage of your own bill because you think you are entitled to do it. She complained that the company was making continual contact and asking if they could come round and put in a Smart Meter. I told her, just say no.    With regard to the bill I told her just pay it because she would lose the court case and further debt will accrue.

There are enough people with real grudges in the world who don’t get attention never mind people with imaginary grudges who want to save a few pounds by taking on a system. People, just make sure you don’t get into that type of situation in the first place. I told her she could change her supplier and said that she was speaking like someone who was in prison. I told the people change their suppliers in their hundreds every day of the week.

She said in a very tight voice ‘well thank you for your advice’. A pound to a penny it’s very unlikely that she will take notice of anything I said. Some people are just living on a different planet. God help them when things get really hard.

Water, water and not a drop to drink


Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

The very deep did rot – Oh Christ!
That ever this should be.
Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs,
Upon the slimy sea.

From the Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1797-8)

For me, there is no excuse.  I have had a bad couple of days. Water is the most essential thing is that the body needs in order to keep itself functioning. To my great dereliction for the last few months I have been drinking below what I should have been drinking and one fine day, actually last Friday, I was assailed with all sorts of pains and aches all over my body, a great pain in my lower back, the headache, some palpitations; this was my body saying in no uncertain terms that I need to pay attention to my water intake.

Last night I could not sleep the whole time. For some reason, pain is worse at night and I had to sit and watch TV in the living room at three o’clock in the morning because I could no longer lie in bed due to restlessness. Must be terrible to be a burns patient because there’s nothing you can do to minimise the pain even morphine has its limitations. I had been drinking like a fish for the last two days. It will take some time for homoeostasis to establish itself but I will make it. At least I had access to water. It must be dreadful to be without water and having to drink your own urine and then there is nothing left to drink. I believe you get delirious after a time.

I reckon it will take at least two weeks for the body to readjust itself to having adequate water and meanwhile I’m cutting down on tea, coffee and certainly alcohol.  it sounds drastic but if you just do it it’s not too bad.

To add to a dramatic day yesterday, in the morning Francoise was informed that her friend of 40 years standing had died in hospital. Even when you know it’s going to happen, it is to shock and nature needs to take its course and allow the emotion out.  This will necessitate a trip to London where our party is being arranged, a celebration of the life of the friend, which will happen when the Camden Council decide when the burial is going to be.


An unexpected interruption at Holy Communion this morning


Our local church has great ideas. Although we do not have a vicar in charge at the moment, services continue and we had our monthly communion at 11 o’clock this morning, Thursday, followed by a lunch provided by one of the ladies. The presiding vicar, Rev Trevor Stubbs, turned out to be quite a character. He had had living is in Africa, Sudan I think it was, Australia for three years various parts of UK, including Dorset and is now living in Chew Magna with his lovely wife.

He loves to be of service whenever he can and has taken over a youth facility at a local club. He also writes box under the group title White Gates Adventures and the strap line fantasy fiction with a spiritual heart. the last thing I expected was to be discussing around the table the niceties of self publishing. It is now possible to print economically one copy of a single book to the trend now is to publish on demand. I visited his website which I recommend you do as well. www.trevorstubbs.co.uk   He had a lovely sparkle in his eyes which shows that coming onto 80, I would estimate, is still full of the joys of spring. His sermon was very simple and said in effect that none of us are worthy to go to heaven but the key thing is to let the love of God clean us up from within and at least make the effort

During the services we sit up in the chancel. There were about a dozen of us and there was a very happy atmosphere. There was a noise during most of the Service when a pigeon or was it a rat was trying to escape from somewhere near the skirting boards.  At the end of the service it had quietened down so maybe it came for a bit of spiritual respite as well, why not.

I left the service in the splendid state of mind. Although cold, it was a bright blue sky and I gave thanks once more for being in the countryside.

I’m still not recovered from my cold and I think I have some flu so straightaway I went to bed. I find myself having unaccountable and uncontrollable shivers so I think this is the system trying to adapt itself. Our living room is toasty warm so once I have been sitting there for a bit I’m okay. Continue reading “An unexpected interruption at Holy Communion this morning”

Never quite a routine visit to RUH hospital, Bath


My eyes felt fine and I can see well but my last injection was in September and in the meantime water was collecting where it should not be. I had to wait a couple of hours, but as I reminded another patient, if she wanted it done privately with no waiting the cost of private treatment would be about £1500. She quietened down at this point.   They sterilize your eye then put a transparent plastic on your eye and inject as you see here. It is far worse in the imagination than in reality. They numb the eye first.

As my readers know I love the imagery and posters in the GUH corridors which always stimulate me.  Here is no particular order are some samples:

Not Michael Eavis (Glastonbury). Where does he get his energy from?

Multi dimensional thinking. Left and right brain marriage.

The mighty IKEA


Off to Bristol on our occasional / once a year trip to sample IKEA city where everything is on a vast scale. They must make a ton of money each day if you look at the 100 deep queues (lines in USA) of the customers. At 10am sharp today Sunday the people streamed in for cheap breakfasts (£2.65 for full breakfast but extra for toast, and £1 for coffee).

Thank goodness we arrived early – at 9.50 am to be precise – to be greeted with a deserted underground car park. When we emerged at 12.50 people were driving around trying to find spaces.

The interior was heaving with people most of whom had not just come for the entertainment but armed with tape measures, lists and having earnest discussions with their partners on what to buy. One lady was showing her stay at home husband what she intended to buy using Skype. IKEA arrange things so that you have to walk through the whole store to get to the check out. There are arrows on the floor but it is very easy to get disorientated. Much of what they sell is very well priced and SO cleverly designed. You have to steel yourself not to make ‘on the spur of the moment’ purchases.

I bought a Billy bookshelf to accommodate my ever growing family of books. Of the thousand I own I shall probably only get rid of 20 or so. Some will sit upstairs in the loft. I hate parting with books.  I have an extra 6m of book space  so taking into account the throwing away of papers etc. I have an extra ten meters of space. This is the first time in 6 years I have had a clear out and boy did it need it.

I can only do such much each day because the whole process is tiring. Apart from the physical side a lot of mental activity is required to decide 1. do I want the book 2. where do I put it 3. Do I file by author title or by book title.

That will be this week’s delight.

piles and piles of books


I knew the day had come. My obsessive desire for buying books, it is so obsessive as I realise I bought the same of the book 3 times. They were in rough order at first but now it is so difficult to find them, searching through about 1000 brightly coloured book covers. I almost need a team of trained librarians to come and help me.

The two big piles in the middle illustrated above are what I call my 9/11 pile. These are the books that describe how the world is not as we are told by the mainstream media. They include all David Icke’s books and if you pile them up they would be about 7 foot high. To the right of that is a pile about travel, or only a part of them. The pile on the right is books about reincarnation or some of them. To the left we have a pile of directories, again in 2 piles, and then to the left of that we have various editions of the Bible, and interpretations of the Bible. In piles you cannot see, books on mysticism, healing, psychic matters, and a very specialised section on Hitler and Stalin.

There are further substantial piles of books on art, a special section on Carlos Castaneda, and about 70 biographies.  I have about 20 m of shelving at the moment which is not nearly enough so off to IKEA on Sunday to buy yet another cheapo pine shelf I think about £55. In addition to that, I must throw some books away, books from whom I have derived all that it is possible to derive and it is very unlikely that I will read them again.

This will bring me down to about 800 books and this time they will be in clearly marked sections. I have already started reading them because the air is clearing. I’m reading about the autistic savant Daniel Tennent who can master a language in a couple of weeks and is happily living with his boyfriend Neil at the moment according to his latest book. Although I have some duties to perform with this diary, the 5G record, and AV people I have decided to go into hibernation or semi-hibernation this winter and do lots of reading. Mercifully and thanks to the good Lord, my eyes are not letting me down.

I went to a clinic in Bath and saw an Indian chap who gave me a very thorough osteopathic treatment and encouraged me to correct my stance. At the end of an excellent treatment he asked me about my psychic talents and said that he was interested in chakras. He told me that he had just attended a funeral of someone who has died aged 21 and that both he and the parents of the victim were both devastated. In spite of praying to God, my osteopath was still sad. He asked if there is anything I might be able to do. I said I would be delighted to but would he very much mind writing to me by e-mail since I was still in a post-treatment state and not able to concentrate as clearly as I would like.

a very impressive swan halfway down the high Street. We noticed that since our last visit, two more shops had been closed

I returned home and we decided to go to Wells. In retrospect perhaps I should not have gone and should have rested instead but I took a very gentle pace and only after an hour or so did I feel myself becoming shaky and visit was curtailed.  We had a very good lunch at our health food restaurant. This was preceded by a very generous beef pastie at a bargain price of £1.50. You could say I was being a bit greedy that my stomach now seems to be bullet-proof and I seem to be able to give it a small amount of overuse without it complaining.  Such a change from a week or so ago when I could scarcely keep anything down.

Today was a lovely sunny day and although cold, was windless so the temperature of 3 to 4° did not bother us at all.

An evening in front of the fire watching the discussions on Brexit in Parliament and reading my book.

finally some commonsense from Australia about Brexit


Sky News reporter NAILS IT on Brexit

I think the British public is desiring neigh gasping for someone to say something not involving grovelling to Europe. Listen to this lady spell it out.

This morning I went for morning coffee at my local church. During the event, a man walked in who I did not recognise and joined in our group. We were chatting about travel. He interposed when I commented about travel to South Africa. This was his first time with us; he had seen the notice outside. First off, he gave information that as he had a heart condition it was desirable for him to be healthy; he maintained his walking of 10,000 steps a day from Hallatrow to Tesco’s in Midsomer Norton and back.

It turned out that he and I were great travellers. He is due to go to South Africa for three weeks for which he had budgeted £4000 for him and his partner including some safaris. He got a return via virgin to Johannesburg for £695 and relies on AirB&B for his accommodation. He had everything planned out very much like I do. we had a great chat and I hope to see him on his return.

I’m still celebrating my recovery from my stomach acid problem. I can’t believe it but I can eat anything within reason, though it must not be excessive amounts through, and it just goes down without complaint. I’m going to have an endoscopy in a few weeks time but I wonder if I even need it. I suppose I should go because they encourage you to go every couple of years at my age anyway.

I see there was another drone or drone like object which temporarily stopped aircraft departures and arrivals at Heathrow. Maybe it was a UFO , who knows?


Scientologists on the rampage


We have the pleasure of going to a Saturday lunchtime party yesterday  where the affable host was showing cartoons designed by his son.  As time went on, he was a little bit more fulsome in his discussion of his 35-year-old son’s mental problems which had culminated in a stay in a psychiatric hospital for some months.

He had evidently been mixed up with a cult and I being ever alert and attentive enquired what the cult was, having been involved in a cult myself for considerably longer than I should. I discovered it was the Scientologists that the son became involved with at the tender and impressionable age of 19.  He said how the whole thing started off gently enough but then the son became more addicted and dependent upon the Scientologists who continually asked him for money after the infamous E Meter test. He once tried to pay them off to try and get rid of them but they were simply stimulated into asking for more money. His parents lent him thousands of pounds which of course they will never see.

What is it I wonder about the human being that causes perfectly normal people to be suckered into a group that gives them nothing and takes everything. It is probably ignorance and fear and embarrassment. I believe that people who have been stalked only complain when this happened 20 times. Many people who have been financially scanned do not come forward for fear of embarrassment. The lesson I draw from this is that no matter how stupid you feel, you should go to someone and tell them. They will probably give you the best advice about how to stop being conned. This also applies to Internet fraud where otherwise intelligent people give away their bank details following an apparent call from their bank or their solicitors telling them that the bank has changed its account.

Returning to the example, the parents have incorporated in their will the fact that a big proportion of the estate which goes to the son, one of two Siblings, will go into trust with three people as executors so if the Scientologists ask him for more money (“they never give up”) he will not be able to give his money to them. He has agreed to this but then people with a weak will agree to anything.

All this sort of thing is more likely to happen in a society that is isolated. We need to learn to share the good and bad with each other. That’s what friends are for after all.


Clutton Horticultural Society


We had not been for absolutely ages but decided to go because the theme was humour and romance in the garden.   One picture is worth 1000 words and that is why I enjoy slideshows which can help you improve your own garden in a small way or fundamental way if not now than later.

I’m on my double dose now of medication which means that my acids, no longer troubles me. It’s a bit like brute force but anything is better then the burning pain of acid. I’ve been recommended to take acupuncture treatment which are someone said will help me to digest what is going on in the world, which I cannot stomach. Funny how these sayings are relevant. I was able to consume the bread and cheese buffet without any consequent pain.

I met Martin from the computer department at Bath University and shared my interest in finding some help with a new database which I need in the event of going ahead with the guide to retreats in the UK. He said he would pass the word around. He also gave some very wise advice,  which strangely enough I had not thought of, to look around and see what is available already.  I quickly discovered the Retreat Association  www.retreats.org.uk which does a pretty good job listing up to 200 retreat centres in the UK

There is another one called the Christian holiday guide which lists a few places in the UK, about 13, a strangely named site called Oscar.org.uk which lists about 20 retreat centres. The last edition of the Good Retreat Guide was published in 2010 and I think that events have overtaken this guide in that the Internet has become far more sophisticated and publication of such material is much easier. Due to Martin’s few words of advice, which he probably didn’t think was very important, I saved myself a lot of time and energy contemplating a plan that is probably no longer realistic in terms of energy input.



New Years Resolutions


Looking back on 2018 the only regrets I have are small ones,. When I was having my new site designed by a guy in Romania who really had no clue about what he was doing, he morally blackmail me halfway through the job by saying that he done a lot of work and I needed to pay the first installment.  OK it was a couple of hundred quid so no big deal but it was the fact that I let myself being pushed into something because I really needed the work to be done.

I’ve decided to be more tolerant but less tolerant. I think we need to call out people who are idiotic for examples of Brighton and Hove Council who said that we must assume that boys can menstruate as well as girls this is part of the loony left as they were called and I think the following poster sums it up very well.


My stomach continues to be problematic. I can hardly eat anything without acid pains and believe me the acid is strong so it can eat you up a bit in the wrong place. Let’s hope the medical examination comes soon.

In spite of all I continue to enjoy the peace and quiet. Some people are back at work, some people are not.The roads are half empty. There are long lines outside the recycle. The schools had not yet gone back. Peace reigns for the most part. ahead

The peace and quiet of New Year’s Day


One thing I don’t like is crowds, not any more anyway. I was watching the spectacular fireworks display in London on the Thames, 11 min where the sky seemed to be one solid phosphorous bomb with sounds to match.

For once we did not partake of any alcohol. I’m having to undergo a food revolution at the moment because as I have mentioned previously my stomach doesn’t need any supply of alcohol or anything containing sugar and I’m having to learn the hard way. Sugar has no known the beneficial use so I understand from various articles. I realise that for the last decades I have programmed myself or allow myself to be programmed if privately this sweet stuff when in fact it does no good to my body at all. It does not supply anything that is missing. You could say that a sweet tooth is addictive.

Yesterday afternoon I broke my role and had a couple of glasses of white wine. A few hours later, I got the most acute discomfort in my stomach, the upper regions thereof. It’s a bit like toothache, it’s inside you so you can’t reach out and remove it. I must admit I was bad company because I was rolled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle clutched in my front.

I have been continuing work on a site I have created called AV people which encourages continuity of friendship amongst those who have attended a conference one of which happens every year. I sweated blood, and quite a lot of money, get the website right and then announced to people that I was ready to receive people onto the site in other words beta testing had taken place.  The first note was on 14 December from which I got about eight people, the second bulletin was on about 29 December and so far I’ve got no responses from 32 of the 40 people who said they were interested in joining. I probably picked the worst time of year in fact I can’t think of a time of year that is worse so maybe I’m my own worst enemy in terms of being impatient for results.

I have gloriously free diary for 2019. No doubt I will start gardening again in April when things finally start to grow though with this change in climate you never know what’s going to happen when. I read that spring blossoms have occurred in a cherry tree two weeks ago someone in the Midlands. I’m going to spend much more time this year in devotional reading. I am a Christian after all i.e. a believer in Christ and I need to keep my friendships in repair so speak. This is mostly a solitary task since most of the people of my age range are fixed in their ideas and I cannot talk about some of the more radical ideas I have never mind 911 or smart meters or 5G or alien invasion or directed energy weapons – the sort of thing that Midsomer Norton people are so used not talking about.   I have a couple of people that I can share things but then it’s like preaching to the choir. The thing I enjoyed most of all is imparting information to people who are really interested.

Looking back on 2018 I suppose there’s things I could have done differently. I am fairly easy come easy go with the exception of gardening  jobs that I will only take if I like the people. I’m very pleased with my 5G site, 5G exposed.com which is now the greatest reference site in the world but the problem is it is not very friendly and there is a limit to how friendly you can make a site with 3 1/2 thousand references. I shall probably slow down a little bit because there is a limit to the amount of times you can say the same thing twice.

I’ve also slowed down a bit on this diary in mind that you’re reading now. I make no effort to publicise it as frankly it is a record for my own use in the main. It has become part of my regular routines and I would miss it if it were not there.   I’m now about 450,000 words, 463,837 if you must know, so in the next two or three months I should reach the half million word mark. I’m not so grand as War and Peace and about half what Samuel Pepys wrote in his lifetime. War and Peace has 587, 287 words.

Post-Christmas Bath


Off for a hospital appointment to talk about my stomach. On the way down the hill towards Bath I saw that the whole area was covered in a sea of mist. With a little imagination it could have been seen as under the sea itself.
My appointment was with a very businesslike Dr Julia Maltby who had read all my notes in great detail and very firmly and clearly told me what the alternatives were. She almost shouted, or should I says spoke very loudly and clearly so I guess the average patient is somewhat deaf. I’m going to have my oesophagus examination under general anaesthetic because I tend to fight so much plus I’m so resistant to the drugs given to calm me that it comes to a fight between myself and the nurses. I don’t want to put anyone through that so the doctor agreed to put me in a specialist clinic for sessions where an anesthetist is required.

I love coming to Bath hospital (RUH) not only because of the pleasant atmosphere but also because of the plethora of art objects which adorn the corridors. Here are a few for your attention.This diffident young lady sums it all up for me. These young women have  already been brainwashed by the perceived need for instant fame, wearing the latest make up, getting recognition by the number of ‘likes’ on your Instagram account. It’s another matter altogether when you are left to your own devices.

Off to the city centre. Not that many people around but those that were were enjoying the Christmas spirit. I popped into the city Art Gallery but could not go into the exhibition because I discovered I lost my Discovery Card. Fortunately, getting a replacement is not difficult.

There was a very nice self portrait of an artist to celebrate his 70th birthday which was on display at the Art Gallery.

Interestingly there were more Japanese tourists around than any other. A possible reason for this is that Japan is not very pleasant at this time of year, it tends to rain a lot and is snowy, so that’s probably why they come as an escape. As I write it is 3° in Tokyo.

Back home to enjoy this quiet period of the year when no one expects you to be in or do anything. We shall probably light the fire although the temperature is too warm for the time of year to justify it but does it really matter?


To a party – and thoughts about some women


Strangely from the timing point of view, we have been invited to a party which starts at 3pm this afternoon. The time and space without pressure at this juncture of the holiday period gives me the opportunity to reflect on certain matters. We are seeing increasing insanity with regard to the play between sexes as I’ve mentioned before and I am going to use this peace and quiet period to record my views for all posterity on people in particular and women in general.

First off, I enjoy the company of men and women equally  but for different reasons. There are many women in my daily life that I have the pleasure of meeting from time to time. However, I find a difference between someone who is female and someone who is what I call a ‘real woman’. In Glastonbury there is the Goddess Centre where Gaia, the spirit of the Earth and the creator, is revered. When we go to Glastonbury we always go in there to have a sit because the atmosphere is so good.

On Friday, the day of the winter solstice, I was sitting there and the lady receptionist came into the meditation room (or should I say stood at the door) and said that they had to close early because there was no one in charge. What struck me was the way she spoke. She realised that she was bringing what was probably a time of meditation to a close prematurely and deferred to this in the form of a slight bowing of the head and acknowledging the unfortunate nature of the situation. I responded immediately with a smile and a joke by cooperating.

I would like to tell you what I find among the women that I see around the Goddess Centre. They don’t have a point to prove. They know that they represent a powerful creative Force. They know they represent mother nature. They know they can bring new life into the world. They know they are blessed with the enhanced perception and intuition that many women have. They know they are complementary to men who have the physical strength to do things that women cannot do so easily. They know that the God and goddess reside within the male of the species also. There is no anger, there is no reactivity, there is gentleness, there is peace, but you wouldn’t want to mess with any one of them in fact it would not be necessary.

I reflect on what I often see in the outside world. I see females prostituting themselves, taking advantage of their physical attraction to the average male, selling their soul for a few moments of fame, emphasising their breasts, plastering themselves with too much makeup trying to imitate some pop star or another. I see them devoid of manners and respect of all males perhaps they don’t have much respect for themselves. In the minds of these angry people especially the politicised ones, all males are potential rapists. I could as well say that all females are potential seductresses denying their responsibility for a result when it suits them. It is very seldom that I meet someone who is what I call a proper woman. In the presence of these angry volcanoes called females I feel uncomfortable and marginalised but in the presence of ‘proper women’ I feel empowered and full of joy especially when conversation occurs which indicates mutual respect.

My conclusion is that the majority of these people have either had bad relationships with their father or a bad experience with the boyfriend or perhaps a boss and instead of seeking professional help they gather together like a swarm of wasps attacking men on the principle that attack is the best form of defence. I think the media are doing absolutely dreadful job in reinforcing these stereotypes. If I ever came into a lot of money, I would promote unity of people principally by publishing good news about achievements both by men and women.

With regard to human beings in general, I think most of us are the walking wounded because we have suffered in some manner or another. When in public I try to be as forgiving as possible to behaviour that may have been caused by events that happened a long time ago and from which people cannot make a break. I have had to learn the hard way not to trust people because I want a trust them but trust people because they have earned my   trust and for this a period of time has to elapse.


Post party

The party was hosted by a lovely couple. The wife is an artist; husband is a teacher and they have two lovely girls – one left home working & living with her boyfriend.  A lot of neighbours and mates came and we were in the minority because we lived some distance away. We met a couple who helped older people to become familiar with computers; he was into IT and repairs and she was into the actual teaching but he wanted to move on and spend more time being a training coach for middle distance runners.

Francoise heard about the local women’s institute, in High Litleton, and I suggested that it might be a good thing for her to try

I met a delightful lady from Bolivia called Paloma  wearing a stunningly colourful dress who came with her young daughter. We met her on the way out of the party but were most impressed with her and Francoise said that it would be nice to meet her again.

The generous amount of food and hot cider punch made me break my non-alcohol vow but since I have not drunk for a week now I gave myself the excuse of the Christmas season so to do.

Altogether a very satisfactory day. A quiet tomorrow, a quiet Christmas Day where I’m going to consume some Lamb that I bought and then off to see relatives on Wednesday. Evidently the car park at Tesco’s was full to bursting.


Winter Solstice – Robert Ward

It is always important to meet kindred spirits, even if you don’t actually speak to them, the vibration or shall we say the energy is in common to enliven and empower the frequently stumbling individual.  We went to Chalice Well, Glastonbury, to celebrate the winter solstice. Although we arrived in good time, about a half an hour before the ceremony at 12, the entering crowd was substantial.  I have never seen so many people gathered together on what was an unseasonably sunny and warm day. I think it was about 14 degrees centigrade.

I had the most delicious parsnip soup, ingredients on the enclosed image; it shows the incredible difference  between ordinary commercial soups and something made with love, caring and understanding.

The traditional fire around which we sit for fellowship
Robert Ward, who complains he is frequently called Richard, lives at the chalice well and we had a very good conversation about eating habits. He some time ago, and I more recently, decided to change our diets.  As you will have read, I have decided to give up alcohol, sugar, dairy products and coffee.
Robert told me  that after the first two or three months, I will lose my desire to drink coffee and the other mentioned classes of food and drink including alcohol. I had to admit that I maybe was drinking coffee to compensate for other things in my diet that were not right. I understand that coffee is a diuretic and removes iron from the blood.    We spoke for 20 minutes on this and other matters including the way the world was going and how we should best prepare ourselves for the further disaster to come.
Gathering in the winter solstice light
We left chalice well at about 1 p.m. For our customary walk around the town. We always stop off at a health food store where we buy something and eat it. I bought some simple bread which I ate. From then I went to Burns the bread in the High Street and consumed the best sausage roll I have ever had which contained sausage all the way inside, a lot of it and piping hot.   For the few days before I had been very much economising on food due my acid stomach ; I did not realise how hungry I was so these were real treats.
W window display in Glastonbury High Street
I resolved to contact Robert and engage him again on my return. He seemed a peaceful and knowledgeable chap. Such is the delight of chance meetings.
Oh, and I like this quote.

U trust vaccines?…. a memorable day….


True, this is America but the same principles apply to UK and anywhere else. there is NO benefit from having vaccinations. Best to keep our immune system healthy through keeping our pH as close to neutral as possible, and having health habits. Vitamin C does no harm at all.

do please watch this video because you will see how completely heartless and cynical the industry is.

I woke up quite early, I think it was about 6:30 a.m., to hear that Gatwick Airport was closed down due to the presence of drones that kept appearing and disappearing. I went on my favourite site, flightradar24.com and saw for the first time ever a number of what look like little boxes moving around the airport, I think there were 10 of them..

With hundreds of flights arriving and departing every day, London Gatwick is in the worst mess I have ever known and it must be costing the industry tens of millions of pounds. I hope people are insured because the companies are not obliged to give reimbursements if the situation is beyond their control.

I was watching the news at about 4.30 pm wondering if my dowsing skills could be used. For those of you that do not know, dowsing is for example about finding water and oil using the power of your mind and a stimulant or adjuvant like a pendulum. I am actually quite good at doing dowsing to find people or enquiring about their health.

I received quite a strong impression on tuning in to the unknown person and asked a number of questions. How far were the perpetrators away from the runway? I got at least 400 m and definitely to the west. I pulled up the area using Google Earth and discovered a large hedgerow which separated two fields which was about that distance away, to the west of the runway, and which would give good line of sight to what was actually going on. This would be ideal for a perpetrator.

It takes quite a lot of courage to ring the police so in the first instance I posted a Twitter message to the airport and was told that they could not do anything but I should contact the police. They gave me a reference number. I called 999, and was told in fair but firm terms that I should call 101 and give my details there. After 20 minutes waiting and listening to recorded messages I eventually got through, quoted the reference number that I was asked to give, and give my details including latitude and longitude of where I thought this person was.

I told the call centre that I did dowsing and that I did not expect to be believed but nevertheless had a duty of care to report what I found. I found the whole thing quite nerve-wracking particularly when my body told me that I found something of importance. They asked me my name and phone number as you would expect and if I don’t hear from them again I will not be surprised.


My stomach is well today thank goodness, the bloating feeling is over and I have been having a diet of soup which suits me down to the ground. a quiet evening watching TV. I am being booked to have an endoscopy which I may have any way although I feel better because something is causing all this mayhem.

Enjoy the sun whilst ye may


In contract to yesterday where it rained from dawn to dusk, today dawned bright and still, with a blue sky tempting us to take time out from ‘the daily round and the common chore’ as it says somewhere in the bible.

However in the morning we met a lady called Katy who has lived locally for many years and practises an esoteric healing technique called ‘Kinetic Chain Release. It is based on the theory that our body has become twisted albeit by minute amounts and that the length of the legs has become different. This is evidently a one-shot treatment. Francoise was interested in getting one so we agreed that Katie would call on us on the morrow (Thursday).

We love the Bath and Kennett Canal so made further explorations of it so aimed for a place called Hilperton which is about 2 miles east of Trowbridge (a town where traffic can snark up in a moment). I cannot say that all stretches of the canal are romantic. This section was between fields. At one stage there was an electricity farm (solar cells). We had a couple of chats with the locals. One lady spends here time in the area moving towards where here many family members lives. Barge owners are an independent lot who are quite happy to trade the cold and damp of the winter for the style of life. Another passing lady had three identical miniature dogs, all of whom had reindeer type bells on them. She chose to be private to other canal users.

On the return we stopped off at a health food shop / bakery / cafe and  bought some ‘just going out of date’ pea and potato soup, normally sold for £2.99 but available to us for 76p.  I love these little bargains and the soup was yummy.

My stomach pains persist in spite of eating very little so my theory is that as I am detoxing from four items namely coffee, sugar, dairy and alcohol this is quite a shock to the system and I must tolerate the symptoms of withdrawal. So unfortunate over the Christmas period but needs must.

I note that I have written 459,554 words as opposed to the one million words of Samuel Pepys over 10 years. I have been writing for a little under 2 years. There is no comparison in effort because Pepys wrote meticulously using quill pen and ink and by candle light so his efforts must have taken three times as long. He also wrote daily, which is something I have slipped up on recently. Sometimes there is nothing that I consider worth writing but I am sure I could dredge up some nuance if I so chose.

Dreadful cracker jokes and the holiday wind down

We have been to our usual assembly of Christmas parties for this that or the other club of which we are members. I don’t know what possesses me to even read the jokes but just to remind you of some of them
what do you call a row of men waiting for a haircut?
A barbercue
Why did the tomato blush?
Because it saw the salad dressing
how do you keep  cool at a football match?
You stand next to a fan
the longer it goes the shorter it grows.  what is it?
A candle
how does a snake smell?
by sticking out its tongue
why did Scrooge buy everyone a budgie for Christmas
because they were going cheap
before Mount Everest was discovered which was the highest mountain in the world?
Mount Everest,  as it was the highest mountain before it was discovered.
so there we are, you’ve had your fix of groans.
To my delight, perhaps selfish delight, I have only two fixtures in my calendar before Christmas Day. One of them is the coffee morning tomorrow morning at our local church and the other one is a new friend who is visiting us for coffee on Wednesday.
I shall take this opportunity to hibernate and just do the minimum amount of work that I need to do.  Christmas will not be that exciting for me because due to the problems of my stomach, I have to do a thorough clearance and detox and live on a diet of rice for the next few days. I can then maybe have one or two items  whose PH value is alkaline.  I hope I will be able to have a couple of slices of chicken on Christmas Day  but certainly no alcohol. This will be my first alcohol-free Christmas for many years now, but it’s either that or suffering acidosis which is a horrible thing to do at all let alone on a holiday

I like this time of year because no one expect anything of you particularly between Christmas and the new year. We have the delight of a real log fire.   I may choose  to do some work in the garden because the dead branches and growth needs taking back to the ground (well almost).

A day of (relative) suffering


Stomach acid is strong. It has to be. However, when it goes to places that it should not go, then heartburn is caused. Such is life that I have to suddenly conform to a strict diet, halve the amount of food I eat, and generally discipline myself. After many years this is so difficult. This evening I went to our local garden club’s annual Christmas party and had an innocuous mixture of salad, cheese scones, sausage rolls, half a glass of punch, some delicious trifles and cakes.  Lovely at the time but such a bad idea. After a certain stage no matter how much Andrews Liver salts or alkaline substances you take the pain continues with much vomiting.

Compare this with a programme I watched this evening on TV about Leticia, one of three daughters of the Prince of the UAE who had tried twice to escape from the gilded cage existence. The first time she was recaptured and beaten, held in a completely dark room for weeks at a time and held in solitary confinement for 3.5 years.  The second time she escaped by arrangement and nearly reached India by sea when she was intercepted by UAE guards and taken back to UAE . Since then nothing has been heard of her.  Against that my suffering is about 1% and could be seen as a minor inconvenience. The worst thing is when you lose control over your life and have in effect a prison sentence without end. I think I would go barmy (mad) in this situation.


My readers will recall that I wrote about the fake forest fires in Northern California. Here is another image, this time showing molten metal from car engines forming a rivulet down the street. To do this would require temperatures of 3000 degrees C – forest fires are about 800 degrees. See the increasing number of videos that are appearing on Youtube and other places. Basically the official news is 100% fake. It was directed energy weaponry, lasers to be precise. No wonder people don’t trust the media.

The misuse and abuse of the English language


I do wonder and despair when I hear our beautiful English language being degraded. I cannot blame imported Americanisms for everything so here is a list of my pet hates.

have a nice day, rest of your evening, weekend.
I suppose this is just about tolerable but it implies that the abjuration is necessary to stop someone having a bad day. I have yet to meet someone who says I was having a bad day until someone told me to have a good one and amazingly I did.

Having a good day consists of being grateful for the simple things of life and valuing everyone you meet. It is not precocious and depends on a good philosophy.

I will be honest with you
Ah, so that means you are normally dishonest. Thanks for telling me.

That’s a very good question
As, so most of the time you ask ordinary or irrelevant questions. Every question should be ‘good’ and indeed respected by both parties otherwise it should not be asked.

I was literally shaking with fear
Um how do you shake un-literally. Shaking with fear will cover it.

I will just go and doublecheck for you
frequently used by service agents and I hate it. you examine data, that is stage one. The second stage is to check it. The third stage if you need further confirmation is to double check. You cannot double check before you single check.

May I ask you a (personal) question?
This is the dumbest question ever.  99 to 1 there is a hidden agenda. I would say ‘no’ or grin inanely.

Sorry to trouble you
If you were sorry then why are you doing it? This applies particularly to  beggars in trains (yes, they still exist)

I will just make a quick call
no, you mean a brief call. Quick means you speak quicker?

It is what it is
Whew!   I never thought of that one.

I’m like …….
this is treating yourself as a stereotype. People should own their emotions entirely and describe them from within.

sort of
I heard a man talk about housing development he said ‘ we had sort of 39 houses that need repairing. What is the difference between sort of 39 and 39? Is the uncertain about his facts. I hear even professional broadcasters saying sort of every other sentence and it is profoundly irritating.

Jameen otherwise known as ‘do you know what I mean?’
this person clearly has very limited confidence in their own ability to communicate. If they are communicating something clearly and unambiguously it will be plain to see from the reaction that the other person does not understand or want to understand

If you understand what I’m saying
see above. give the person credit for asking a supplementary question if they don’t understand what’s being said.

hey you guys
I think the word ‘ guys’ is totally overused. I’ve heard it used when talking to one person, or with a group of females, and I think it is pure and simple slovenly. Same goes for ‘how y’all doin.

What was your name
My name is the same as it was last week, this week and next week.  You would not say ‘what was your sex?’   My name is.. would do it for me.

is there anything else I can do for you?
Once again this is taking the customer, usually on the telephone, for an idiot. If there was anything more,  the customer would have mentioned it. I wonder how many times in practice people have said ‘oh yes my goodness I have forgotten, there was one other thing’.

I’m good
do I have to say anything here? When asked how you are,  I don’t want a moral self opinion but a report on your physicality. Good = adjective;  Well = qualifying adverb.

(in hospital) Can you… lift your arm…. for me
no, I will lift my arm because it is necessary in view of the context. I’m not doing it for any particular person, I’m doing it for the sake of the problem

Unnecessary swearing including the f-word
I have never felt comfortable with the gratuitous use of the f word but it is very understandable when someone’s hit there numb with a hammer. I don’t think it has any place in normal conversation, especially when I hear women swear or even worse children swear.

With all due respect
Such hypocrisy. It is normally when you do not respect someone that this phrase is used.

..At this moment in time
the ‘in time’ could be superfluous, but stretching a point it could be an emphasis that time is the key. I would prefer to say ‘at this juncture’ or even …. wait for it …. now.

I’m sure this list will be added to so on this occasion here is an opportunity for audience participation. does anyone have any hate words or phrases. Write to me brian @ pobox.com