A day of (relative) suffering


Stomach acid is strong. It has to be. However, when it goes to places that it should not go, then heartburn is caused. Such is life that I have to suddenly conform to a strict diet, halve the amount of food I eat, and generally discipline myself. After many years this is so difficult. This evening I went to our local garden club’s annual Christmas party and had an innocuous mixture of salad, cheese scones, sausage rolls, half a glass of punch, some delicious trifles and cakes.  Lovely at the time but such a bad idea. After a certain stage no matter how much Andrews Liver salts or alkaline substances you take the pain continues with much vomiting.

Compare this with a programme I watched this evening on TV about Leticia, one of three daughters of the Prince of the UAE who had tried twice to escape from the gilded cage existence. The first time she was recaptured and beaten, held in a completely dark room for weeks at a time and held in solitary confinement for 3.5 years.  The second time she escaped by arrangement and nearly reached India by sea when she was intercepted by UAE guards and taken back to UAE . Since then nothing has been heard of her.  Against that my suffering is about 1% and could be seen as a minor inconvenience. The worst thing is when you lose control over your life and have in effect a prison sentence without end. I think I would go barmy (mad) in this situation.


My readers will recall that I wrote about the fake forest fires in Northern California. Here is another image, this time showing molten metal from car engines forming a rivulet down the street. To do this would require temperatures of 3000 degrees C – forest fires are about 800 degrees. See the increasing number of videos that are appearing on Youtube and other places. Basically the official news is 100% fake. It was directed energy weaponry, lasers to be precise. No wonder people don’t trust the media.

The misuse of the English language


I do wonder and despair when I hear our beautiful English language being degraded. I cannot blame imported Americanisms for everything so here is a list of my pet hates.

have a nice day, rest of your evening, weekend.
I suppose this is just about tolerable but it implies that the abjuration is necessary to stop someone having a bad day. I have yet to meet someone who says I was having a bad day until someone told me to have a good one and amazingly I did. having a good day consists of being grateful for the simple things of life and valuing everyone you meet

I will be honest with you
Ah, so that means you are normally dishonest. Thanks for telling me.

That’s a very good question
As, so most of the time you ask ordinary or irrelevant questions. Every question should be ‘good’ and indeed respected by both parties otherwise it should not be asked.

I was literally shaking with fear
Um how do you shake un-literally. Shaking with fear will cover it.

I will just go and doublecheck for you
frequently used by service agents and I hate it. you examine data, that is stage one. The second stage is to check it. The third stage if you need further confirmation is to double check. You cannot double check before you single check.

May I ask you a (personal) question?
This is the dumbest question ever.  99 to 1 there is a hidden agenda. I would say ‘no’ or grin inanely.

Sorry to trouble you
If you were sorry then why are you doing it? This applies particularly to  beggars in trains (yes, they still exist)

I will just make a quick call
no, you mean a brief call. Quick means you speak quicker?

It is what it is
Whew!   I never thought of that one.

I’m like …….
this is treating yourself as a stereotype. People should own their emotions entirely and describe them from within.

sort of
I heard a man talk about housing development he said ‘ we had sort of 39 houses that need repairing. What is the difference between sort of 39 and 39? Is the uncertain about his facts. I hear even professional broadcasters saying sort of every other sentence and it is profoundly irritating.

Jameen otherwise known as ‘do you know what I mean?’
this person clearly has very limited confidence in their own ability to communicate. If they are communicating something clearly and unambiguously it will be plain to see from the reaction that the other person does not understand or want to understand

If you understand what I’m saying
see above. give the person credit for asking a supplementary question if they don’t understand what’s being said.

hey you guys
I think the word ‘ guys’ is totally overused. I’ve heard it used when talking to one person, or with a group of females, and I think it is pure and simple slovenly. Same goes for ‘how y’all doin.

What was your name
My name is the same as it was last week, this week and next week.  You would not say ‘what was your sex?’   My name is.. would do it for me.

is there anything else I can do for you?
Once again this is taking the customer, usually on the telephone, for an idiot. If there was anything more,  the customer would have mentioned it. I wonder how many times in practice people have said ‘oh yes my goodness I have forgotten, there was one other thing’.

I’m good
do I have to say anything here? When asked how you are,  I don’t want a moral self opinion but a report on your physicality. Good = adjective;  Well = qualifying adverb.

(in hospital) Can you… lift your arm…. for me
no, I will lift my arm because it is necessary in view of the context. I’m not doing it for any particular person, I’m doing it for the sake of the problem

Unnecessary swearing including the f-word
I have never felt comfortable with the gratuitous use of the f word but it is very understandable when someone’s hit there numb with a hammer. I don’t think it has any place in normal conversation, especially when I hear women swear or even worse children swear.

With all due respect
Such hypocrisy. It is normally when you do not respect someone that this phrase is used.

..At this moment in time
the ‘in time’ could be superfluous, but stretching a point it could be an emphasis that time is the key. I would prefer to say ‘at this juncture’

I’m sure this list will be added to so on this occasion here is an opportunity for audience participation. does anyone have any hate words or phrases. Write to me brian @ pobox.com

Exmouth – where very little happens – and we loved it


So on Friday, late morning, we set off to make the two hour ride to our favourite hotel in Exmouth, which is at the outlet of the River Exe which goes via Exeter to the south coast. This is a 50 mile long river, whose source is near Simonsbath on Exmoor.  This is our fifth or is it our sixth weekend with Shearings, the company that owns the brand name, the coaches and hotels enabling them to offer a cracking good value weekends for £99 a head 3 nights bed breakfast and evening meal.  So that’s the commercial over.

Although we were promised diabolical weather, with wind and rain, most of it happened at night and it didn’t trouble us at all. We arrived 3. 15 and settled in. The routine at the hotel is exactly the same. Dinner between 6:30 and 7pm. This is followed by bingo, a quiz, and some music which is pleasant enough.

Some people are conveyed to the hotel by coach and there was the Geordie (Newcastle area) driver sitting next to us at the meals, very loud and very direct. I thought some slightly uncharitable things but my wife reminded me that being a coach driver is a lonely job, where you have to make difficult decisions on the go, and often have to work long hours. He said to me that once he puts his card in the engine he can only drive for 15 hours and then the engine is cut off or was it that warning sounds come

Going to this area is a bit like stepping back 20 years. The area is not big enough to commercialise thank goodness and much of the resort maintains it’s Olde world charm with restaurants attempting to make a living through the lean months when the sun does not shine and the wind blows.

Walking along the beachfront when the sky is inky black and the main sounds the crash of the waves on the promenade is an unusual experience and requires a certain amount of hardiness. It is however so delightful to get away from the sound of traffic and the site of every other person staring at their mobile phones. I made attempts to keep off my mobile phone as much as possible but in a way was still on duty so I had to deal with my messages once every so often.

The clientele of Shearings are 90% retired people or shall I say people of a conservative nature. Because the group is based in Yorkshire many Yorkshire people tend to come down to the south for a change. Yorkshire people have very dry humour, are very direct, and have a particular sense of humour which I have yet to figure out. The culture of the weekend is that you always chat to the person next to you knowing that you will never see them again. The atmosphere is bland and just right for couples who want to get away from the washing up and have a nice comfy quiet room en suite with breakfast and evening meal included.

Friday afternoon we went to visit our favourite fresh fish shop. This is a shop like no other in that most fish are locally caught including oysters which to the Delight of my wife were in stock and on offer at £1.25 each. Being French, she loves them and I think she consumed 6 during our time there and then took away a further 6 to have in the coming days.

Saturday morning I took my tablet in for repair to a chap sitting at a small stall – apparently his office – in a local market, found it was working correctly after all, and ended up buying a laptop with Windows 10. NB Windows 7 will no longer be supported from April next year.  We decided to go to Sidmouth by bus, another bijou and laid back town but one that is lovely to walk around. We visited the local Museum and my did we get the timing right. We arrived within three quarters of an hour of this establishment  closing for the winter to open again at the end of March 2019. There was an exhibition of lace, many stories about the sea, incredibly lifelike sailors, a joy to behold.

Pictures of Sidmouth




On Sunday we took the train to Dawlish via Exeter where four years ago the British Rail tracks that run by the sea were overwhelmed and damaged during the storm of the 8th of February 2014.  By great good fortune we went into a cafe specialising in gluten-free food and by further great fortune the owner of the cafe  had had some railway workmen in from the repair and they had shown him large-scale photographs of the damage.   For some unaccountable reason they left without taking their photographs with them so he was left with a little piece of History which he showed us.
Dawlish can be seen from Exmouth, it’s about 2 miles away across the river but because there is no ferry in winter months you have to make a 50 minute journey by train to go in to Exeter and out,  not that this worried me because I love train journeys.  On the way back a blind lady entered carrying what was a very large birthday present, I think it was a drone. The way she figured out which seat was vacant was by gently tapping with her stick. Eventually someone made way for her.  What courage it is to make your way to a big city, do shopping, and come back without being able to see anything. This is one more reason why I really can’t complain about my life when I see what others have to put up with.
the tide from the estuary is going out fast – see flow around the pole
I had some trouble with my stomach during this weekend. I have been troubled with acid for sometime but it’s come to a peak and I realise that I’m completely intolerant to acidic foods so out goes milk, cheese, tomatoes, some types of bread, coffee, some types of tea, most meat, and definitely no sugar and in comes greens, bananas, melons, rice milk,  and  a new range of food but I must still come to terms with. I realise how much I’ve abused my body over so many decades and I’m quite intrigued to know how it has suffered for so long without major complaint.

We managed to keep brexit at bay but everywhere it is,  so there is no escape. People talk and then groan.

Is this wake-up time?


Over the weekend I attended a conference on the corruption of the international corporations in which a relatively few people control the rest of us.  I could say that the whole world is one enormous corrupt corporation that cares nothing for its people. There are basically two streams of information on the planet. One is what is really going on,  and the other is the breadcrumbs that us Joe Public are fed and expected to believe.

I believe that the dumbest group of people on the planet are the average American who are so brainwashed with propaganda disguised as news, the damaging effect of vaccination, the effective fluidization in the water which calcifies the pineal gland, the education system which is only in name, the incessant pre programming of what is to come by showing violent films,  the effect of such poisons on the biology as glyphosate  not to mention the damaging effect on the body of mobile phones, smart meters and the dreaded 5G when it comes.

Alas,  the United Kingdom is not too far behind in the gullible stakes  but in some strange perverted way we are learning from what is going on in the USA and objecting against smart meters,  chemicals in food etc.    far in front of us in awareness is Russia who do not allow 5G,  and do not allow GMO in other words interference with nature.  That is one of the reasons why there is so much empty propaganda against Russia by America who invented sorts of stories without any foundation.  According to the USA, Putin is responsible for all the evils in the world.   This is a statement of supreme hypocrisy.   Anyone interested should do their own research. I don’t want you to believe something just because I say it. I want you to believe it because you have found it to be true.

The following videos are just an example  of control,  where governments declare war on their own people for reasons of power and profit.  I have picked 2 videos out of many. Take your choice.  Watch them or don’t watch them.  I have said this before but it is better to reach out and find out what’s going on and be prepared otherwise you will die frozen with fear.

The most selective fires in history

Weaponized Directed Energy Lasers (DEW) ~ The 101 Basics

Check out ‘aplanetruth.info’

it would be nice to have some dialogue from time to time with my readers. I know there are many. This diary is not written by a robot, but by a real live human person who does have views and dare I say it feelings and I would welcome some feedback to the often inflammatory material that I write here. How about it folks?  brian @ pobox . com  will get to me

Today I find myself slightly lacking in energy after quite a frenetic 5 days in London preceded by an equally frenetic 6 to 8 weeks putting my new community-based website together.  I guess it’s alright to be down, I don’t mean depressed, but I feel in need of a battery charge which nature will give me if I am kind to myself.

We went off to Bath today. I had my eye appointment and I’m glad to say I didn’t need an eye injection this time. We went round the famous Bath market where the quality of the goods are satisfactory to say the least but the rentals that the stall holders have to pay means that the prices are higher than they should be.  For the first time, the Odd Down park and ride car park was completely and utterly full and this is about 800 cars worth.  I had to seek refuge in the adjoining streets in order to park my car to go off to the hospital.

I am suffering at the moment from an acid stomach where the food just doesn’t want to stay down. I think I have an allergy towards gluten, lactose, and something else as well so I’m very careful monitoring my food to make sure that when I have an item of food that disturbs me I immediately noted down to be able to tell the doctor.  I’m coming to the conclusion that sugar is quite lethal.

Oh and if you really want to know what’s going on with the planet, check this article which I have cut and pasted from Naturalnews.com, Mike Adams the Health Ranger

TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse

Image: TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse

(Natural News) Now we come to the end game for humanity. This is it, folks: They have a plan to collapse global food production, kill off over 90% of the human race, devastate natural ecosystems and pollute the Earth’s atmosphere… and it’s all being sold to you under the banner of “environmentalism.”

The scheme is called “global dimming,” and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming. This is literally what the mad environmental scientists are now proposing — the very same people who have, for years, claimed that “chemtrails” are a conspiracy theory and don’t exist. Now, all of a sudden, they want to chemtrail the entire planet in order to “save” us all from global warming.

“Stratospheric aerosol injection” now the new name for chemtrails / geoengineering

The global dimming scheme is, of course, based on spraying chemtrails into the upper atmosphere using thousands of high-altitude flights that release pollution to dim the sun. The very idea of “chemtrails” has, until now, been mocked by the media and the science establishment, who have for years claimed the very idea of chemtrails is a lunatic conspiracy theory. So they’ve changed the name to “stratospheric aerosol injection,” and they now have a science paper that outlines all the costs involved.

“We lay out a future solar geoengineering deployment scenario of halving the increase in anthropogenic radiative forcing,” writes Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner in their paper, “Stratospheric aerosol injection tactics and costs in the first 15 years of deployment.” Published in Environmental Research Letters, you can view the full text of the study at this link.

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Geoengineering is another term that many people use synonymously with “chemtrails.” And now it’s a strategy being openly advocated by scientists to halt so-called “climate change,” a fake science hoax that has been perpetrated on the world by power-hungry globalists who want humanity to surrender to global rule in the name of “saving the planet.”

The study cites the specific aircraft that would be needed to achieve chemtrails pollution. “[P]urpose-built high-altitude tanker with substantial payload capabilities” would be deployed to spray sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. The paper proposes 4000 flights a year, costing $2.25 billion per year, continuing over 15 years to make sure the atmosphere is significantly polluted to dim the sun and achieve the terraforming goals of globalists (see more details, below).

In the conclusion of their abstract, the study authors explain the program would require, “thousands of flights annually by airliner-sized aircraft operating from an international array of bases,” making it almost impossible to keep secret.

Of course, this very program has already begun, and secrecy isn’t necessary when you have the entire media and science establishment condemning any belief in chemtrails as a form of mental illness. So just remember: As they pollute the skies and dim the sun, if you point out that they’re polluting the skies and dimming the sun, you’re a “conspiracy theorist.”

And there’s no such thing as chemtrails, you see. Nope, it’s “stratospheric aerosol injection” now, which sounds almost sciency. That’s how this program is already being perpetrated right under our noses, right now, even while the media runs a global cover-up to dismiss such ideas as bizarre theories.

The global controllers hope you never read the science papers, of course, because there, geoengineering is routinely cited and even advocated as the “solution” to climate change.

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) explained… and yeah, it’s just another name for chemtrails

“Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) would require lofting hundreds of thousands to millions of tons of material each year to altitudes up to ~20 km,” explain study authors. They also ask, “Could it be done in secret?”

The study offers heavy discussion on the design and costs of aircraft that could deliver the planned pollution to the upper atmosphere:

IPCC (2018) states that ‘there is high agreement that aircrafts after some modifications could inject millions of tons of SO2 in the lower stratosphere (~20 km)’.

The overall goal of the geoengineering program is to inject 5 million tons of SO2 (sulfur dioxide, otherwise known as “smog”) into the atmosphere. Achieving that goal, “assumes a rational actor seeking to implement a scientifically sensible SAI program,” write the study authors, somehow claiming it is “rational” to disperse mass pollution across the atmosphere of your own planet. The same authors also claim this program must be conducted, “purely out of humanitarian and environmental considerations.”

Shocking realization: This is terraforming planet Earth to collapse the global food supply and kill off humans

In considering the sheer lunacy of the “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” plan, I feel compelled to state that these climate change / global warming scientists are dangerously insane sociopaths and they must be stopped before they murder us all. These lunatics, if given enough government funding, will literally murder our planet and destroy human civilization. Such is the cost of the decades of false propaganda in our public schools that has brainwashed children into believing “climate change” is real and must be halted. The schemes now being proposed to halt this non-existent problem will, themselves, bring about the global destruction that children are being warned about with global warming.

This global pollution / terraforming program, if allowed to continue, could unleash the following devastating consequences, especially if deployed at a time when the sun is in its own dimming cycle that would accelerate global cooling.

#1) Global collapse of food crops – The reduction in solar radiation caused by geoengineering, combined with the natural cycle of global cooling from sun cycles, could produce a sharp reduction in food crop production across the globe. This would result in increased food prices and reduced food supplies, adding to vectors for civil unrest and “climate refugees” invading First World nations to escape starvation.

#2) Global rise in cancer from vitamin D deficiency – Reduction in solar radiation reaching the surface of the planet would exacerbate vitamin D deficiencies that already strongly contribute to cancer fatalities around the world. Sunlight is currently the primary source of vitamin D for billions of world citizens. Dimming the sun would be a death sentence for millions each year who would suffer the dire consequences of chronic vitamin D deficiencies.

#3) Global drop in IQs due to increased air pollution – Increases in air pollution have been scientifically found to lower children’s IQs. In addition, air pollution is scientifically documented to damage DNA in the womb, increase the risk of ventricular arrhythmia and increase the risk of bone loss in humans.

#4) Massive loss of habitat and ecosystems due to decreased sunlight and colder temperatures – Entire ecosystems — such as rainforests — could be devastated by a pollution-initiated drop in solar radiation. Marine ecosystems also rely heavily on solar radiation to power the photosynthesis of ocean plants such as seaweeds, grasses and algae, which serve as a pillar food source for the entire marine food web. Dimming the sun would have devastating consequences for all ecosystems on the planet, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life, habitat and eco-diversity.

#5) Huge increase in global acid rain that will devastate forests and food crops – The mass injection of SO2 into the atmosphere will result in SO2 being dispersed into lower levels of the atmosphere over time. There, mixed with rain storms, it will create sulfurous acid, otherwise known as acid rain. This acid rain will devastate forests and food crops and result in the acidification of crop soils, destabilizing soil microbes and leading the widespread crop losses.

#6) Decreased plant production of oxygen that’s necessary for humans, primates and mammals to survive – Nearly all plants depend on solar radiation for photosynthesis, which uses CO2 as a “fuel” and produces oxygen (O2) as a byproduct. Reducing solar radiation through chemtrails pollution would reduce the production of oxygen by plants, resulting in a global fall in atmospheric oxygen levels, ultimately leading to the mass asphyxiation of humans, primates and mammals if allowed to continue. Even the EPA (see source below) admits that SO2 interferes with human respiration and makes it difficult for people to breathe.

Even the EPA recognizes sulfur dioxide as a dangerous pollutant that makes it difficult for humans to breathe

Note carefully that the geoengineering efforts being advocated to dim the sun are based on sulfur dioxide, a known pollutant. “Short-term exposures to SO2 can harm the human respiratory system and make breathing difficult,” warns the EPA. “…[G]aseous SOx can harm trees and plants by damaging foliage and decreasing growth… SO2 and other sulfur oxides can contribute to acid rain which can harm sensitive ecosystems,” the EPA writes.

In other words, it isn’t even debated whether sulfur dioxide is a pollutant. It’s smog (or technically, it reacts to create smog), and the very idea that mass polluting the atmosphere with SO2 would somehow “save” the planet is rooted in nothing less than advanced psychosis or some other dangerous form of mental illness. That such schemes are marketed under the banner of “science” just shows how twisted the institution of science has now become.

Why would any rational institution seek to mass pollute our entire planet and destroy food crops, forests, mammals, primates and humans? The answer is even more shocking than the proposal itself, it turns out. Keep reading, as one possible explanation for all this continues below…

It wasn’t long ago that scientists warned about “global cooling” and the coming Ice Age

It was only a generation ago that young scientists were being warned that Earth was entering a “global cooling” crisis that would bring about a whole new ice age. This was the climate panic of the 1970s and early 1980s. Today’s older scientists remember the warnings quite well. We were all told that if we didn’t find a way to warm the planet, we would all perish as Earth was turned into a ball of ice.

Beginning in the 1990s, the scientists flipped the script, reversing their warning and suddenly claiming the problem was too much heat. We were all going to die from global warming if we didn’t change something, we were told. A decade or so later, when it was revealed that government science scammers were faking all the warming data, they changed the scam to “climate change,” since they couldn’t scientifically support either warming or cooling.

Here’s the cover of TIME Magazine from 1977, which warns, “How To Survive The Coming Ice Age,” then urges readers to get on board to save the planet, saying, “51 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference.”

Today, we’re told the most absurd, insane things by these scientists who insist that the climate never changed at all before the year 1920, with the rise of the combustion engine and “human activity.” And now we’re constantly terrorized by the fake news media into thinking that if we don’t pollute the Earth’s atmosphere with smog, we will all somehow die from the rise of carbon dioxide, the No. 1 most important greening nutrient for plants, forests and food crops.

So now they’ve decided they have to poison the atmosphere to fight climate change, and they’ve got about a billion gullible world citizens convinced that this is somehow an amazing idea. What they would really unleash, of course, is absolutely catastrophic to all life on our world. Remember: They want to disperse billions of tons of sulfur dioxide (smog) into the atmosphere through massive government-funded chemtrailing of the planet. The question now emerges: Is the destruction of humanity deliberate? If so, who would hatch such a nefarious plan?

Geoengineering is a planet-wide weapon system being deployed to eliminate human life on Earth while terraforming the planet for some other purpose

Here’s the cosmic inconvenient truth that Al Gore doesn’t want you to consider. What we are really witnessing here is the planned terraforming of planet Earth for some other purpose. And by “other,” I mean other than human.

If you wanted humans to thrive on planet Earth, you would not unleash mass pollution, acid rain, food crop failures, oxygen depletion and global dimming. You would, instead, try to reduce pollution, support plant life, enhance food crop production and protect global ecosystems from pollution. That’s the normal, rational thing that any human being would naturally want to pursue.

Yet we are subjected to these nefarious geoengineering schemes that directly contradict every principle of sustainable life on Earth. And it’s all described as a way to “save” the planet, even as it would destroy global life support for humans.

I can’t help but be reminded of the outstanding film Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise. In the film, the Cruise character thinks he’s protecting human civilization, but he’s actually (unknowingly) working for extraterrestrials who are stealing Earth’s resources and exterminating humans. The film is one of the best science fiction films of all time, and its story sounds eerily similar to what may be happening right now with so-called “geoengineering.”

Who (or what) would want to alter the atmosphere, decimate oxygen levels, destroy the food supply and collapse human civilization? The answer should be obvious: Something that is in competition with humans and sees no further use for humanity. Human life on Earth appears to be in the process of being “cleansed” in a cosmic ethnic cleansing scheme that will produce an altered, low-oxygen atmosphere that might prove advantageous to a life form which isn’t already part of Earth’s existing ecosystem. The reduction in solar radiation reaching Earth’s surface would make the planet more hospital to a life form that originated from a planet located farther from its home sun than Earth is from our own sun.

It raises the obvious, if bizarre-sounding, question: Are Earth’s globalists preparing the planet for a post-human era? And is that plan disguised as a “climate change” emergency course of action so that the sheeple can be told the mass pollution of the skies is a bold plan to save humanity rather than exterminate it? What if “climate change” is actually a cosmic false flag hoax that was designed from the very start to convince Earthlings to support their own extermination? Given the now-planned destruction of Earth’s atmosphere in the name of “climate change,” we must now consider such possibilities, no matter how bizarre they first seem.

Why are all the globalists suddenly talking about escaping to Mars and terraforming Mars into a habitat where humans can survive? Why are globalists now so desperate the alter Earth’s atmosphere and make the planet inhospitable to humans? Why such a recent focus on the Arctic seed vault to preserve the seeds of life in preparation for a global cataclysm? Why are so many globalist insiders building underground bunkers and living in them?

I don’t have the answers to all these questions, but I do know that the fairy tale stories we’re being told about “climate change” and how we must save the planet by polluting the skies are rooted in complete quack science fiction and brainwashing propaganda.

On the other hand, if humans are stupid enough to destroy their own planet in the name of saving the planet, perhaps they’re simply not qualified to participate in an intelligence universe after all. Natural selection, after all, is likely playing out on a cosmic scale, and Earth appears to be flunking the cosmic IQ test that wonders, “Hey, is that civilization stupid enough to commit suicide based on a fairy tale hoax?”

So far, it appears the answer for Earth and humans is a resounding “Yes!”

This entire topic, by the way, will be featured in this Sunday’s broadcast of Counterthink, airing at 6pm cental at InfoWars.com, with the full episode also appearing at Counterthink.com a few days later. Don’t miss it.

A grand weekend in London


Raw enthusiasm in Trafalgar Square.

With so much to do on my return from a busy week in London I’ve decided not to do a daily diary but a summary of the whole lot. As my regular readers know, we tend to take the coach and it gives me great pleasure to pay £21 return fare Bath to London as opposed to let us say £110 by train for the two of us.  The return journey by coach is 3 hours. By train, half that time. So we pay ourselves £80 for an extra hour and spend it on a good meal.

We stay at our favourite quirky hotel in Thornton Heath, the Crystal Lodge Hotel, run by Indians, with basic facilities, do it yourself breakfast, but lots of personality and individuality on display by the staff who have come to be family members in a way. I find the more expensive the hotel, the less people want to talk to each other and the mouse community spirit there is. we are staying at the hotel for two nights then moving to an air b and b place in West Brompton, more of that anon.

I love the modern tubes with endless carriages. People feel much safer and there is more space.Thursday evening we went to the Tate Modern where there is an amazing 24 hour film based on clocks. Someone has gone through hundreds of films and picked out the clips where the time of day is mentioned. We see a montage of hundreds of such clips. It is difficult to describe the hypnotic effect of this procession featuring as it does many of the great stars of the past.

Friday morning breakfast. At our modest hotel this was a self-service effort. Orange juice cartons for £1, I don’t think so. However,  toast, slices of ham, cheese and a hard boiled egg did the job with a couple of slurps of coffee thrown in for good measure. By numerous trains and tubes to Hackney and a museum devoted to weird objects.

Off to the mall gallery where I met the most unfriendly and supercilious front desk lady who could barely be bothered to answer our questions and pretended not to understand where we were coming from. I almost asked her why she bothered to do the job.

We then walked to the Tate Modern and Francoise saw an exhibition about the history of weaving. The Tate Modern is far too big to absorb at one go and I would say four goes is about right. We then went to the Royal Festival Hall to hear Mussorgsky’s pictures from an exhibition and various other works. I met a charming Dutch couple with a great sense of humour who now live in this country and visit the Royal Festival Hall at least once a week.

On Saturday morning we got up in a leisurely fashion and changed rooms to an Airbnb house in West Brompton which turned out to be a multi-purpose home lived in by the host who was not there and his sister who live there with her family. In this part of the world, houses were built to include accommodation for servants and this is where we stayed on the top floor. The room gave me no joy when I entered it, wallpaper hanging off the walls, a mess of electric wires, a basin with only cold water, and chipped paint along the skirting boards.

However, when you’re tired, seek a little peace and quiet, and  not really paying that much per night, it doesn’t really matter. On top of the basic room charge, you pay air b and b a certain amount and another fee for cleaning the room. I think it was about £85 for 2 nights.  The bed made ominous squeaking noises but was actually quite comfortable when we settled down. Anyway, for two nights who cares and we weren’t there for 95% of the time.

We tried walking to the Crown Hotel by Gloucester Road station to see how long it would take. My goodness the area is dripping with money. I’d be surprised if there was a 3 or 4 story house for less than 2 million pounds.

Off to Tate Britain Where we visited the Turner exhibition and for once there were not many paintings but four movie films. The work that won the prize was made by a lady using her mobile phone camera all the time.

Off to Haverstock Hill, the stamping ground of Francoise where she lived for many years, and then back to the hotel.

On Sunday morning we arrived at the hotel Brighton early at 8am and found a local cafe where they served coffee and croissants. One thing to remember about London, it is nearly  a 24-hour city although not so 24-hour as New York but you can more or less get anything you want at any time of day.

The conference itself was full to bursting though interestingly most people had not bother to book until the last moment, testing the faith of the organiser to the utmost. They switched the coffee machines off at 4:30 because apparently we were drinking too much coffee. That is the first time I have ever heard that excuse given.

Monday morning we went off to the old Barkers in Kensington High Street which now largely consists of a whole food restaurant and met a person called Keith whom I met in my old London Village days in the 1970s. He was grateful for the introductions that he had received in this londonwide social group and said that because of a contact he had spent 32 years driving in America and been all over the world. I think that must claim the record for the longest time it has taken anyone to thank me for something I did – but there we go.

The coach was due to leave London at 2:30 p.m. So off we went arriving early as usual. When we boarded the coach we were in the distinguished company of about eight  other intrepid travellers. I love the coach for reasons given above and we drove westward into the most lovely combination of clouds and clear blue sky and setting sun.

The coach arrived in Bath exactly on time at 5:30 p.m. whereupon we took a local bus which left a few minutes later and home we go. I love the feeling of turning the key in the front door and finding everything was as we left it. definitely an excuse for turning on the central heating although it was 14 degrees and before we knew where we were we went to sleep in our own bed.

You can’t beat it folks.

Dystopian action plans – believe it or not


I drift from my normal daily themes of my daily life.

My video for the day. You may remember the fires in California? The ones that were so hot that they melted the metal in car engines which ran in rivulets down the street. These are not even most most recent ones but the one in January 2018. Burned Out Northern California Fire Victim Questions Directed Energy Weapons plan. What she lacks in style she makes up for in enthusiasm. See what a world is coming. California #1, USA #2 the rest of the world in short order #3

If that was not enough how about this one. Dr Horton on the Ritchie Allen Show – Directed Energy Weapon Attacks.  You want to know what it is like?


Men vs. women


I have seldom seen such an honest transparent video about men vs. women, made by women who appear to be being totally transparent. It is not a youtube video so no normal embedding. View it here.

I have held the belief that some women use their sexuality and perceived ‘weakness’ to their own advantage. I was shocked to read about the number of men who are physically abused. If they retaliate then the man will probably end up in court. It is all to easy to blame the man. Are we all potential rapists? I might ask ‘are all women potential seducers’. I am not interested in people’s ‘sex’. I am interested in their contribution, their attitude, their community mindedness, their ability to speak whole sentences. Age does not matter. Its the humanity.

So, all my printed stuff for next Sunday has arrived. I feel a bit lost so will start to prepare for my trip to London. We shall be there for four days. Luckily someone is coming to house-sit.

Persecuted Christians – our 6th anniversary in Somerset


Today is the 6th anniversary of our arrival in Somerset. On that day 24th November it was also raining. Life has changed in so many ways that it is difficult to enunciate them in one go. I met the mayor of Midsomer Norton fairly early on in our time. He said that things would happen for us but 10 times slower than we would like and he was absolutely right. We are now on more than nodding acquaintance with about 50 people for various reasons and in various circumstances. The number of people who have had my lifestyle and experience is somewhat less than 0.01% so we have learnt to draw a little nutrition from a lot of people.

We both came from families that were not functional in the emotional sense so we have had to learn to make up for this by being more rugged and outgoing and to a large extent we have succeeded though you cannot turn the clock back.

Before I continue, I must not forget to mention a very important feature I was listening to on the radio (Trans World Radio) this morning. I heard an interview  with Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, from Nigeria who is in UK to raise awareness of the amount of killing and torture of Christians in his country. He himself has been the subject of three attempts at murder.. On the first occasion he was due to come home where unbeknown to him, bandits were waiting. The Archbishop was delayed so instead they got hold of his wife Gloria, and beat her so badly that she lost the sight of her eyes for 6 months and only after 5 operations in America was her sight restored. She is a woman of enormous spirit and today looks after 50 homeless children in her house.

The second occasion was when ‘they’ came for him when they were both at home. He was kidnapped and taken away to be killed in the countryside but then for some reason the bandits decided to kill him in his bedroom at home. The Archbishop asked if he could pray and when he opened his eyes for some reason the intruders had fled.

The third occasion was when they came for him when they were both at home again. They rustled his cattle and demanded that he come out of his house but he refused to do so. A neighbour shone a torch at the intruders upon which he was shot dead. Have a look at the Archbishop and his wife being interviewed.

We have no right to complain about religious freedom; it is more apposite to complain about the crazy left the want to marginalize Christmas on the grounds that some people might be offended. Never mind that all major religions preach tolerance and love. In the Minds of these deranged people that counts for nothing. This is one of the results of political correctness, one of the evil seeds of this movement which was formed in 1923 and named the Frankfurt group. (Germany). The centre relocated to New York and thence to California.

I can look back on my time here with some pride. I have started a diary which I have maintained for 2 years now and is nearly up to half a million words. I’ve started a large website 5Gexposed.com revealing the dangers of both 5G and of smart meters. I have become chairman and secretary of my local Allotment Association and run a happy ship. Francoise has taken up with yoga and she goes to a painting group once a week which she enjoys enormously and shows signs of progressing from strength to strength. We do garden clearance to supplement our income and to keep fit.

I cannot say that we miss London but we do enjoy going there from time to time as we are doing next week for a conference. When I go to London there are just too many people for comfort and it takes me a day or so to really adjust but we absorb what we can, particularly going to all the art galleries. There is the city gallery in Bath but that cannot compete with the Tate galleries, the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, and all the great museums. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy an Oyster card; I just use my debit card instead. You cannot spend more than a certain amount of money on travel each day in other words there is automatic capping.

This afternoon we went to have a celebratory high tea at my favorite restaurant. The impresario Paul Hartley was there. He has been in the service area in Pubs (he started in Putney) then bought a local pub then this restaurant, Hartleys, where we are sitting in this picture. He has written an amazing number of quirky books such as ‘The Marmite Cookbook’, ‘The Little Book of Marmite tips’, ‘The Heinz Tomato Ketchup book’ and many others. It sounds unbelievable but a trip to Amazon.co.uk will confirm all.  …Search  “Paul Hartley”

We could not finish the grand repast so asked for a doggie bag (actually a plastic box) to take the balance away. While we were there, one of the serving girls said farewell to Paul. She had only worked since Monday but gave the most amazing and original excuse to Paul that I have ever heard. She said ‘we have bought a top of the range car (£80k?) and the petrol used is too expensive for me to be bought  back and forth’. We had a laugh. I wonder why people bother with such excuses when they are obviously fake. Why not say ‘ I do not feel I fit in here’ or ‘this is not right for me’.

Back home to the fire and to partake of the Magnum bottle of Prosecco that I casually bought the previous day.

I might actually switch off this computer earlier than usual.  It is Saturday night after all.

Dress protocol in the office – an international view



From a fiend of mine who wrote to me:

Thought this 1 minute 48 second video from South Korea might be of interest. It’s about a movement in South Korea to liberate women from cosmetic make-up and the patriarchy!

Prior to watching this short video, I hadn’t realised that South Korea is the plastic  surgery capital of the world, and that societal expectations of female beauty are so high, a third of South Korean women go under the knife!

I read years ago that a study in the UK found that in UK workplaces, women who wear make-up are (on average) better paid than women who don’t wear any make-up!

Like my now late mother, I only use make-up lightly, when at all. Also like my late mother, I never used red or any bright lipsticks, just pink – and I completely stopped using lipstick a long time ago (when in my 20s I think), as I could see no point in my wearing lipstick, and I prefer the natural look, as do members of my family.

Back in my auditing and international corporate troubleshooting days, my wearing only minimal make-up was a non issue (for me, for colleagues, for bosses and for the people I was dealing with professionally).

Reflecting back now, possibly my only ever wearing minimal make-up may have actually been an advantage in the corporate workplace, in that it may have contributed to the fact that I was almost never treated in any way lesser than my male colleagues in consequence of my gender.

The tiny number of dinosaur misogynistic males that I encountered in the corporate work-place were far more than compensated for by the men who recognised my ability and actively encouraged and championed me.

In one American multinational company, where I worked in the UK HQ of their international corporate audit team, I was the only woman in the department (other than the extremely competent and delightful secretary), and in the history of the department, I was the only member of the department to be invited to work in the company’s worldwide HQ in the US. The invitation was considered a great honour, but I declined it, as I was not prepared to move to the US to live.

I undertook my three accountancy qualifications in Australia as a young woman, and back then there were few women in the accountancy profession, either in Australia or the UK.

On one accountancy course, I was the only female in my year for all three years. On another of the accountancy courses I undertook, only 10% of students in the faculty were female, and none of the faculty staff members were female. On another of the accountancy courses I undertook (yes, I am a bit of a course junky, forever taking courses in all sorts of things!), I think the figure must have been less than 10% female (perhaps circa 5%), though I never heard or saw any statistics for that course – that was the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia’s own course, which was a post-graduate course.

In the firm of chartered accountants that I worked for in Perth, Australia, before moving to the UK, I was the first lady accountant that the firm had ever employed, so there were no guidelines or precedents for me to follow regarding workplace appearance (make-up, clothing, jewellery, hairstyle)! Accordingly, I made up my own rules. On any occasion where I felt in need of a second opinion, such as whether a particularly nice designer denim shirt dress was  suitable for the office, I used my mother as a sounding board. One of the secretaries (female!)  had seen it in a bag at the office after I purchased it that lunchtime, and said to me that I could   not wear denim to work, the partners of the firm would not allow it. As it was a particularly beautiful designer shirt dress, made from top quality cotton, with a smart business-like cut,  my mother said to me that she thought the secretary was just jealous of the dress, and that the partners would have no problem with it. My mother was right. I looked very smart and business-like in the dress, and there were no complaints.

I always felt sorry for all the men in the accountancy profession having to wear drab suits to work, while I was free to wear clothes that were were suited to the weather, such as light cotton dresses and sandals in summer.

In Perth back then, there was a convention that in summer, male chartered accountants could dress down, and, instead of wearing a business suit, they could wear smart dress shorts (which came to a bit above the knee), with a smart shirt, tie, smart knee socks and smart leather shoes, if they were visiting a client’s office and knew (for certain!) that the client would be wearing dress shorts rather than a suit in their office.

Accordingly, when the weather was particularly hot, my colleagues in Perth would have to engage in surreal discreet conversations with clients (who were invariably men) about what they would be wearing the following day, while I happily wore smart cotton dresses – or skirts and blouses – with sandals, that were perfectly suited to the hot weather.

When I moved to England and worked for KPMG (then known as Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co), there were a few other women in the office, but no guidelines were ever given or even hinted at. It was a subject that was not ever discussed; we each independently chose business-like clothing that was suited to the weather. In winter, as it can get very cold in England, I would wear smart tweed woolen skirts in winter, with matching smart cardigans, white blouses and a colourful designer silk scarf, and smart, knee high ladies leather boots. In summer, I would wear smart cotton dresses and sandals, as I had in Australia.

Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co (now KPMG) were at the time the number 1 firm of chartered accountants in the world (in terms of both worldwide revenue and prestige – the Queen being their most famous client) and there was a rigid dress code for the men; a black or grey business suit (never any other colour, other than possibly a very occasional dark navy!), with pin strips being favoured. The suit was always teamed with a white shirt, business-like tie, dark socks and black leather shoes. The bowler hat had been jettisoned before I arrived in England, thank

On one occasion while I was working for the firm, I heard that an article clerk working for the firm, a very nice young Chinese fellow with excellent dress sense, was pulled aside and ticked off for having the temerity to wear to work a very smart jacket and a pair of very smart trousers, with a white shirt and a tie. He looked exceptionally smartly dressed, and to my eyes looked perfectly professional, but his crime was that his very smart jacket and very smart trousers did not constitute a business suit! That reinforced my view of the unfairness of the double-standards in operation within the accountancy profession, regarding attire, with women being given hugely preferential treatment.

One time I went to a new client of Peat Marwick Mitchell, to flowchart the operations in his business (document flows, controls, procedures . . .), and the client expressed himself astonished that I was a lady auditor. He was perfectly polite, respectful and cooperaive, but he explained to me that not only had he never before encountered a lady auditor, he had never even been aware of the existence of lady auditors, and had assumed that it was a male-only profession! LOL! He was awed rather than misogynistic, bless him!

A while ago, KPMG suggested doing a write-up on me (as an Alumni doing unusual things) in their in-house magazine. I will probably agree to this at some point, and tie the article in with the launch  of one of my books. IF all goes to plan [and I am very conscious of the saying “The best laid plans of mice and men . . .!], I am hoping to have two of my books completed and ready for publication next year, and another one completed and ready for publication either at the end of next year or some time during 2020. All being well, I anticipate a stream of books being completed by me and published in the next few years, on a variety of subjects.

How times have changed – these days when I attend events that KPMG invite me to, there are numerous other women present as professionals, ie., accountants, IT specialists etc.! This reminds me that there is an email in my intray today from KPMG, awaiting my attention.

Trails in the sky are not what they seem


The videos and material exposing these dreadful poisonous contrails get better and better. Most of us have seen these persistent trials after planes have passed and may have wondered what they are.  It is my business to know about such things but I do realise there are those who may not have joined the dots and realised what is going on.  Please watch this film, it is not long, and it will be an eye opener to you.

After many days of sweat, toil, sleepless nights  my toil with the website I was developing is coming to an end. Let no one tell you that building sites is easy. The formula may be simple but what you need probably does not exactly fit in with what you are offered in terms of templates, even with plug-ins to choose from.  It does require imagination, experience and hard work and taking a few hard knocks where you think nothing is going to go right by the designated date.

When I think that I recently I had engaged someone in Romania to do this software writing job in a day or so it was quite clear that both myself and the person who offered to do the site was naive in the extreme. In future I will allow twice the time I think I need, or want to believe I need, and get a better result.   It really is the difference between chalk and cheese were there you get on well with someone, or whether they are doing the job mechanically without any interest in it apart from earning money.


Weekend summary – California fires – damming testimony


It is one of the benefits of having visitors that you revisit places that you have been to before but see it with new eyes. We took our visitors to one of our favourite restaurants and was greeted by the affable proprietor, Paul, who puts his heart and soul into the business and I honestly believe that the vibrations going to the walls because there are some places that are eating establishments with no atmosphere, and there are other places where you feel welcome when you walk in the door and this was one of those. This was a day when we celebrated the new Beaujolais.  The four of us then went to visit a wood, a delightful unspoilt place which had been bought by a group of people determined to save it.

I’m currently troubled by a bloating feeling in my stomach. As I get older, my body is less forgiving of me throwing food and drink at it in any order. I’m going to have to stop acting like a teenager and take far more care with my food. There is no actual pain in the stomach or tender areas but just the discomfort of the bloating. Samuel Pepys, my exemplar for writing this diary, suffered far more than I did whether it was diseases of his own making if I can tactfully put it that way but he found the strength to go on so he is in this sense a good example.

I don’t want to run to the doctor every ten minutes so a regime of self discipline and moderation will be the theme for the next period.

I am currently preoccupied by my preparation for working on a membership based networking website. The person who I look to to give me encouragement is being very difficult to get hold of in terms of responding to text messages and emails. There may be a good explanation but I realise that although I’m basically a self-sufficient person, I do need encouragement from time to time otherwise I tend to fear the worst. Probably a little bit of paranoia and impatience thrown in. It doesn’t help very much.

I continue to be disgusted by the obvious fraudulent nature of fires in Northern California.   Rows of houses suddenly catching fire and the temperatures involved were twice the normal levels  in a wood based fire. In case you don’t believe me, have a look at a video of one of my sites I subscribe to.

….Scientific papers exist on the use of electrical fields for combustion synthesis in metals and there’s no doubt that focused microwaves or masers are used in DEWs. When you apply microwaves to metals, the oxygen released functions as an accelerant to feed a fire in what’s called “microwave-assisted combustion synthesis”. Significantly, you can’t do this with trees because there’s no metal in trees to create the oxidizing agent to fuel a self-sustaining fire.
Douglas Gabriel interviews Robert Otey, who barely survived the November 6th Camp Fire with his three dogs in the fire near Paradise, CA and whose harrowing video and descriptions of his escape are shared here. Many of his neighbors didn’t make it……

A day of little activity – printers


An interesting couple of days. I’ve been working very hard getting a new website up and running but realised that I was doing things in the wrong order. I was making assumptions about my client group, the people who I hope will use my service, and I’ve decided that instead of aiming to have a full working website in the hope of dazzling people, to get people’s permission and their views before proceeding further.

This may be a bit obvious but I do very much tend to get caught up in great enthusiasm thinking that surely everyone must find my idea attractive when in fact there are a myriad factors which may prevent take off of my idea. It may be for example that the timing is wrong.   I have been pressurizing my good friend Terry who is very good at WordPress but I’ve decided now we take it easy and so I give myself a couple of extra weeks to think about things until the key meeting which takes place on the 2nd of December.

As I’ve taken the pressure of myself, there is a strange calm and almost a vacuum and I found myself wandering around like an unemployed person. However, relatives are here and this is a good time to sit and veg out in front of the TV.

After four years, my all in one printer has come to the end of its life. It complains about non-existent paper jams, busily prints something and doesn’t actually make marks on the paper, and is generally unreliable. I think I paid all of £75 for it so I’ve had reasonable value for money. I have looked around for and selected another printer for the princely sum of £29. Part of the reason for the low price is that it is not wireless. It is well known that the printers are sold at rock bottom price because the customer is bound in to spending money on inks.  It is unwise to buy a printer unless you check how much the inks are. For example if you have to pay £25 for a set of inks or say £15 for one large black one, you may want to look around and find a printer model that offers a better price.   The one I have found offers a set of 5 printer cartridges for about £10.

A pleasant breakfast amidst the aftermath of Armistice Day


So for once, I felt like going out for breakfast. We are preparing for the arrival of my sister and brother-in-law to stay for a few days and Francoise is in the kitchen making bread so I’ve decided to go off to The Hub which is a little restaurant come library comes social club in the middle of Paulton. The emergence as a social club happened organically. Every morning, people congregate, up to a dozen in number, for a chat. These are people of senior age and from what I can gather most of them live on their own. What a delightful and free facility.

I get a good 11 piece breakfast for £5.50 including unlimited coffee which can’t be bad in anyone’s language. Service is variable but I believe they are volunteers so I’m not complaining too much and anyway, free copies of the local papers are available for a quick scoot through.

On my way out I saw the quite respectable commemoration of the end of WWI. This war was caused by an enormous psyops movement started by the Rothschilds, and Cecil Rhodes of South Africa, one of the Rothschild’s great fans. They formed a secret cabal that took over the press in the relevant countries in order to demonize Germany and blame everything on them rather like they’re doing with Russia in today’s world. the USA has started 42 Wars since World War II, and each one was based on a lie. The factors that war makes money and WWI was no exception. My rule of thumb is, if there is money and power involved the relevant news items are either a downright lie or a cover up for a lie

Shambolic Carnival grinds to a halt


Folks I do not often rant and rave to the local paper but in this case the feeling was viscreal. We had our annual Midsomer Norton Carnival.  This is my impression of ‘Disguisted of Tunbridge Wells’.

Although the weather was not very clement, my wife and I decided to go along and support the local Carnival.   The first vehicle made its appearance at a little after 8:15, later than advertised, and then alas it was all downhill from there.   The first float consisted of a van, behind which were number of young girls dancing.  There was then a gap, the first of many as we were to discover.
An ambulance appeared followed by a fire engine followed by a coach from a local coach company.  The Fire Engine turned on its sirens from time to time.  I found the loud sounds in a confined space disturbing and not celebratory (my problem I must admit).  Perhaps they were complaining that they had not moved.
I looked in vain up Silver Street to see if I could spot any more floats.  Eventually, one turned up,  again very slowly followed by another, then another gap.
I went to a coffee shop close to where the library used to be, drank a cup of coffee and decided to push up the High Street to see what the problem was. To give you some idea of how slow the procession was, I overtook the first float.   We walked back down the high street and found a traffic jam.  The people on the float were trying to maintain momentum and I do admire them for that but after staring at the same float jam for 10 minutes I decided that enough was enough and we left – along with a stream of other people.
If there was anyone in charge, it was not evident.   Surely it is common sense that if the first float goes at a snails pace then there is a cumulative effect down the queue is so to speak but why in spite of this were the floats held back? 
After so many years, there should have been enough experience of carnivals to know how to do it properly but after this shambolic performance I fear that the already thinner crowd will be even  more sparse next year.
Such a pity for the good causes and thanks to the many volunteers for their part.

Armistice Day writ large


So it’s about about 10 in the morning.  I switched on the TV knowing that the coverage in the Cenotaph in London would start soon. The BBC are pretty good at ceremonial occasions. They may be biased at politics and give the new World Order people an easy time but this is not the day for that.

A lovely morning with blue sky

In our main street at Midsomer Norton there is a WWI memorial and when we arrived there were about 200 people gathered around and there were the sounds of a band playing. One or two dogs barked a little bit but I found everyone very well behaved including the children who really didn’t have a clue what it was all about.

Home to lunch and then I watch the amazing service in Westminster Abbey, full of Dignity, very well chosen words and music and not too long. This evening we have an example of colourised record of movie film during the First World War.

On my own personal front, I could really relax knowing that my AV friends website is being worked on by someone I know. I discovered how to make a QR code for this site. It enables anyone with a suitable mobile to photograph the site and it comes up immediately on their screen.

As many of you know I am a lover of South Africa so it saddens me to see such videos. I have visited under various auspices this rainbow country 20 times. I doubt if I shall return though I miss it.

Life and death


I came across this video today and have no hesitation in putting it in my diary. It is armistice weekend where such matters are topical to put it mildly.
Near Death Experience. PRIVATE JET CRUSH SURVIVOR. MEETS GOD. Skydiver Mickey Robinson. Heaven & Hell.

On a thoroughly wet Saturday morning – off to Wells. In the precincts of the Cathedral, a chance for the public to ‘plant’ their own poppies.

Curious visitors studying some examples of WW1 causalities.

Back home, and a great feeling of relief knowing that my new website AVpeople.net is in good hands. It is 100x better to meet with the person who is doing the job.

The evenings are drawing in sooner now, so an excuse to light the fire and have a hot soup with toasted bread.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of WW1


We were trying to decide whether to go to the local church service, all Saints in Paulton or go to a talk about Mediterranean plants at the Clutton Garden Society.   I’m very glad we chose the former. It was raining cats and dogs and I in my pessimism I expected  to see about half a dozen people but I found a church full of people.  We arrived 10 minutes early but were one of the last and had to find seats at the back.

It was not a church service as such but a celebration of the Spirit of WWI, the singing of many well-known songs, ” pack up your troubles in your old kit bag” and such like.    There was dancing,  a nod to the contribution of America and France, and a very jolly occasion but at the same time I minutes silence to commemorate the dead.  There followed poems and stories.

I noticed that one man in his 80s was overcome with emotion and left a church at a critical time coughing and spluttering. I wonder how many unresolved emotional memories there are lurking around people of a certain age.

There is no question, the community at least in our part of the world is alive and kicking.  As I may have mentioned, our vicar who recently left was not as popular as I thought.  Only 12 people are going to his new parish to see his inauguration.  When he first came to the church 16 years ago he pronounced that he didn’t like old people He did not see them as talented and creative individuals who had made a big contribution.

One qualified professional person said that he was suffering from Aspergers Syndrome.  That would explain why the mood at the coffee last Tuesday was so good, people are relieved to see him go.  I said to one congregant that when he wore dark glasses he reminded me of Dracula and she said that gave her shivers up her spine.  Anyway some people love him so hey who are we to judge?

Such were my thoughts as we departed to the car on a rainy and windswept evening.

Grand tidying up day


This is one of those rare days when I have nothing to do, nor do I have any drive to do anything in particular. However, there is something that inexorably beckons. There is no question, the clutter in my bungalow has been getting greater and greater and today was the day that I chose to go through everything in my bulging cupboards and drawers and weed out those things that I do not need. There is no doubt about it, I find it very difficult to throw anything away on the grounds that I might need it some time. However I do draw the line at something that has no use because my lifestyle has changed, that no longer works and would cost too much time and effort to get it working, or something that is a duplicate or in the wrong place i.e. should be taken to the recycle.

I have divided my retained possessions into two parts. I have thrown away those the day will not want and I have put to the side things that I might want and I have put to the front things that I will use if not on a daily but a weekly basis. I find the whole thing quite disturbing but therapeutic at the same time. This morning I have reduced 5 shelves of clutter to 1 1/2 shelves and I’m now preparing myself to go through a lot of redundant paperwork going back years and throwing out what I don’t need. The taxman requires 7 years of records but I think that as I’m retired and just do a little bit here and there, the taxman is going to be very bothered with me.

I took a vacuum cleaner and a duster to all the surfaces and I must say the whole room feels a bit brighter. My next goal will be to clear out our very large attic which basically consists of my history, things that I used to do in the past and loved, and it is the same for Francoise. She used to do photography and has lots of lovely equipment going back to the days before digital.


I have been trying without success to find someone to do a decent job  on my WordPress embryonic website which is needed in about 3 weeks time to demonstrate to a conference.  The first person was from Romania and he seemed to have some sort of psychological problem which prevented him from concentrating so he would make vague promises and not keep them, he would disappear for a couple of days doing something else and not tell me, and when I got the first example of his work which was a website or supposed to be a website, it was not functional. I’m in the process of getting a refund. You always take a risk when the communication is impersonal. The guy from Romania thought I was from the United States for some strange reason so this does diminish the likelihood that personal service will be given.

The second time I used PeoplePerHour which is a good service that I’ve used before, but again the guy who promised to come back to me has not done so or has not done the work that I needed fairly urgently. In desperation I rang Terry, who normally services my computer and I found that he does WordPress, having given up on HTML about 10 years ago. I’m due to see him tomorrow so hopefully he will solve the problem. I did think of using Facebook as a type of forum for the professional group but I’m designing the website for but Facebook is so compromised and the algorithms are so insensitively applied that I think Facebook is a dying force now.

We need to get used to the fact that everything we say, write  or do is recorded somewhere. Every single computer has a back door so if people want to spy on us there is nothing to stop them doing so. In addition, if we are in London, we probably get photographed 40 or 50 times a day without even knowing it so I feel the idea of privacy is an illusion.

Forbidden Knowledge is a site that I have been with for many years now. This video which lasts 9:10 sums up the situation in the world as well as any I have seen. Although it was only published 17 Oct 2018 there have been 856,640 views (13:48 8 Nov 2018 +0 GMT). When I had finished viewing, the numbers were  856,714 views.  THAT is viral.  There is an exquisite balance between doom and hope. Enjoy and drink it in.

Arguments and discussions and conflicts


This man I LOVE.  His mind is so clear and he does not take any non-sense. If you have even a fraction of 1:42:13 to listen to this lively contest then think what society would be like if instead of people staring at their mobile phones all the time they actually conversed.


I do not like conflict. I like everyone to work in harmony, understand each other, and achieve a common result. Full stop in the last couple of days I would have had to deal with someone in Romania whom I hired to develop my website. We were supposed to talk on Sunday but he had a problem, evidently and wanted to talk on Monday but since early Monday I’ve heard nothing from him. I have written an email, sent a message and a Skype message and he still does not seem to want to respond. I get very nervous when people maintain silence. It’s absolutely fine if something has happened to them and they cannot proceed for whatever reason which case for goodness sake tell me so I know what to expect.

This chap is about to lose his contract which by UK terms is not a huge amount but by Romanian standards it’s probably quite respectable and he does not appear to understand the most basic the rules of dealing with a client which is that you keep them in the picture. Without any form of contact from his side there’s nothing much I can do except possibly go to get the money that I paid back from my bank but then this would probably cause complications with the intermediary who has presumably paid him some of the money.

One of the reasons I became self-employed over 40 years ago was that I was in control of my own destiny and I may have made a less than brilliant job but at least I have no one but myself to blame when things go wrong. I got quite a good initial impression of this guy but he has not delivered so I’m going to have to give the job to someone else and spend some more money.

The question is, how much ‘benefit of the doubt’ do I give anyone. How am I supposed to know what’s going on in their life? People actually have to tell me.  I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Anyway I will leave the whole thing till later on this evening because I did ask him to speak to me today so if he doesn’t speak then the deal is off and it is as simple as that.

The delights of Winkworth arboretum


The English know how to do their arboretums.  We left our B&B, strangely without saying goodbye to our host of the past 2 days and went off for a breakfast  in Horsham.   There has been so much building work in Horsham that Google Maps have not been able to keep up with them but we found our breakfast place, which had been recommended, in South Street which is in the historical centre of this town.

It was interesting when we went in at about 9:30 on a Sunday morning.  The staff were talking together and instead of greeting us nodded in the direction of the tables and told us to sit down. They then continued chatting.  We received impersonal service but the food was good. It reminded me that many people work a 7 day week and get totally exhausted. In effect, the job is running them and not the other way around. The manageress had very large false eye lashes and from her accent was Italian.

We went on to Winkworth arboretum and had a wonderful walk around. Because the weather was clement there were many people strolling around with their families; I have the urge to get away from screaming children  of whom there were many, but nothing took away from the beauty of the reds, the yellows, the greens, the browns of the trees in full autumnal splendor.

I had set my GPS to do ‘no motorways’ on our way back to Somerset and it obliged us with a wonderful route via the A3, the A303, and then back to Midsomer via Frome  where we filled up with gloriously cheap ASDA petrol (10p/l off normal).

On the way down we passed a fairly non-descript village of Shrewton.  A sign caught my eye ‘coffee and cake served from 12 to 3 Sundays’.  Instinct told me to follow it and we ended up at Shrewton Methodist Church hall. Actually it was a church which doubled as a church hall.

We had lovely cake and coffee. I congratulated the servers, saying that I had never come across a Methodist church, or come to that a church of any denomination, who offered such a service on a Sunday afternoon.  I spoke to a very nice lady who happened to be a minister and said how impressed I was by the atmosphere of the building  and that when I entered, I felt blessed without knowing quite why.   It really cheered me see tables of people talking and speaking together.

In all, the weekend was a great success. The weather was kind to us, but the prices in Horsham were extraordinary. I had a large glass of rose wine and Francoise had a small glass of red wine in an  ordinary pub and the total was £10.50.   Maybe these are London prices but I get spoiled, as being in Somerset we get better value for money. I must say the whole of Horsham reeks of affluence.   We stayed as a guest (AirBNB) in a four bedroom house and the price was £425k so that was quite a mortgage in my estimation. I estimate that if you had to borrow £400k over 25 years the monthly repayment would be around £2,500 p.m.   I can guess where our rental went to.

A day free of EMF effects but not implications


Today I attended a day conference about 5G, smart meters, and asking the question, why is Wi-Fi still allowed in schools. It was at a delightful place called Sedgwick Park House, Horsham, which is an amazing Georgian style pile well away from any electromagnetic signals.

I myself are becoming more and more bothered by these killer radiations and I know you think I may be exaggerating but already, cancer levels are rising in direct proportion to the prevalence of 4G and 5G radiation which is a new type of microwave radiation designed to be universally used for communications, for example to enable the download a DVD in 3 seconds. That’s what they say to the public, but in fact it is used to SPY on any activity in the homes. It get worse than that but I want you to continue reading this diary.  The price we all have to pay however is that your whole body is radiated.

I’m just going to give a summary of some of the points and meanwhile as a participant I’m so glad that the whole day will be on a DVD so I can study the whole thing in depth. There is no way anyone can write fast enough to record all the points.  Although the sun in our solar system gives out 100 times as much radiation as mobile phones the main difference is that signal sent out by an antenna is polarized in other words they either go up and down or side to side and this means that they have a far greater penetrating effect than generalized sunlight for example which is unpolarised.

5G will cause not only the biology of humans to suffer, but also plants, trees and insects. I was just reading in the paper about an experiment in The Hague, Holland where after a new 5G antenna was installed, hundreds of birds simply fell down dead. Neither us nor animals have any defence against microwaves; I do recall a rather grizzly experiment in Israel where they had developed a microwave weapon which they tuned in or pointed towards a bus full of people and turned it on full volume so to speak. The result was that rather like being in a microwave oven, everybody perished as the water in them was evaporated. They all died of course but the experiment was considered to be a success.

Because microwaving removes the water from people, there is a technical term but let’s call it aquatic damage, the two parts of the body particularly vulnerable to this are the eyes and the kidneys so it is quite likely that if and when 5G comes on to a street near you we will see an increase in blindness and in renal failure. This is going to happen worldwide and it is quite amazing, you could call it a supreme act of folly, that the corporations are so fixed on profit that they don’t realise that the very 5G they’re going to make so much money from will also kill them.

Classification of damage: If the DNA is affected then cancer is a probable result. If there is cell death then degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons or Alzheimers is a proabability.

Smart meters are bad enough because they pulse information about everything going on in the house every 20 seconds and if you are unlucky enough to have one the other side of the wall you will suffer from nosebleeds, sleeplessness, headaches, and a variety of other opportunistic diseases. If anyone approaches you on the phone and tells you you have to have a smart Meter, this is completely untrue, a complete lie, because they want to get the necessary sales figures. They will tell you anything they can think of e.g. your meter is redundant. However, once the smart meter is installed, they can switch it on and off at any time, in effect control your household use. They can also charge more at key times of the day for example between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

I won’t drone on about this forever but if you want more information, visit the relevant pages on my site, 5 g exposed.com, or visit stop smart meters UK. org.uk

Professor Martin Powell PhD was the most pessimistic of all the speakers and felt that within between 5 and 7 years, there will be a crash and burn threat to combined brain function in other words communication, a crash and burn to the reproductive systems of people and finally a crash and burn to the gene pool of DNA.

I just wonder how long it will take before people wake up to this terminal disaster for human beings. This puts tobacco and asbestos in the shade.

If anyone has a smart meter or uses their mobile phone, you can minimise the deleterious effects by first of all not allowing a smart meter in  to the house in the first place and if you have one, getting it removed which you can do by writing the correct letter. Remember, smart meter radiations amount to an assault.

To mobile phone users, keep your phone as far away from you as possible and never sleep with it in the same room because at night, the body is far more vulnerable to the waves coming from the phone. The phone makes periodic attempts to reach the transmitting station and the further you are away from the station the more the power the phone has to use and therefore the more the potential damage to the biological system. If you can possibly use wired instead of Wi-Fi internet that will be great. But then this is available on the Internet. Anyone who wants to read can just type in the relevant terms e.g. smart meter damage.  My site is the largest on the planet for such things in terms of information from many sources. It’s even better than Google because Google’s algorithms have a nasty way of hiding information they don’t want you to see, in other words, false news or so-called false news.

The lectures themselves were very interesting but what really disturbed me was the behaviour of the conference chairman who had no idea how to chair. His time keeping was hopeless. The first ’40 minute’ lecture ran for an hour and so there were no time for questions.  He had not helped his cause  by saying ” my name is Stuart, that’s all you need to know”. Because the subject matter is difficult and anxiety making it is more important that the chairman plays a key role in maintaining the morale and the shape of the meeting.  Stuart clearly regarded us as a bit of a nuisance because he said ‘I don’t want to waste my energy coming round gathering people together after the breaks’ I thought this was really rude. I decided to keep my mouth shut because I don’t think it would have achieved anything but I spoke to a colleague afterwards saying that I think this chap is better off not doing chairman type work. I was told that he was ‘a very nice chap actually, but sometimes the words come out the wrong way. That must be the understatement of the year.

What a lovely idea to combine an optician and a cafe. The centre of Horsham.
A sign by the sandwich bar in Waitroses.

We left in the dark about 6 pm and went off to Horsham to try and find a place that could serve us some food. Everywhere was full, full to bursting, so we ended up buying some soup, olives, bread and bits and pieces and we had them at our B&B. It is easy to spend a fortune on a Saturday night or any night come to that. A meal out for two would have been about £40 and we were already eating into our budget (no pun intended) quite substantially.

After many years a visit to Wisley RHS garden

lovely fresh new wood for this run-off from an allotment shed.
In the extensive shop, a fine show of matching crockery
This looks suspiciously like a chem-trail.

Wisley.   My goodness, this Wisley is an ever-growing multi-million-pound venture,  the Crown Jewel of the Royal Horticultural Society. Since I visited about 6 years ago I think buildings have been demolished, normally because they were no longer fit for purpose, and new buildings are springing up  and there are plans for others. There is no satisfying the public interest in this amazing facility and it will go from strength to strength I am sure. Apples given away to encourage us to try new varieties.

Retro View of Glastonbury – historic pictures + Samhain


We all sit round the fire prior and during the celebration (always midday) and share in the sort of atmosphere that I wish would manifest everywhere.

The officient was guiding us to breathe in and out meaningfully, go within and eliminate all unworthy material (much more than that, but that’s all I remember). The Festival, Samhain, commemorates in the Pagan year. Samhain is known by most folks as Halloween, but for many modern Pagans it’s considered a Sabbat to honor the ancestors who came before us, marking the dark time of the year. It’s a good time to contact the spirit world with a seance, because it’s the time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest.

A person involved in their own thoughts.

In the high street, Bagpipes

A lion made of amazing wood sections.

Outside the Parish Church. Quite an innovatory event.

Outside a B and B

the early days of the Glastonbury Festival

We left at about 3.30 wanting to get home before dusk.

On arriving at home we found a thrush sitting on the ground and breathing hard.  We held it and it expired before our eyes.

A lovely day marred by occasional rain but who cares.

Guide Dog training – another eye appointment


Today I went to my coffee morning at my local church, Holy Trinity in Paulton. The vicar had left for another parish the previous Monday. In spite of this or perhaps because of this, the place was full and about 20 people turned up. Maybe they felt in the absence of a vicar the need for mutual self-assurance among our small but dedicated congregation.

We had a long chat about holidays, especially Shearing holidays, which we use frequently for bargain weekends. We are going to Exmouth in December and will get 3 nights bed breakfast and evening meal plus four drinks on a Saturday for £99 per person which we think is more than reasonable.

Anyway, at the coffee morning I met a woman who is a guide dog trainer. Guide dogs can be fully trained by the age of 3 but the training is in two stages, first order to make sure that they are are of the right temperament to be a guide of blind people and secondly to refine the training and ensure the dog reaches the necessary standard. I was told that some dogs although they’re the right breed simply do not want to do the work or are better at some aspects than others and the dog is evaluated on a monthly basis so you have to be pretty good to become a trainer. The life of a trained dog can be long or short. They can go on until the age of nine depending on the difficulty of duties but eventually rheumatism and illness get the better of them.

I rather like these coffee mornings held as they are in the back of the church in very humble surroundings, unsophisticated you might say, but there is all the warmth and comradeship that you could wish for and I’m reminded that within maybe a square mile there are people sitting on their own who would just love to have the company but do not know of the existence of this group or do not have the courage to come along and give it a go.

Off we went to Bath and I went to my eye appointment while Francoise went off to do the shops. This must be my 20th appointment. The vision in my right eye is perfect but the vision in my left eye is somewhat lacking but it is stable so this time I did not have to have an injection in the eye and it is worth mentioning for anyone who hasn’t had this done before is that it is not a painful operation. I just feel a little tiny pin prick in the eye and that’s it. Macular precludes central vision details but you can see peripherally perfectly well.

I enjoyed the usual varying picture collection along the corridors of the Bath United Hospital and as I’ve said before, anyone can go and have a look. You don’t have to be a patient, you can have a meal in the dining room with everyone else, the patient’s, friends and staff. No one bothers or checks. And then, an educational informational service announcement.

I always remember to look at the images before I go into the eye examination because they put drops in that stop the eye focusing and it is very difficult to see any detail never mind look into the sun because the eye is temporarily paralyzed from its duties

I took the number 4 bus to the centre of bath and decided to go with Francoise to buy some shoes. It is a very rare thing for me to buy any item of clothing, I just can’t get up the enthusiasm. So long as I warm and comfortable and don’t frighten small children I tend not to worry. On this occasion we went to Millet’s which is a specialist outdoor activity shop. I was very impressed by the salesperson James, who knew footwear intimately, what to look for, how to buy the right size and he mentioned all sorts of details and subtleties that impressed me very much. He had evidently completed the 10 Peaks examination in Dartmoor and was obviously very physically fit. Because he was so good at his subject and so knowledgeable I trusted what he said and spent more money than I would have expected on a pair of shoes but they fit beautifully, in fact they fit like a glove. PS You  get 15% off if you are a member of the National Trust.

Today is the day when I expected the completion of the software development for my website AVpeople.net. The man who is doing lives in Romania or is it Croatia I can’t remember. He promised to finish it today but was ‘having difficulties’. I think it must be very difficult to rely on or should I say trust someone you’ve never met but I did pay him most of what he asked with the agreement of the balance would be paid on satisfactory completion and having loaded the files onto my server. The answer here is to be firm and fair and not exploit people because this Middle Eastern country has more financial difficulties than we are and people are probably struggling so we need not to be smug about this. As I write, I have heard nothing.

Tomorrow we go off to Glastonbury for the ceremony of Samhain which is part of the pagan year. We sit around Chalice Well and meditate; this year’s meditation will be about half an hour for some reason. In any event we enjoy going to Glastonbury, though I would never live there, it is my scene but it isn’t. I think some of the people are a little bit too far out; I rather impolitely call them space cadets, but I love going to the Goddess Centre and the wonderful woman who work there.

Today the day was sunny though cold. I hope that the goldfish in my newly renovated pond will find something to eat. It is interesting how quickly and ecosystem creates itself and becomes the means to support many types of creature

A thoughtful Sunday – the Voice of God within us?


Guess what. Halloween is just round the corner. I thought these local examples were very imaginative.

We do have a certain penchant for stuffed animals. This is our fawn, who keeps guard on our house security whilst we are away, along with our         giraffe who assists. We also have George, a hedgehog, who supervises matters in the kitchen and also keeps a watch out for mice, should they ever appear. In the garden we have Lola and Lolette, two sheep who try to keep the grass from growing too long, but have to be assisted by the lawn mower from time to time.


I love these small articles in the paper. This one was in The ‘I’
Could you come back to rob me later?
A Belgian store owner foiled an armed robbery by telling the would-be thieves to return later when there would be more money in the till. The gang duly complied, only to be arrested by waiting police. I could see I wasn’t dealing with geniuses, said the owner of Charleroi E-cigarette dealer Didier.


I have a history of thinking up ideas which are either too far ahead of their time or require More Money More expertise than I have. I think I’m about to embark on a certain exception. I belong to a group of people who run conferences from time to time and what is lacking is the ‘after sales service’. In other words people enjoy the environment of the conference where their difference from the blue pill people can be understood not ridiculed. They then go back to their normal life and find themselves like a fish out of water.

As one piece of coal cannot make a fire so it is very difficult to maintain our interest and enthusiasm in ideas without the support of other people. This is particularly true when we have a partner who is not on our wavelength. If we couple this with the fact that the average British person is rather standoffish and does not share their feelings and knowledge instinctively plus the fact that people don’t want to bother others with what they consider to be their own problems, you don’t have a very good recipe for networking. This therefore requires a stimulus or a catalyst of a framework or format in which people can feel comfortable to express themselves.

The thing I enjoy doing most of all is starting ventures. I have built-in ‘spiritual midwife’ software which fires into action almost every day in one  form or another. The problem is, finding people on my wavelength that will immediately get what I’m about. Hopefully in this situation it will be not too difficult. I hope to launch the venture on the 2nd of December and meanwhile I’m trying to find the right software person probably having to go to Pakistan or India. Western prices can be in the thousands though there are always exceptions.  I know exactly what I want and it’s a question of explaining this across the cultures which is more difficult than you might think. A person can speak English but whether they ‘think’ in English is another question. Anyway, that’s all part of the fun.


On the other hand (there is always another hand). In case you think that the world is not as it seems then you are right. This is the world in which I live. This video is about ‘free will’ and does not make pleasant viewing but my belief is that its ‘better to know than not to know’. This may provide some sort of protection against the horrors that may come.  This video is called Voice of God Weapon, Synthetic Telepathy, Cybernetic Hive Minds MK Ultra. It lasts 49:11. Note the unclear voice of the male actor on the film clip.

If you want to know about the background of the background, if you can bear it, check out this video. 44:45 Attack on Humanity explained by Dr Edward Spencer.

A visit to Bristol art galleries



The image is by Rosalind Robinson ‘Where he leads, the past will follow’. See below for more.

We parked our car at Farrington Gurney as per usual and took the direct bus to Bristol, the 376, which avoids the burgeoning parking problems, endless roadworks  and to us oldies it is FREE.

Off to see a friend at the Andellie Art Gallery in Christmas Steps, Bristol then to The Royal Western Art Gallery  for their 166th Annual Open Exhibition. It is open 7 Oct – 25 Nov 2018 and is free.  This is a pictorial record of my favourites. I saw the first one on my way in on the bus. Much amusement since typefaces is one of my ‘things’.

Interesting how the frame was painted over I am missing some empathy here. A strange mechanical machine for drawing symmetrical figures.

We went to the City Museum but there was little of interest save an exhibition of Japanese art. To the bus station and caught the 17.10 to home. On the bus opposite me was a very irritating lady who insisted on having a long loud conversation on her phone about office politics. I told her to shut up – twice – before she grudgingly closed the phone. It did not occur to her that others were not interested in her wretched complaints.

Never mind we had a good day including lunch at the ever enticing buffet COSMO.



An AgeUK walk in Camerton


Those of us who spend a lot of time driving along roads forget that the countryside is for the most part unspoilt and almost mediaeval in parts.  It is easy to forget that you’re in the 21st century. Age UK have some very knowledgeable and caring volunteers who do a lot of research to make sure we get taken along beautiful tracks and byways, avoiding the roads as much as possible. This is a pictorial record of the walk. A bridge for a disused railway track on an obscure branch line


An arty day in Wells, Somerset


What is this video I hear you ask. There was a very special modern art exhibition in the buildings of Wells Cathedral. This is about the life history of two people, one of whom had multiple sclerosis. It runs for little over six minutes but I found it compulsive viewing.  APOLOGIES for the wobble but I could not keep my hands still whilst holding out my arms.  NB The way to watch it is to increase your screen size then you can read the text along the bottom.

An amazing bowl with an almost 3D impression inside.  It has to be seen (Closes end October 2018).    A detail, below. I have never seen a porcelain fried egg before.

We moved away from the Art Exhibition to the grounds where we enjoyed the peaceful and relatively microwave free area but there is no getting away from it. We found one area by the apple tree, image below, which was particularly peaceful and it made us think that at some point would like to buy or rent some land as a refuge from the electromagnetic soup that we all have to suffer.

This was another fruit tree, crab apples I think against the background of the castle and moat. A group of tourists being shown around the grounds.

Some statues with family themes.

Always a pleasure to see the pure clear water arising from the spring.

This next image is from a coffee shop adjacent to the market place where coffees are available for £1. I am not sure why they put a cockroach on the bread even though it was a plastic one.

We visited another exhibition of booking binding or should I say books unbound. They included many quotes by Rumi including the one below which shows the immense elevation of his thinking. A thoroughly elevating day altogether. We ended up buy buying some first class olive oil for £22 a bottle. We are going big time for quality and we chose this to add to our salads (not for cooking at this price).

And so to home.

Annual General Meetings


Annual General Meetings are in general boring affairs so I do my best to liven them up a bit. We had about 35 people and when they had gathered together before the meeting started I got the new people, the people who had joined our motley allotment crew since the last AGM, to introduce themselves. It’s not nice sitting in a meeting when you don’t know anyone so it’s much better to break the ice before things start.

We went through the meeting at a speed of knots I finished the whole thing in 30 minutes. We actually had some one volunteer to be on a committee, stun horror shock, and someone offered to be treasurer.

Andy our treasurer bought copious supplies of wine and cheese, and several bottles of wine. I think much more useful work is done during these social post sessions then at the meeting though the meeting is an important time to get things agreed and at least educing the appearance of people being satisfied. We had no one complain about anything except plot holders allowing branches to go over the pathway making it difficult to walk up and down.

I got a vote of thanks for my job as chairman and people seem quite happy to let me carry on for some reason. Being asked to go on a committee is somewhat akin to being given a parking ticket but committees are or can be fun provided you keep politics out of the way.


The power of example


Guys I love this statement / mission statement from a CEO of Walmart, quite exceptional in my view. I would like to quote it in full

“Stay humble”, said Greg Wasson (pictured).

When he started out as a pharmacy intern at Walgreens in 1980, Greg Wasson never imagined he’d one day become the CEO of the whole company.

But, over the years, the Indiana native climbed the managerial ladder. Ultimately, he became CEO of the $80 billion company in 2009.

“When I became the CEO, I never thought of myself as the CEO of Walgreens,” he told Business Insider. “I thought of myself as Greg, who happens to be the CEO of Walgreens.”

Throughout his rise, he said he strived to stay “grounded” and cultivate a leadership style based on “confident humility and humble confidence.” As a leader, Wasson said his goal is to boost his team, not himself.

“Leaders who can remain grounded and continue to have some humility but at the same time confidently lead have the right balance,” he said.

“There were may times where I had to make hard decisions,” Wasson said. “Those were the times I needed employees to have confidence in me. The best way to accomplish that is to communicate in a transparent and humble style, yet with real determination.”

He has a gesture from his father to thank for his leadership style. At the start of Wasson’s career, his father handed him his business card.

“He’d written on the back, ‘Greg, always stay humble,'” Wasson said. “I always kept that in my wallet and pull it out every once in a while.”

Wasson still has his father’s business card tucked in his wallet. He said he’s always tried to mirror his own leadership style off of the lesson he learned from his father.

“People want a leader who is down to earth and whom they can relate to, but also have confidence in,” Wasson said. “Said another way, they want to be both proud of, and confident in, their leader.”

Wasson stayed on at Walgreens until the retail chain completed a merger with Boots Alliance in 2014. He now runs investment office Wasson Enterprise with his family.

“I always told my folks, ‘I’m not that special myself or individually, but collectively we’re brilliant, and if we all work together and leverage each other’s talents we could be incredibly talented,'” Wasson said.

I wonder why so many people allow power and money to go to their heads. When is enough money enough money  e.g. $24M in bonuses when workers are on the minimum wage?   I think of the owner of Amazon who is the richest person in the world. He has given a small pay rise to his workers. Oh my goodness that must have hurt.

I wish people would think of their example to society not their own pockets. But then especially with USA, greed and lust for power is a bottomless bucket.