Two amazing images

We spent most of the day doing the front garden of a woman of about 85 who was confined to a wheelchair but seemed cheerful enough and bright as a button but forgetful and bit autocratic. She had a live-in helper called Samuel who used to work for the gold mining industry in Ghana but the firm was bought up by a South African conglomerate and everyone was made redundant so he came to the UK. He was trained in agriculture and so was very interested in what I was doing.

Whilst working in the garden, Francoise found an amazing wasps nest, now abandoned, made entirely from what appears to be paper. It is the size of a football and the wondrous subtlety of wasps harvesting paper combined with spittle to make an object of beauty is quite amazing to me.

We returned home to see  an amazing evening sky. I believe rain is due tomorrow.

I don’t have much more energy to write as I have been adding a lot to my 5G and Smart meter website and listening to a talk by Prof Martin Pall at the same time. He said that microwaves do irreversible damage to the production of sperm and reduces the vitality by 50%. At the present rate the population will be unable to reproduce itself.




Knitted human beings and hopeless publicity

I have come across for the first time the Mother Nature Network and what do I find. Here is a Finnish artist Liisa Hietanen. who goes the extra mile in creating life-like models with a combination of crochet, knitting and embroidery. Read the article here.

I am a member of a smallish affiliation group that organizes conferences and lectures. For reasons that will become obvious, it will remain nameless. The people have organized a series of three talks to take place in Scotland and in London and Somerset. Continuing my theme of  Leaflet design I want to talk little bit about content. The following information should be on it.

  1. The title of the event, what it is, and three or four words if it is not immediately obvious.
  2. Where the event will take place. That may seem superfluous to someone who lives in the Same town or city but not helpful for a stranger especially when there is no postcode.
  3. The starting and ending time. When the doors open.
  4. The speaker or entertainer and his or her qualifications.
  5. What type of refreshments will be provided
  6. the cost, how to get hold of tickets if they are required. Concession rates?
  7. An inquiry or contact number or details in case of confusion.

The problem is that in this case the author or the utterer is so familiar with the subject, and so enthusiastic about it, that minor details are not seen as important. SURELY if I just breathe a word, everyone will drop what they are doing and attend.

The absolute golden rule is:  design the leaflet including the detail. Show it to more than one person who has little knowledge of the subject and ask them if they would come. Listen to their feedback. Listen to things they say they cannot see or understand.  Guaranteed they will always spot something you had not thought of.

We all need to put ourselves in the shoes of those who will attend. One of the talks organised by my group has an advertised running time of 11am to 3pm.  This is most irregular. The conventional times are 10 to 3 or 10 to 4 or 5. 11am is half way through the morning. What happens? People will show up at say 10.50. The talk starts at 11am. Around 12.30 they need a break as they are hungry. If they have not bought sandwiches they will have to go off to the nearest eatery where they will probably  get caught up in conversation. It is no good the organiser saying ‘be back in half an hour’. I would be surprised if the meeting will restart before 1.45.

So you have instead of the four hours advertised, the speaker has 2.5 hours to deliver the message. If you are going to have a continuous session the least you need are refreshments and light finger food.  To make it worse, the high-powered speaking event is on a bank holiday Monday and if the weather is good it is most unlikely that people will want to attend any event indoors.

I am fairly well known in the group as a sometime curmudgeonly and analytical person. I do not particularly want to add to this reputation by pointing out the many mistakes that the organizer has made. In a way, it is not my business. I’m just one of the group, not an executive member, and I have never been asked for my opinion. My decision is that I will just keep quiet and let people learn their lessons.

In other words, I shall keep mum.

The word mum is one of the few that we can say for certain are onomatopoeic, which imitate or echo some sound. The sound in this case is the inarticulate murmur ‘mmmmm’, the only noise one can make when one’s mouth is kept firmly shut. The word has been recorded in English from the fourteenth century in various spellings but settled to its modern form in the sixteenth century.

A quiet birthday for my wife

This brings the general topic of ‘celebrating’ birthdays and other important occasions. Today my wife Francoise achieved her xxxth birthday. We celebrated in the morning by picking raspberries in our allotment and then buying a particularly generous portion of salmon which we had with scrambled egg for breakfast.

Normally I get inspiration as to ‘where to go’ but neither myself or Francoise had any inspiration. The National Trust properties are few and far between in Somerset and we have been to them. The Royal Horticultural properties likewise. On a hot day we had no wish to sit in a car for hours on our way to and fro nor to go to Bristol or even Bath for some film or other.

Our decision – have a quiet day. We had our visitor for the previous few days and felt like a rest on our own. We decided to avoid formula meals and go instead to our favourite Bread and Beyond bakery and delicious food servery in Chewton Mendip. I had a delicious home made chicken pie.  If you want lovely tea and cakes, or a quiche and salad, set your GPS to BA3 4LJ. Its on the A37.

Not everything has to be formulated. Some special days can be quietly experienced whilst doing normal things such as pottering around. .

hot weather and mouldy bread

As you may know we love making our own bread but unfortunately it does not do well in the heat and the damp. The hot summer provides ideal conditions for mould which although attractive to the biologist does not make for a positive eating experience.

It is some days since I have put pen to paper.  I saw a very moving scene from my window this morning. A council employee was operating a street cleaner rotary brush machine. He stopped outside my house, got out of his cab, and turned on the Radio Three which is our local classical radio program and there was the most wonderful Beethoven string quartet radiating across the street. He stood there silent for about 2 minutes, turned off the music and resumed his job.

One of the reasons for my lack of activity last weekend was that I had a friend stay. It was a delight to have him for many reasons and one of those was that we didn’t have to go to endless lengths to arrange a bedroom, bring down the bedding etc. He very much likes camping and came complete with camping kit which he immediately assembled in the garden. I showed him where the tea and coffee was, the quirks of the shower in the bathroom, and thus his independence was established.

At the end of the day, I think with friends it’s all about wavelength. In my case it’s a lot about people who have had the red pill versus the people who have taken by default the blue pill (The Matrix-yes?) and are largely unconscious to the real things that are going on in this world. If you want to bore yourself to death, go back over my diaries and have a look at the various headings to see where my disposition lies. It is such a pleasure to be able to speak to someone without having to explain everything. The use of keywords, Masonic hand shakes if you like, instantly puts one in the same ballpark as another person and you don’t have to go back to square one and explain the basics every 5 minutes.

For locals (Somerset) , to whom this itinerary would mean something,  last Saturday we went to Mells, Then the annual open day at Nunney, a very stylish and expensive little village about 12 miles south of Bath, then to a retro reclamation yard somewhat west of Glastonbury. There was a traveling exhibition at Nunney entitled ‘Jesus Laughing and Loving’. I was struck by one of the images, below. We see Jesus’ unsmiling almost serious images all over the place. This one is refreshing and shows him as human (part divine of course).

Finally my wife has grown some lovely sunflowers in our garden.

How not to design a flyer

Oh dear oh dear such good intentions but what a mess.

As my regular readers will have gathered, I am very involved in smart meters and 5G So when I heard there was a talk in Totnes, Devon, I was delighted but when I saw the leaflet I realized it’d been hastily created and ill thought out and unless there is a large and stable group of existing fans the chance of this leaflet pulling people is small.

Let this be a warning to anyone designing anything.

Please take some time to look at it. First of all, when you design a leaflet you think who it is for. There is a rule of thumb out there that if you try to appeal to everyone you appeal to no-one. The wording of the leaflet makes certain assumptions that those outside the field are not aware of so clearly the talk is biased.

The wording was clearly written by an insider who takes public knowledge for granted. To the average member of the public “should we allow its installment” means absolutely nothing. What is to be installed?

I know that Dr. Graham Downing is excellent and Mark steel is a firebrand pursuing his course in true Geordie fashion for which he must be admired but if you are not in the field the names mean nothing.

We are asked to come along and join “us” in the Civic Hall. If you are not from the area where is that supposed to be. Address? Town or City? Who knows.

Oh, and looking at their website, two of the pages are blank and the others barely respectable. First impressions do count, and so do second third and fourth impressions.

£3.50 (concessions welcome) could be read in many ways. Why not try general admittance £4 (50p’s are a nuisance) concessions £3.

Normally a telephone number for enquiries is good. The website is a reiteration of the leaflet and commands no authority.

The most ambiguous element is the imgaery. What has the setting sun – presumably it is the setting sun – got to do with anybody and why are people holding hands. It could mean anything – the end of the world – a pop festival. Why not a picture of a smart meter or an antenna to give some clue to people what it’s all about.

Look, we have all got to start somewhere and I don’t want to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm but in this day and age you have to be up there otherwise your utterance will be dismissed if people don’t ‘get it’ in the first few seconds.

Oh, and you normally print an A5 leaflet portrait not landscape because it’s much more convenient to pin it up to a notice board if it is portrait.

The golden rule is when you have designed your leaflet, show it to people who don’t know anything about the subject and ask them what they think. Would they come. Asking friends is a waste of time because they know you and they will say nice things. The public is a hard nut to crack especially with such controversial subjects.

I don’t think I have seen a leaflet that has made so many fundamental errors which is such a shame since the evening could be good.

Do I make the journey down there? 200 mile return trip and an overnight? Mmmmm.

Also the publicity was started just a couple of weeks before the event so unless miracles occur this is going to suffer from too little attention.


Continuing my theme of D.E.W. directed energy weapons hows this for ‘forces of nature’? This is from California, USA, event 31 July Pub 1 Aug 2018 receiving 16,203 views 24 h later.

comment – one of 612 comments – The California fires were started with directed energy weapons from the Military Industrial Complex. They even burn the homes of some of their own people to avoid becoming suspect. CA is in serious debt and lost priority aid from the FED gov due to sanctuary status (illegal)? They started the fires in order to Declare State of Emergency and requires billions from FED. There were black SUV’s all over California lighting flairs and throwing them at houses to start these fires in addition to the directed energy weapons used.

Gardening – being on TV – delights of not travelling

Today dawned bright and sunny and at just the right temperature. This is the day when we were due to finish a gardening job for a delightful woman of 87 who has endured the loss of two husbands followed by seven years being on her own in each case. She is thinking of moving into a home where she can have the company that she desires.

She complains of loneliness and particularly in the winter months and is quite blunt about it but she is fortunate to have the support from five of her children so she is often entertaining grandchildren and her own children. We had a delightful time making her garden tidy and attractive. It was interesting to note that she originally grumbled about the price I asked, whereupon I had offered a reduction, but when she saw the quality of work we did, she agreed to pay the original price.

Older people should not be underestimated. This lady was an amazing embroiderer and quilter and her bungalow was adorned with brilliant creations that I could only admire. She was an extremely interesting person sharing many memories of times before and during the second world war. In these cases I always ask Françoise to spend some time with them chatting because their need to talking is in a way just as great as the need to have a garden done.

Yesterday we met with someone called Howard who needs his entire garden done, it looks like a wreck at the moment. From his appearance and his medical situation it is unclear as to whether he can afford the price so what I decided to do is determine the normal price, give him a quote and see what he says, then discuss with him what can be done.


Today, at about 1:30 PM, my doorbell rung and there was a reporter from BBC Points West. A few days before, I had complained to the Local Council that someone had been stealing our strawberries. This was picked up by a local reporter from the Bath Echo who in turn put it on a wire service. Maybe since it is August, the silly season, it was picked up by the Daily Telegraph who called me and did a telephone article and later on by BBC Points West. Hence the reporter. We went along to the allotment and she did a couple of interviews with two tenants and myself. With quick editing a video session made at 3pm ended up on the news at 6.40 pm. I suppose that is normal these days what with competition.

After the rain and pestilence of the last few days we are set for more summer with temperatures rising to the 30’s. I can cope. Who needs to travel around in such weather. I don’t want to visit overcrowded coastal resorts, which tend to be overcrowded in this part of the world. If you want somewhere really overcrowded try St. Ives, Cornwall.

Good vs. Evil

The following type of thinking will be familiar to followers of David Icke who for many years has spoken and written about Archons – artificial machine-like beings who seek to take over the planet. This is not new knowledge.

Ghost In The Machine.

“The subconscious is the unseen force they use against us in plain sight. They control your subconscious because nobody has taught you how to control your subconscious. If your not in control of it, then they will be.”

“Like I’ve said many times “they’re turning Earth into their planet.” A low frequency planet that consists of war and suffering. We are a total different species from them we cannot exist on a planet terraformed for them. Look around – we’re all dying of sickness and disease, our children are becoming completely brain damaged robots …wake up humans because we’re running out of time. ”

“The Archons have Terra-formed everything.

Ever hear that you should cure cancer with Chemo-Therapy because you might be the 1 in a million who get’s cured, well sure if you are that 1 Archon out of a million humans. (Ed. – could be more than that)

They are using Chem-Trails to make this planet more hospitable for the Archons.

The Religion of the Archons makes them rich, powerful and wise while our Religions make us stupid, submissive and passive slaves.

Their politics rule the planet, completely in secret, while our politics are nothing but cartoons of puppets with no power.

Their medicine makes them healthy and well, while our medicine makes us sicker and dead and shortens our lives.

Their food (GMOs) make them healthy and thin, while it makes us fat, slow and sick.

Their TV (Sci-fi) is informative while our news consist of cartoons, clowns, lies and humor.

Fluoride makes them strong and smart, while it gives us Alzheimer and makes us stupid and cancer ridden and isolated from our higher selves.

Vaccines makes our children autistic and sick while making them more tasty for a Archons breakfast.

The Hepatitis B Vaccine tags our children only 5 hours (neonates) old with nano-bots, the mark of the beast making them the pets of the Archons.

Cell towers and wifi charges their batteries while making us sick with cancers.

Their advertising has symbolism which makes them wise purchasers, while making us submissive emotional idiots of debt.

Plastics (BPA) makes them sexy, while making our women sterile and turning our men into little girls.

Their schools make them executives, while ours make us barely qualified to serve Archons and fools little girl corpses disguised as Mac Donald’s hamburgers.

Aluminum charges the nano-bots that make us sick, submissive and stupid, making us the servant’s of the Archons.

Our wars make the Archons rich behind the scenes, while our religions justify the murders of each other under the banner of war.


You fools say you want your country back, you want this planet back, you want a better life for your children? Well, then Wake Up and fight with the only vote you have left. YOUR INTELLIGENCE, CREATIVITY, LOVE, EMPATHY AND HOW YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY. Stop financing your own Genocide.”

— Anonymous

“Each individual must be able to overload their consciousness with pure awareness so that any system regulating their mind through artificial consciousness is similarly overloaded.”

“If you support the liberation of humanity, the truth, compassion, increasing self-awareness and the awakening of the collective human soul then you are beginning to break contractual, manufactured agreements with the fallen collective that currently rules this scripted area of time-space.”

“Without your support of the liberation, you are, by default, supporting the total annihilation of your own species unless you choose to knowingly sell your bloodline over to the dark side for protection. And then, you have to recruit or sacrifice human souls or you will be dropped and then it’s just a waiting period until the One True Creator, the over-soul of the ALL will eventually make corrections to Creation and remove all the destructive tendencies and all the fallen, distorted complex beings that are not in harmony with the One True Spiritual Force of Compassionate Self-Awareness. ”

— Aug Tellez

Have a look at The Liberation of Humanity from the Fallen Spiritual Enslavement System.

A rainy Sunday and bad world news

This will be brief and to the point.

Lovely to hear the sound of the pitter- patter of rain as we lay in bed this early morning. So gratefully received by the parched earth and the animals large and small.

I honestly believe that most people haven’t a clue how diabolical the world is becoming.  Gosh I am repeating myself. Another whinge and I will shut up. We see fires appearing all over the place in Greece, in Northern California, to mention but a few places. Already, a few days afterwards, if you care to look at YouTube you will see dozens of videos exhibiting the course of this fire to Directed Energy Weapons. It is known that in US Air Force have applied for 86 patents for world weather control, And there is a very large facility in California, Wilmington if I recall, to develop laserlike weapons to destroy aircraft and missiles. What may not be mentioned is that it can also start fires and change climate. Interfering with the climate is a War Weapon.

If you look carefully at some of the pictures of the Northern Californian fires, the houses themselves have been destroyed while trees surrounding them have not been. Normally, the fire is indiscriminate and burns everything is in its path. One commentator was saying that a house she had witnessed had simply disappeared. Masonry, even porcelain toilets, had just evaporated into nothing. Fire itself cannot do this. Laser weapons on aircraft fire from the sky, creating tens of thousands of degrees, which can evaporate these substances in seconds. One particularly remarkable but brief video showing how a tree has been set alight from inside. Have a look at if you like, it is here.

Most fires start from the outside – yeh?
There are one or two people who might say, they wouldn’t do this would they? The answer is yes they would. If you can exercise yourself to look at Agenda 21 or the New World Order, the plan is for the removal of the human being from large areas of the world, the abolition of religions, the implantation of everyone with microchips or nano particles, a process that has already begun in other words the abolition of free will. 5G if and when it comes will be the means to control our minds and implant thoughts that we will think are our own.

 Lasers from the sky and the California Fires. Fire proof evidence of Directed Energy used in CA Fires. You can SEE the lasers coming down recorded on peoples’ mobiles. Pub 29 July 20187 Added 30 July 2018

As I was saying to someone today, I have been aware that things are not as they seem since 9/11/01 the date of the infamous world trade center collapse or dustification as Dr. Judy Hall named it. Were you aware that 90% of the physical material of the twin towers never even hit the ground. Directed energy was used there also. I realize that such things are depressing but this is the way the world is going, unless, and I think the only way we can survive the horror that is coming is to be aware and knowledgeable. This will mean that when we pass over it will be done with some semblance of dignity.

<rant over>


As if that were not bad enough, the other depressing thing I saw today though it did not start that way, was a YouTube video called Farmlands, which is about the increasing marginalisation of white people in South Africa. It seems all the farms are going to be repossessed without compensation. It appears that large numbers of white people are preparing for a civil war which they feel is inevitable. For what was dubbed the Rainbow Nation this is so sad.  I have visited South Africa 21 times and loved it but like America, I feel that my time is over and apart from the Western Cape, which is relatively safe, I will venture no further in that country. Evidently there are so many massacres on farms that there is an organization called “Blood Sisters” which specializes in clearing up the bloody mess following such massacres which are among the most brutal in the world. For those even remotely interested in South Africa it is a fascinating 1 hour 13 minutes by a very brave reporter who funded her own visit Lauren Southern.

So this is what is going on and the only thing I can think of is to have faith that there is a better world – which we make ourselves here – In preparation for what awaits us when we pass over.

Peace? Joy? Happiness?

I was listening to my favorite radio program, Trans World International, and discussion was on the difference between happiness and joy. My immediate reaction was that happiness is a more immediate phenomenon and perhaps more superficial whereas joy is a background state of mind which is more sublime, less dependent on circumstances and much more stable. It would arise from assurances about the value of and eternality of one’s world view.

When Saints were crucified, they did so in the knowledge that what they were doing was right and went in joy. No one wants to get hurt or killed through happiness. Joy is deeper surely.

As for ‘peace’, I am reminded of Nelson Mandella’s Peace and Reconciliation Committee in South Africa. You can’t have one without the other.  When we say we are ‘at peace’ we have resolved the situation as much as is possible within the human framework. I think of ‘The Peace of God which passes all understanding’. It is definitely not a feature of the left brain but a balance between us homo sapiens and our environment on all levels. You are not ‘at peace’ when you have taken too much Valium because the drug has closed off channels of the mind to give the illusion of stability.

Peace is not the absence of war but an inward sense of completeness or wholeness. The word ‘peace’ is mentioned 429 times in the King James Bible so it must be important.

Do I have peace – difficult one – I think you know the answer to that when you meet a truly peaceful person who radiates that quality. Alas there are very few of those around as we get closer to Armageddon.  Sad eh. I came across this website which some may find helpful at least in clearing away the debris.

Film Review ‘The Bookshop’

I love Bill Nighy, an enigmatic performer who completely melds with his character. The story is about a widow who decides to open a bookshop in a sleepy village and the opposition she meets along the way but also involving a close and understated relationship with the recluse played by Bill.

We watched this film on a boiling hot day together with about 10 other people in the Little Theatre, Bath. What I like most of all was the slow pace of the film where there was not continual dialogue, drama, violence, but we were given the chance to feel our way into the film and identify with the characters or the situation. It reminds me of the ridiculously fast pace of the world and how I ask myself are we supposed to retain our composure in such an environment. The above is more an observation than a review so check out the full one on IMDB.

Owl theme composed of flowers in Bath

At this time of year, Bath is overrun with tourists listening to their guides with varying degrees of attention so we escaped and left for home where I watched a video on the theory that direct energy weapons were responsible for all files that are interestingly and curiously breaking out at the same time with particular reference to the fires in Greece. Before you grumble, a fire does not melt the engine of the car and cause a vehicle to turn up side down. The US Air Force submitted many patents for weather control and planned to have total control of world weather by 2025 and here they are doing it. In case you haven’t realized it, weather is a war weapon. See video.


Prior to that I chose to go for an extra visit to the eye clinic at RUH In part because of extra symptoms I was getting with my left eye. Because I was in a different stream, I was seen by a doctor who was unfamiliar with my case and specialized in glaucoma not macular. His insight was very helpful in that he did not know the details of my case but was more aware of the degenerative processes in general. He explained that if over nearly 3/4 of a century cumulative damage had occurred it could not undo itself; the job was to maintain usability of the eye. I asked him about taking supplements and he said for the outlay it would surely be a good investment.

He told me about a protocol by the name of AREDS II which includes Lutein and Zeaxanthin which I should incorporate and reminded me of using common sense with regard to wearing sun glasses in bright sunshine. All obvious stuff but I need to be reminded.

I had cause to reflect on advice. Two people can say the same thing and on one occasion and not able to take it in and on another occasion I am able to take it. I think it’s the time, the place, the environment, the juncture of your life, the state of receptiveness you’re in at the time all play a part.

The morning after…

20 of us had a pleasant enough time on an almost perfect evening, Tuesday 24th July 2018

This was our first such occasion last evening with about 10 people from our allotments here in Midsomer Norton and 10 visitors from the local garden club plus Richard, one of the counselors for the local town council.

One thing that surprised and disappointed me was the number of plot holders who said they were coming, even the day before, and did not show up. Bearing in mind that we have 65 allotments why is it that most people feel that they did not want to come to a social event. The first thing I can say is that it was a new type of event, not been done before. However, I would say that the novelty value should have increased the interest not decreased it. It was held on a Tuesday which some people would say might be inconvenient. However since was a lovely evening, I assumed that people would come down to the allotments anyway to do watering, so what is the problem? Maybe plain and simple shyness.

It is a certain type of torture for me to know that if they had come, they would have added to the event and made it even more fun than it was. Visitors were given small tours around the allotment by individual allotment holders. People were very generous with the amount of food they brought along. I tried to encourage people to eat but they seem to feel that for the arrival of 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM was the right time to start eating so I settlement in with that and most people had ample amounts of food. As usual, I bought too much drink. We have four bottles of fruit juice left and four bottles of wine which somehow we will have to consume at home.

How would you judge the success of a party or social event? One of the criteria is how long people stay. About half the people drifted off at about 8.15 (it was advertised 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm) and the rest of us hard-core people stayed for another hour or so until the fading light meant that we could hardly see each other. Francoise lit a few lanterns. Mercifully, the midges kept away as the wind was blowing. Everyone thanked us as they left, and I felt that the thanks were heartfelt and not automatic.

Unfortunately for the two or three people who said they would come, and did not, my attitude to them will be somewhat changed and it is a not a good thing for them at plot holders.  They will be in the unfortunate position of not being trusted. If someone says to me three times they are coming and this is not followed up how can I trust them again. I don’t care what excuse they give, it will probably be a lie otherwise they would have phoned beforehand or emailed afterwards.

Reading about the fires in Greece we have nothing to complain about but I noticed that the ground is cracking. Some of the local allotments have no water supply so goodness knows what they do during dry summers. I poured a whole bucket of water down one of the cracks (illustrated) and it disappeared without trace.

I am not sure what good it would do to moan at them in writing or verbally, maybe try another event and see what happens.

Dos and don’ts of being a host

Tomorrow Tuesday, 24 July is a very important day for me because I have invited all and sundry to come along to our allotment to celebrate ostensibly the arrival of two sets of tables given by a client but actually it is an excuse to have a few glasses of wine and exchange gossip.

I have been reflecting on my thought process is and looking at any warranties or concerns or panic. The first thing that comes to mind is that the human being in general is a robust character and will make the best of anything that is presented especially the Brits who have a forgiving nature and do not demand that everything is perfect. This make do and mend mentality is much more prevalent in country areas.

To summarize, not everything needs to be perfect. If you are serving food and the soup is a bit too salty DO NOT apologize for it. If they don’t like your food they can go down the road to a takeaway.  If there are moments of silence when the conversation flags, it will soon start up again. Nature abhors a vacuum.

People who come to this particular event are well known and keen to come, and do so voluntarily. If the party consisted of complete strangers I would have a different attitude to tomorrow’s events where most people  will have something in common and will know most of the other people there. This gets the event off to a flying start so if the host does their job properly the event should look after itself. A few introductions are necessary at the start then off it goes. A bit like lighting a fire really.

It is a great mistake not to delegate and try and do everything yourself. It is another mistake to work yourself into a frenzy by leaving everything until the last moment so you arrive at your own party so to speak in an exhausted state meaning that you have very little energy and focus to give to other people apart from going into robotic mode. Today Monday I shall do everything I possibly can except buying perishable items. I have written to everyone telling them that we will supply good quality wine and cordials and they are expected to bring finger buffet type food. In my first communication with my allotmenteers I did not mention this and people were thus confused so I wrote a letter to everybody this  morning spelling out the terms and conditions. There is nothing worse than arriving at a party or social event to find that everyone else is in fancy dress except you or dressed in a certain degree of formality except you  or expecting you to bring food when you were not told. It is an informal contract to provide services, there is no other way of putting it.

What are the best and worst case scenarios? It is all too easy to imagine the worst, for example torrential rain, or nobody turning out. If that is the case then very little harm is done except to your own ego; some unused food and drink needs to be put in the fridge for a future time, and in the end nothing is wasted.

The best case scenario is everyone having a good time, people meeting others by serendipity and exchanging useful information. English people have this slight standoffishness but if there is something in common, like an interest in gardening, there is very little to in giving them from talking 19 to the dozen. Talking about the weather is the great fallback when English people are concerned.

Yesterday we went along to a sports club with an invitation to take part in a game of Boules (french). The organizer made the mistake of putting the time from 11 AM to 5 PM so no one really knew when to turn up. If there had made a much smaller window, for example two hours, everyone would have shown up near the starting time but as it was the event fizzled after about an hour because people drifted off to lunch or did not turn up in the first place. For such team games, you need a certain minimum number of people for example eight.

In general I make the same recommendations as if I was going anywhere. Make your planning and buy your items the day before and don’t leave anything until the last moment because if you do you can be sure that something unexpected will pop up reducing you to a frazzle.

What to do with people who say they will come and don’t. There is no point in interrogating them because they will come up with an excuse which probably bears very little relationship to the truth. For example, if a person didn’t feel like coming they will tell you that they had a headache or something like that. When people say that something ‘cropped up’ it is normally a lie. Failing to turn up is an unforgivable sin with something like a dinner party even if you phone up an hour before with an excuse whatever it is. Both the telephone call or and the receiver will know perfectly well it is just an excuse. If someone failed to turn up at a dinner party then I would not invite them again because they could have apologized by text message or by telephone. There is no excuse.

I’m not impressed by people who said they “tried” to call. What do you mean ‘try’? Do you mean the phone failed technically? Do you mean you could not lift up the phone because it was too heavy? No, do not lie to your self. You did not esteem the people enough to summon up the good manners to say that you cannot come.

With larger parties, especially when you don’t know the person very well, not turning out is just about acceptable but the more you know people the more you are obligated to make some sort of response if you cannot appear.

So here am I sitting here on a glorious sunny morning, thinking about the 41°C that people in Japan are suffering and being grateful that it is not hotter. I’ve already been to the supermarket to buy the plastic cups and plates and some drink and will complete the process tomorrow. I thought of putting lots of ice in the fridge but I see that at my local branch of Sainsbury’s you can buy a huge bag of ice for 1 pound so I shall take that along, put it in a bucket, and keep the wine cool.


Bristol Harbour Festival – not for me

It must be said that Bristol is very good at putting on shows of all types; music, comedy,  balloon festivals, and the Harbor Festival that has grown to be one of the biggest in the country of its type. We thought we ought to go especially as the weather promised not to be too hot. In the event it was sticky and unpleasant, not by tropical standards for example India, Singapore or Sri Lanka but uncomfortable enough for me to seek the shade.

this custom has spread throughout Europe

Bristol itself is a young and lively town with many trendy pop-up eating establishments, a paradise for young people in my opinion but the problem I had today was the sheer numbers of folk. When you have to walk along a road in slow motion because of the crush,  where you can hardly see what is going on in the water or anywhere else because you cannot get close enough, then it ceases to be fun.

We went along to the gargantuan Za Za Bazaar restaurant which can house 1,000 diners. The noise level was high and I reckon there were about 500 people chomping their way through fairly standard food. Again I found I was unable to sit comfortably and enjoy my food because of the noise level as well as the coming and going. In the process of eating too fast, I suffered from digestion and after I left the restaurant I had to sit down.

Not ideal for a first date
lovely flowers amidst withered grass

Queens Square was devoted to food around the outside and children’s entertainment in the square itself and this is one where we left prematurely because it was physically impossible to walk along in front of the food stalls. I saw one or two other people do the same.

If you look at the whole thing, it was based on a huge number of people selling wares or services of various types, some entertainment in the water for example dog rescuing people and there were one or two old sailing ships punting up and down.

Maybe I’m getting old, but somehow I am fed up with crowds. I have to say that I think it was excellent for children, a wonderful day out for them, plenty of things to see and do and that’s absolutely wonderful because the whole thing was free and parents could relax.

I’m not a depressive type and I don’t think I got depressed today but I got downhearted and alienated from people who were wandering along in their hundreds in a rather alienated state looking for something to get excited about but in all honesty not finding it.

After about four hours I decided that I’d had enough and we made our way to the bus station to catch the wonderful double decker half hourly 376 bus service to Glastonbury and Street. Taking the bus in and out is the only way I can tolerate going to Bristol. We park in Farrington Gurney on the route.


Today I turned down the garden job of some dimension. Fellow gardeners or anyone who is trading their services in one way or another might care to take note. I will not do a job unless I can see my way through from beginning to end. This means being happy with the customer, confident that we can do the job with or without help, and attending to any physical problems such as access.

It is very necessary to take instructions only from one person; in this case the couple clearly did not see eye to eye, and did not have the same attitude to the job. I smell a rat when one partner has to apologize for another.

The second problem was that the job involved a lot of clearing and high summer is not the time to do it. There are certain jobs that are better in autumn and winter when the greenery has died down and the job is much easier to do.

The third problem was the access. The job was in a very narrow road surrounded by old cottages and if you want to get in and out especially with a big Volvo you have to go backwards and forwards a few times.

The fourth problem was the weather. I don’t mind working hard but in 25° all 27° with high humidity it is very discomfiting and every 10 min. or so I have to rest.

I wrote to the customer saying that I could not assist them but I would consider the work in the winter and meanwhile they might want to get other quotes. Okay I was turning down money but I was also avoiding a lot of potential problems and there’s nothing worse than being stuck with a job that you’re not enjoying.




The community – is it dying?

I have had some jolly community-based events this week. The first one was my men’s group in Frome when two young Christian pioneers were telling us how they wanted to help spread the Christian gospel and meet people on their own terms without any form of judgment or preaching. Holy Trinity Church in Frome, so I was told,  has a Friday night caravan which is towed  into the city center and is available for homeless people to Have a chat, a drink of tea or coffee, and the chance to share their problems and situations if they wish.

The caravan arrives at 11 PM on Friday and closes at 1:30 AM. The Vicar, Graham Owen and his wife Leslie are a charismatic couple embracing everyone irrespective of race or creed as they say. Leslie is into hugging everybody that moves. A quality to be a good hugger is a requirement to be someone who is relaxed about their own bodies and loves and accepts themselves otherwise the whole thing can become forced.

Thursday, we have our version of the Holy Trinity Church in Paulton. We have in service at 11 o’clock followed by a delicious lunch. This is typical of a congregational initiative. Someone thought it would be a good idea to have midweek communion for those who could not manage the weekends due to commitments and so there were 12 of us there sitting up in the chancel. The Vicar asked me to read the gospel just as the service was about to start. He handed me a slip of paper with the verses on and I did I was  told. I think informality has a lot to commend it, it definitely makes people more relaxed.

For lunch, we had a choice of haddock or egg mayonnaise, lasagna for the main course, and a wide variety of salads followed by a delicious strawberry cheesecake with ice cream all for the enormous sum of £3 but in fact most people give more.

A thoughtful Francoise pondering on the method of attack. it is indeed a Jungle.

Today was a gardening day. We are attending to a very bored or should I say lonely 84-year-old lady whose bungalow garden had deteriorated since her husband died a dozen years ago. She took a great interest in our proceedings and sat there in the back porch and watched us the whole day. I only found it very slightly irritating to be watched the time but then I thought that she spends most of her day staring at the four walls with only a minor period watching TV, so real-life people in the garden must’ve been quite something for her. She seems to have been pleased about what we did. She was fairly deaf and we had to repeat everything twice. Eventually I resorted to almost shouting but trying to avoid sounding rude. The world definitely closes in wit this affliction.

Her property was in a very modest estate in Paulton, Somerset. I note that it is very easy to engage in in conversation with an already existing community. The woman across the road told us after about 2 min. conversation that her husband had died of an aneurysm and that she had to learn to look after the garden herself. Without prompting she offered me a glass of lemonade seeing as I was sweating. It was clear that everybody knew everybody else on the estate;  the major factor preventing people from going outside is lack of health, the inability to walk, or in a case of another customer I’ve just spoken to, dizzy spells, which has meant that she has had to sell her car and is thinking of getting a mobility scooter.

I think that person for person there is far more community life in the country than in a city or perhaps the community life in conurbations is differently expressed in terms of work colleagues and the social life revolving around what we do for our living during the day. In London there are significant clusters of ethnic minorities so that each country has its own representation for example Cypriots, Hungarians, Indians and Pakistanis obviously, a strong and expressive Polish community in most towns of any size, the French community which is in Kensington in London.  It is in small cities where people of color in the distinct minority that the difficulty arises. Chinese and Indian people tend to work in the service industries or restaurants so I suppose do not get much of a life. Racial prejudice is present in the country just as much as anywhere else, but perhaps more subtly expressed.

Two significant works of art

‘Anna’ by Kate Noble 2016

Today I went to pick up my art purchase from a local gallery. Sometimes I imagine one would have a tinge of regret or doubt. Did I do the right thing? On seeing it three weeks later, there was no question. The work had my name on it. It says so much about sex, sexuality, identity, ambivalence, the goddess that this will keep me fed for a long time. Above all, it asks a question. Every image or work of art should ask a question. I shall refer to the work from time to time, so great is its impact. In fact, comments are welcome. I get few comments on my diary so why not make this a turning point in reader participation.


I went to celebrate the purchase of my work above at a local diner, one of those that exist in the middle of nowhere and is built up by personal reputation. I ordered a full breakfast which for £6.95 including coffee was a pretty good deal.

On the way out I noticed a milk machine. I saw this as a very brave attempt to break the stranglehold of the supermarkets and give fresh uncontaminated local milk to the people. £1/litre is admittedly more pricey than what I would normally pay in Lidl but next time I visit I shall bring a bottle and fill it up knowing that I’m supporting a traditional way of life.





The unloved and uncared for

an amazing historical diary with current comments

Today’s is a photo essay, originating from my visit to the Frome Festival which includes lots of elements of art or should I say the arts. This time, I have decided to focus on the unlovely, the uncared for, the abandoned, the useless.and now to some more artistic art.Frome at its best is a wonderful sparkly intellectual town, a bit less snobby than Wells, and with enough entertainment to keep any decent person going in top gear.   Alas the number of closed shops increases. I suspect this was due to the increased business rates that local authorities have to charge to stay afloat.

Who has not made a fool of themselves?

What happens when your pet wants a piece of the action? We have had the second of two wonderful examples of professional people being interrupted. The above is Dr Jerzy Targalski, an esteemed Polish historian talking about the forced removal of a top judge to a Dutch TV station. He just carried on talking when his cat stole the show.

The second one happened over a year ago to Prof Robert Kelly. If you don’t know the story then watch the video.

I think most of us have made a fool of ourselves from time to time but there is a forgiving element in human nature, particularly so far as the English are concerned where the action goes into the category of “well it could happen to anyone”. We are able to laugh at ourselves.


I was pleased nay delighted to hear that Gareth Southgate, the England football coach responded to a question by a journalist that what kept him going was his Christian faith, That is apart from his love of football. This brings me to a discussion I heard on my daily religion radio program where the preacher was discussing why we are not more forward  in talking to others about our faith. He said, in a word, it is fear. Fear of being rejected,  fear of being misunderstood, fear of being laughed at. Just think for a moment on the journeys of St Paul who was not only ridiculed but imprisoned on three occasions. What kept him going was his faith. If we can’t even speak about what we believe among our  friends, what does that say about us.  If we fade because we are criticized, especially if that criticism arises from their own ignorance or bad experiences in the past and nothing to do with us, then maybe we need to reconsider the basis of our faith.


This is the emptiest men’s match at Wimbledon I have ever seen. I wonder why people are not coming. [dramatic pause]  Ah!!  There is a football match on. England vs. Croatia.

The blazing sun

I don’t know whether it’s the weather,but I am singularly bereft of inspiration for my diary. It’s not that nothing has been happening but the fact of the matter is that I am devoting the majority of my time and effort to making the world’s largest and most authoritative running commentary on Smart Meters and 5G.

I’m listing information from about 25 countries the moment and after entering the initial data about the various organizations campaigning against the two monsters above, I have to somehow keep up with what is going on. I can only do so with help from others and someone was kind enough to send me a list of about 900 relevant websites, some of which have not been authenticated so I have to go through each one of them, check them out as best I can, and add them to the master list.


Life on our allotments here in Midsummer Norton Suffered what I suppose you could call a setback when someone came along early one morning and stole our entire crop of strawberrys, plot by plot. It is a very minor version of what it must feel like to be burgled or indeed raped. The disappointment in human nature that someone should stoop so low destroys the innocence of the place a little bit. I thought of putting up a sign that my guess is that this was just a sad opportunist person but come next year if they try the same thing again we will be on the alert. In general, we are a happy bunch of people. This has not come about through chance that about my making great efforts to introduce and integrate newcomers with the other people so they feel part of the family.


I have recently joined the Radstock Working Men’s Club.  I do not really fit I must admit that there are enough people that you can chat to, the drinks are very inexpensive and there is a copy of the Daily Mail for my spiritual enlightenment. The World Cup is going on.  I missed Saturday’s game where England were involved but I will definitely go along next Wednesday when it’s England versus Croatia.  It must be said that the crowd at the working mens club on lively in their response.  My physical reactions in front of the television at home are but a faint reflection of this.


St. John’s, Chilcompton, had their annual very modest garden fête yesterday from 2 PM to 4 PM complete with brass band (pictured above), a fine demonstration of a very hard-working border collie dog finding things, and a train line complete with steam train going backwards and forwards.  For some time I have been having trouble with my left foot and cannot quite reach it it to deliver the service that it needs in terms of trimming.  Amazingly, there was a qualified podiatrist offering to give a taster service. My, there is much more to foot care than I realised. She had a large container full of treatment items, bottles of lotion, pads and sprays. I allowed myself to be pampered notwithstanding the curious glances of the odd onlooker.  I walked away ‘on air’ so to speak and reminded myself that I should take better care of my body.


The continuing breathless and hot air definitely slows down my mind as it goes into survival mode. All the lawns around me have dried up and become bleached. Goodness knows what gardeners do because there is no mowing to be done.  I am glad to say that I do not rely on my gardening for a living. My partner Francoise (who is french) laps up the weather and would love to live in a hot climate but probably not all the time.  Southern Florida is hot all year round with the occasional storm but who wants that. Would it not  become tiresome?  My ideal maximum temperature is 25 degrees. The average summer temperature in Florida is 28 degrees. Only places like Singapore, right on the equator can be relied upon to be at a constant humid 31 or 32 degrees.  The greatest temperature range, 105 degrees C,  is in Siberia at a place called Verkhoyansk, varying from minus 68 degrees to plus 37 degrees. I think I will stick with the UK.

Verkhoyansk, Siberia


The Somerset Levels on a hot day

We read that Moorland, the village that was inundated four years ago with the flux, was holding an Open Day To show that they have got back to normal. We went to normal trip to the famous car boot sale where I always felt that I will never buy anything but end up with so doing. I bought six normal 60 W bulbs for 3 pounds and 2 9V batteries for a pound each.

The Somerset levels are very old, some say they were inhabited 6000 years ago and it does have a very special feel about it. Fellow walkers are particularly friendly and it is almost rude not to say hello to the people you pass.  Above all, it is not on tourist routes. The mystery of the place disappears once you get groups of Japanese, Germans and Americans. After all the only thing there is to see on the Somerset levels is, well, nature.  We never made it to Moorland. It was 31 miles West of the Somerset Levels and would have meant a total round trip of 100 miles. Far too much for a hot day. Laziness prevails.

On the way we stopped off at the Hut, an Australian type pub and music bar where the owner delights in displaying risque and punny homilies. He sells a particular cider with a proof of 7.3% and it may surprise you to know that one pint of that knocks me out.Back home to escape the heat. I plan to leaflet my whole town with anti smart meter material and offer lectures and an advice service which will be launched in September.  It will cost a few hundred quid (pounds to my readers from overseas) but worth every penny in my view. It is shocking that the effect of electromagnetic radiation was known decades ago but governments kept quiet about it due to enormous pressure from the power companies who spend even more than on the pharmaceutical industries. All research funding was withdrawn in the USA in the mid 1980’s.

I spoke to the editor of my local paper and she had the honesty to say that she had not heard of the Smart Meter controversy. I hope to use the paper as part of my campaign. If not I will do it anyway.

I really wanted Japan to win this evening against Belgium but the latter popped in a goal at the last moment, producing tears from the Japanese side after their magnificent efforts.

Flood of biblical proportions averted

But first, a thought for the day. On my favourite radio religious programme TWR an Irish pastor was speaking about his work and told us of one of the most effective prayers he had ever heard ‘Lord, make me a link in the chain of thy purpose’.  In other words we should not see ourselves as needing to be in the public eye or loved or be a key part of anything but as part of a chain where we are influenced by and influence others. When I think of the huge challenge of the damage and potential harm wrought by Smart Meters never mind the forthcoming 5G there is no way I can do it by myself but I can spread the word, encourage others, be there for people, be a reliable reference point and other 24/7 things which will never make the local media never mind the National press or TV.

Another phrase which struck me this morning was the advice to ‘run away from evil’. The speaker was saying that this is not about cowardliness but about the fact that you should not consult with or argue with the devil and if someone is showing signs of malevolence or even the best thing may be to withdraw. It is unlikely that such a person will listen to you and it is very unwise to get drawn into a whirlpool of anger and hatred and ignorance.


Sometimes I can have too much imagination for my own good. It started with a slight dribble of water down the side of the wash basin in the bathroom and then increased to a fine spray.We placed a large dishcloth over the spray to create a miniature waterfall which we diverted into a bucket. We called our ever-reliable plumber Robert but he was not available until the next day.

I would like to record what went on in my mind. It I followed the chain of activities to make sure as far as possible that whatever happened would not result in an expensive and inconvenient flood i.e. have plan B and then plan C. The stopcock to the bungalow is in a bedroom surrounded by clothes and papers. I tried to turn it off with no success. It was well and truly stuck. So I decided to visit the stopcock in the road and figure out how to turn off the supply. In so doing I found as ever YouTube to be of incredible value. There was a video entitled “how to turn off your stopcock in the street”. Unfortunately the stopcock is about the length of my arm down from the street so I opened up the small manhole cover and had to reach down through muddy water to try and find it.

I’m glad I don’t have nosy neighbors because they would’ve seen me lying on my front of the street at 10:30 at night. Anyway I realized that as the whole area was full of water I would have to bail it out; finally I found the little tab which you’re supposed to turn 45% to the right. Again I did not have the right tools so that drew a blank as well. I was therefore vulnerable to an escalation of the situation.

I then decided that the only alternative was to stop an escalation of the leak and I cut a piece of garden hose to fit it over the spray. This appeared to succeed, the noise stopped, and I was able to go to bed in a reasonable state of quietude.

We went next morning to find the noise a bit louder; Robert was due to come only at 3 PM. so we had to stay ‘on duty’ so to speak watching for every sound. I decided if the leak became worse I would turn on other taps to minimize the pressure.

Robert turned up in the afternoon and diagnosed the problem which was a wearing out of a part (illustrated above). He said that cheap materials of which this was an example were often used and said that he would have paid three times as much as this Chinese product knowing that it would last indefinitely or at least many times longer.

He managed to open stopcock in the house, and had the tool to close the stopcock in the street altogether. I have decided to order a ‘turner-offer’ which by the way is due to arrive as I write from B and Q so that if this happens in the future, I will know what to do. He advised us to turn the internal stopcock on and off once a month to prevent seizing up.

Robert told me about a situation of someone to whom a leak happened when they were on holiday and on returning they found that the bath had overflowed, the water had taken down the ceiling of the kitchen downstairs and caused about 10,000 pounds worth of damage.

I’m quite pleased with myself that I was able to avoid panic, to plan ahead and make the most of the learning situation so that if it happens again I will know what to do. I don’t know what I would’ve done if water had been gushing out but then that is what house insurance is for.

List of groups that are a casualty of Facebook

No, this is not diary material but it’s something that everyone should be aware of. Its not a question of conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. Ed.

FB is less and less likely to be a source of impartial information. I was shocked to read in a blog the list of casualties. Read the full article here.

A List of Facebook Casualties

The following list is a work in progress—and these are just the pages we know about. Make a note of the deletion dates and the page themes.

  • Collectively Conscious (915K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Natural Cures Not Medicine (2.3M followers) – Deleted on June 11th, 2018.
  • I Want to Be 100% Organic (700K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Viral Alternative News (500K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Organic Health (230K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Natural Cures From Food (120K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Heart Centered Rebalancing (3.9M followers) – Deleted a few years ago.
  • Awareness Act (1.1M followers) – Deleted in mid-2017.
  • Conscious Life News (1.1M follower) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Wake The Fuck Up (550K followers) – Deleted about a year ago.
  • Living Traditionally (570K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Organic Wellness (600K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Chocolate Socrates (608K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Earth We Are One (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Meditation Masters (2.3M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • People’s Awakening (3.6M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Nikola Tesla (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Interesting Stories (1.5M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • The Warrior (1.7M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Natural Health Warriors (140K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Tech Explorers (270K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Universe Explorers (1.5M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Area 51 (1.5M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • The Global Meditation (70K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Video Explorers (780K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Spiritualer. Com (80K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Flower of Life (670K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • EWAO (30K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Global Freedom Movement (27K followers) – Deleted on June 19th, 2018.
  • Health & Alternative Medicine (550K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Pure Nature (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.
  • Nature Gallery (654K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.
  • Mesmerizing Nature (912K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.
  • Nature’s Touch (150K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.
  • We Really Like Animals (544K) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • Nature’s Majesty (191K followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • Nature Magic (33K followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • Floral Photobook (160K followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • My Own Little World (1.5M followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • Brighten Your Soul (100K followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • Essence of Spirit (12K followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • Jesse Ventura Fan Page (750K followers) – Deleted a few years ago.
  • Exposing the Truth (800K followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Learning the Truth (1M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Latruth (7M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.
  • Healthy Life Box (1.8M followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Healthy Food House (3.4M followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Health Awareness (2.5M followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Healthy Life And Food (350K followers) – Deleted on May 23rd, 2018.
  • Check These Things (80K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Health Care Above All (90K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Health and Healthy Living (450K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Health & Alternative Medicine (550K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Healthy Living Motivation (644K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Alternative Health Universe (420K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Natural Medicine Corner (411K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Organic Health Team (490K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Global Health Care (130K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Healthy Alternative Medicine (140K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Natural Healthy Team (190K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Organic Food Medicine (30K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Love, Health and Happiness (10K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Healthy Organic Life (25K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Healthy Lifestyle (55K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Guardian of Health (160K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Daily Health Keeper (190K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Health & Love Page (720K followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Diabetes Health Page (180K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • The Beauty of Power (170K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Nutrition Facts and Analysis (170K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Deeper Perspectives (32K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.
  • Healthy Living (1.8M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Organic Planner (1.5M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Healthy Lifestyle (1.4M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Just Natural Medicine (1M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Great Remedies – Great Health (650K followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.
  • Nature is Beautiful (1.1M Followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.
  • Amazing World (872k Followers) – Deleted on June 6th, 2018.
  • Pure Nature (425k Followers) – Deleted on June 6th, 2018.
  • Photography World (1.4M Followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.
  • World Magazine (845k Followers) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.

You’ll notice the majority of these pages refer to nature, health, natural medicine, organic food/living. Almost without exception, the remaining pages feature words such as “freedom,” “Tesla,” “conscious,” “awakening,” “aware,” “alternative,” “meditation.”

Gee, it’s almost as if there’s a war on consciousness—but I’m just a crackpot conspiracy theorist, right?





Humility, and unrequested sales emails from India

Great quote from today’s morning religious programme (no better way to start a day) “humility is not about thinking less of yourself but thinking about yourself less.”  This has nothing to do with today’s topic.


I receive many unrequited offers to help me with SEO, web development etc. Most of them are from India, and from a private person probably fishing for a small percentage of profits that they will get if the customer signs up with a real company.

I was attracted to this letter because it was written in good English. Normally there are at least three mistakes and they get immediately cast aside by moi.

Interestingly, the mother ‘site’, mediabysearch,com  is registered in Russia but the writer claims to come from India. I decided to amuse myself with syntax and spend the odd 10 minutes reflecting on her letter.

From:Alicia <>
Subject:Design and Develop Website….??
Date:Wednesday, 27 June 2018 11:16 AM
Size:13 KB

Hello Brian,

I am Alicia, I apologies for my cold outreach!!

Are you looking for Mobile Apps to improve your business or you want to Website Design\Redesign of your Business?

We can design and develop Mobile app to help you deliver more value to customers in your specific industry. I hope, you’ll notice that many small businesses you interact with in your daily life have their own dedicated app.

We offer the following services, all at Flat Rate prices:

1.      Apps Development (iPhone/iPad, Android & Hybrid/Web App)

2.      Mobile Responsive Website

3.      Website Re-Designing

If you are interested then please reply back to this email today and let me send you links to our portfolio and vast gallery of our many happy customers. Also, if you send me your detailed project specifications I will be more than happy to provide you with a flat rate price.

I appreciate your time and consideration.



Business Development Consultant (India)

To which I replied:

This is written not only in English but in the English language.  Lots of brownie points for that.
Your outreach was not cold (you are not a cold person are you?) You can have cold calling, a cold attitude, giving someone the cold shoulder, but cool and calculating, cool as a cucumber, etc.
The horrible American term is ‘I reach out to you’. Ugh.
Outreach programmes are to the unconverted and helpless. Maybe I am both.
I have tried to find your site without success but here is a commentary on it: is 7 months 1 week old. It has a global traffic rank of #14,259,135 in the world. It is a domain having .comextension. This website is estimated worth of $ 8.95 and have a daily income of around $ 0.15. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse.  (
Let me know when you have an up and running site and we can continue.
<end of letter>
I will certainly keep you in touch with anything that happens.
We very seldom take trains on account of cost but tomorrow we plan to go to Weymouth, which is on the South coast of UK and mingle with the crowds. The train is via Frome, a cross country effort that does not attract premium charges. I decided to check on the train, the 9.47am and see if the hot weather itself causes problems (30 degrees causes the track to buckle).  Sure enough today’s train has got stuck some way south of Castle Carey and remained there for an hour due to ‘a fault’.  Does lightening  strike twice? Will I be delayed if I travel on the same train tomorrow?  Who knows.

men are hopeless at cuddling

Gosh this is such an awkward picture. Anyone can read the body language here. Poor old Paul. I think women can have a good embrace and cuddle easier than men.When I see men trying to embrace, it reminds me of two robots crashing into each other. I wonder why. I think it is because in our youth we had little or no example of men expressing affection for each other so perhaps it is a skill that has to be learned. Sometimes, people go too far the other way and crush the life of the hand that shakes them. I remember at a funeral in France I was embraced by – it must have been 20 men – but they all did it naturally and without a shade of embarrassment. I guess us Brits have a thing or two to learn.

Its a big question whether we shake hands or not. I prefer not to, giving a nod instead.  Shaking hands goes back to the time when you needed to show that you did not have a hidden sword. I find that outside a formal business situation and especially with women, hand shaking is regarded as redundant. Sometimes, to avoid any confusion, I stand with hands behind my back and ‘the moment ‘ of introduction seems to pass without any embarrassment.

Picture Essay of visit to Wells

Yesterday on the way to Glastonbury we popped into a Reclamation yard that promises unusual items. I wasn’t quite sure whether this excellent outdoor stove would fit in our garden otherwise I would have bought it.

Today, off to Wells Cathedral gardens. The moat is very still and clear and the weeds can be seen with great clarity. 

A couple of allotmenteers with a sense of humor regularly dress their garden with a relevant theme.

A hand written sign in the allotments showing the amounts of community activity that goes on. A very handsome raised bed for Lettuces. No mobile phones around. This family is – wait for it – talking I was most impressed with this well travelled 2CV.


Reflections on midsummer’s day

We had a full house at Glastonbury, Chalice Well. For the first time it was uncomfortably crowded. The cakes ran out and who wants to stand in a long queue. Mind you, everyone talks to each other and you could not have asked for a more pleasant day. To my relief, very few of the women wear make-up which makes the real person easier to see. Why do women plaster make up on their faces.

Back to reality or third dimensional space and time, I find this illustration rather strong but it is oh so accurate.

The fact is that an awful lot of people are just too lazy to be bothered with anything outside their comfort zone. The more you take them out of their comfort zone or try to, the more toxic your behavior will be and the more they will resist you. I cannot see any way around this apart from telling jokes.


Well now, here is a story with a twist. I have somewhat of a fascination with YouTube videos of trains in the various forms, passenger, freight, snow clearing trains, old trains-  you name it.  Quite by chance, I came across a website called You can visit many stations and road junctions mainly in the USA and watched trains arrive and depart in real time. This example was Ashland, Virginia, USA. To the right of the images there is a chat board where people comment on the various features of the trains and gossip. It is a bit nerdy but fun.To my annoyance, I noticed that the clock on the right-hand side of this picture had a misalignment hour hand.  I commented on the chat board to say how sad it was that I was irritated and one of the other people, who presumably lived in the area, said he would look after it. One hour later, I returned to look at the screen and saw that the mis-alignment had been corrected. This viewer had gone along and put a ladder up the side of the clock and moved the hands.  The picture is of the corrected clock.


Situations that give me satisfaction

The image shown has nothing to do with anything apart from the fact that it amuses me. This could be a warning to those absent-minded people who are thinking  of leaving their bike parked. I’m assured that this is not a doctored picture.

I have decided today to do a review of all those activities that cause me pleasure, or a sense of satisfaction. Are you ready for a fairly bizarre and long list?

#1 The first one (clue below) is putting out washing on a sunny and windy day knowing that nature will do the job in a couple of hours.#2 – understanding something for the first time, when the brain ‘clicks’ and when the dots are connected.
#3 – sharpening the blade of a knife and trying it on material previously impervious to cutting
#4 – seeing that all my electronic devices are fully charged
#5 –  making a nice straight line with a mower on a lawn
#6 – serving food to a person who appreciates it
#7 – giving an unexpected present to a person
#8 – finding something that you thought you lost
#9 – doing a psychic reading on someone to be told that I was spot on
#10 – setting my GPS to get to a place and finding that I do so within a minute of the projected time
#11 – having a good nights sleep
#12 – talking to a complete stranger and having a wonderful conversation knowing that you will never see them again and you didn’t know they were
# 13 – discovering something I forgot I owned when I was about to buy a replacement
#14 – designing a website and seeing it propagated for the first time
#15 – Actually remembering the name of someone you met ages ago
# 16 – cracking open a boiled egg to see that it is exactly right
#17 – opening curtains in the morning to see a clear blue sky

Interesting how few of these involve money.


Morning church service then old steam engines

This morning was a combined service of the Holy Trinity benefice in Paulton. The congregation was composed of about 60 people; as is my won’t I sit in the back row. The marriage banns were read. There were two couples going to get married, and shortly after they were read one of the two couples hurried in a couple of minutes later. They were obviously ill at ease due to unfamiliarity with the service, never mind the full works with Holy Communion included. The man did not endear himself to me by continually sniffing. Have people not heard of handkerchiefs?

I read an interesting article in the Telegraph today asking “if chewing, sniffing or clicking gives you the rage? What it’s like to suffer from misophonia. This term, discovered by US scientists Margaret and Pawel Jastreboff translates as ‘hatred of sound’. I suffer from sounds that are outside the normal context for example people coughing during musical recitals, or sudden unexpected sounds.

I found the service dragged on a bit. The prayers were too numerous, the hymns were too long and the tunes were unfamiliar. The sermon was good, talking about the need to take responsibility for your faith by sharing our faith with other people, something that does not come naturally to the average English class but never mind. The preacher thought that had not St Paul undertaken his various journeys under very difficult circumstances the sect of Christianity as it was at that time would have remained small and insignificant.

The other thing that makes me uncomfortable is the so-called ‘Passing the Peace” where everyone goes round shaking hands with everybody else. I must be charitable at this stage and say that perhaps it is very good for people to come out of their shells and make some sort of physical contact with the other people there. I myself pass the parcel as I call it to between six and eight other people, those in the immediate vicinity of where I’m sitting. Guide, the regular vicar, makes a point of coming to everybody and so he reaches the length and breadth of the church.

I love these symmetrical numbers. The message on the left relates to a failure of the five computers within the car to talk to each other. There is nothing actually wrong with the car.


Home, via Tesco’s, where this last week I must have put in £60 worth of petrol and this only for local journeys. Goodness knows how people manage you got to travel long distances in connection with their work or even a long commute. Off to Trowbridge in Wiltshire. I find the people of Wiltshire different from the people of Somerset. They are more quaint, I feel there are a higher proportion of travelers and I could be quite wrong, but they are a friendly bunch and they definitely express themselves differently.

To the “Wessex Midsummer Vintage Show Near Symington, Trowbridge which is supporting the ‘Children’s Hospice South West’. It boasted a series of engine, tractors, steam, vintage cars and motorcycles, vintage horticultural machinery etc. In this it did not disappoint.  in what will turn into a pictorial essay where the images should speak for themselves, you will get some flavour of the whole. It was held in a huge L-shaped field which meant that the stalls were not close together and that the two mechanical steam organs did not interfere with each other.

I think it’s a fair comment to say that Wiltshire people know how to do things differently.



Next, off  to the lavender farm who not only sell lavender and products but also run a bijou cafe.  Faulkland BA3 5WA from one of the waitresses I got what must’ve been the quote of the month. Upon telling her that the ice cream was a little bit too cold to enjoy its she suggested that I put it ‘in the microwave for a few minutes’  Now that is someone who really understands what they are serving. I declined the offer.

The land before dinosaurs

At about 10:30 PM, we decided to go for another of our famous spontaneous days, with the initial rationale of the need to pick some eggs from our local farm and to pick up my mower from the repair shop in Kilmersdon. I had another expensive repair bill mainly because I use the mower not for mowing lawns but for demolishing rough areas which the mower blade in general is not designed to do. I have learnt my lesson now after the second bill and will use the mower for what it has been designed to do namely mowing lawns. I have a new strimmer of the ‘take no prisoners’ variety so I will use that instead.

We decided to go on impulse to Mells including our favourite outdoor cafe and garden shop combined. On the way we saw this poster and I was intrigued by its originality. It is next Tuesday so I thought I might go. I will certainly get the chance to meet a new lot of people and it will make a refreshing change from my normal routine. No matter how many times I go to the outdoor cafe and gardens, it is never the same and this time we were treated to rampant growth in what is the highest point of the year as the following pictures will show.This is an area in front of a wall overlooking a field where you can have tea brought to you if you so wish. The main serving area, partly covered, much loved by the locals. You need to be well off to live in Mells so don’t ask about the prices.  If I tell you that the average house price is £1,643,985 you will see what I mean. However I suspect that this is inflated by a few very special houses in the historical part. I can recommend Mells to anybody on a fine day as the ultimate relaxant. There is only one street so you can’t get lost. Park by the Post Office and walk up the hill.

An eating area that can be used in case of rain. This was previously a second-hand shop but I don’t think it was making any money so everything was cleared out.I have no idea which variety these flowers these are but they were most attractive. What next?

In the Mells Post Office I saw an advertisement for a Summer Fair so we thought ‘why not’? The weather was indifferent but we decided to go anyway. The local Radstock museum had a very clear banner, simply laid out, which I found very attractive. I liked the text and layout and even the font because it was not too busy and did not try to say too much. People only have a few seconds to take things in..There was a very original stall about snake rescue. the couple who ran it knew everything about snakes and said that the only poisonous snake in the UK is an adder, all the rest just want to escape from people if they can lead a quiet life. They were encouraging people to touch and hold the snakes.

A magic hat competition.

The local clown and clowness telling funny stories. If you can hold the attention of the children, then the parents will love you.

After having a pint of cider, speckled hen no less, and enjoying every last drop of it I noticed that the local quarry were running trips. You would be amazed how many stone quarries there are in Somerset. They are vast, and typically hidden by woods so you don’t see how big they are.

For years I have been curious to see what one looks like from the inside but you can’t just walk in because during the working week they are a security area. This one run by Tarmac, close to Leigh on Mendip,  was 1000 metres in length and 500 m in width. It had been active for about 30 years and they had just applied to go down another five layers or steps as I think they are called.  I was very interested to learn how many grades of stone there were. The crusher is set accordingly. It can start at 20 mm in diameter and go down to little larger than dust size.The limestone on which we were standing to look round was formed well before dinosaurs came on the earth which makes it quite a few hundred million years old. There are layers of clay which are unsuitable; the company find  the occasional fossil but the rest is hard usable rock.Here are some of the machines used to do the loading onto lorries. I did not photograph the crusher machine which is many times as large.


This is an example of when we just go somewhere without any preconceived plans, we end up by having a far better and more interesting time. I would never have dream that I would have the chance to go and visit a real live quarry but there it was, right in front of us, so we jumped at the chance without any hesitation even though we didn’t have the right footwear and  the weather was not very good. We thought to ourselves, when Will we have another chance?


To a private view, 6-8pm,  at the Andelli Art Gallery situated in a private house near Wells. Good wine and a small amount of nibbles. I amaze myself. On the way a little voice said to me that I was going to buy a work of art. We turned up to find quite a goodly crowd of people there and blow me down, there was the art work staring me in the face, calling me to buy it. It is vulgar to talk about price if but it was a useful amount. I will show it in my diary later on in July when it is delivered but it’s about a work of art of asking a question and in this case several questions.

I met several delightful people, one of whom had traveled down from Richmond in London and another of whom had worked at the Royal College of Art also in London. I realised how important art is as a therapy and as a statement and down from now on to take care of myself in this respect.


To the Old Down Inn  and we ordered a whitebait and a couple of drinks. In the corner was sitting very well built gentleman and his wife were turned out to be the grandfather of no less than nine children. Evidently, regularly, he takes the grandchildren into his house for a sleepover at weekends on a regular basis. I said to him that I would never do such a task but he said that they will look after each other and behave well. I was most impressed by the fact that they do not allow iPads or any form of mobile telephony. Any child who brings them as to give them in. As a result, they play, talk, share, experiment, in the way that children should do.

The grandparents said that if the children complained, then they didn’t have to come and the choice was theirs. , well I was enormously encouraged by the moral stance of these people and on leaving the bar I wish them all the best and told them to keep up what they were doing.

it is necessary to greet the parrot who is at the entrance to the pub just inside the front door. He says hello to you anyway even though you don’t respond but I always say hello in parrot language.All in all, a thoroughly good day. Getting away from the office, mental stimulation, doing something new, meeting complete strangers, and encountering a work of art that wanted me to be the owner. Looking at the leaflet below I have a feeling what tomorrow is going to bring.


Three dud garden jobs

Today is somewhat of a record. For the first time in all my 30 years gardening experience, we have had three jobs on the trot which for various reasons did not work out.

The first one was four lawns, I politely call them lawns.  They were actually little better than fields. For some time they had just been strengthened and the cut grass had just been allowed to fall. What happens is that after a time, a mat builds up and new grass has to struggle to get through. This results in a deterioration of the whole. I asked the customer what would happen to the land if I mowed it and she just said “we’re just trying to keep the grass down that’s all”. The whole area has an unloved look and feel about it and I felt that I would not make any useful contribution so I declined.

The second job was a graveyard in Timsbury, a job which involved streaming over 100 graves each of which were in a different condition. Most of them had not been touched for some time. I estimated that as each grave had to be treated as a separate entity, it would take around two days to do the whole thing and then once it had been done, maintenance would have been less expensive than two days. The Parish Church Council had a meeting and they decided that one of them would “have a go”. I said that the graveyard had reached such a stage that having a go would only result in further mess and I was not prepared to go along and clear up someone else’s mess. People do not realise how much work is involved in getting something from a dishevelled state into a working condition.

The third job was even more complicated. It was in a place called Shoscombe, which is close to the middle of nowhere as I can recall, deep in the country along small winding lanes, up and down hills, up hill and down dale as they would say in my native Yorkshire. The customer had bought an area of land behind his house which he hoped to sell for housing. Unfortunately, an area of land is only as good as the access which was of a very narrow lane, down at least 100 yards of track, actually part of a field. The grass was so high that we had to wade through it. The garden itself was a complete mess which although small in area had a number of carpets laid upon it to prevent weeds growing.

I asked the customer if he had got planning permission and he replied that an architect friend of his was coming along the following week to give advice.  I said that our input would be relevant only if the way was clear, or likely to be clear, for a building. Without this permission, the purchased land would be virtually worthless or at best could be used only for agriculture. The problem with the track was that it was narrow and the lane at the other end was also very narrow probably just about the width of a lorry. In order to go down the track it would have to be made good and to further complicate things, there was nowhere to turn at the end.

I told the customer to call me when he had sorted out its problems. I do not expect to hear from him again. This is a good lesson when buying any land. You need to think ahead to what you want and what are the conditions necessary for the success of your plans. The customer failed to do this and I think will suffer accordingly.

Another day in Bath – campaigners and an owl

No matter how many times I go to Bath, there is always something different on offer. I went to see a lady called Caroline who is a campaigner for Brexit and many other things and she is aware of the current 5G sabotage. I have cause to be reminded how few people actually have the time and energy to campaign irrespective of the subject matter. The vast majority of people are passive and unaware. There are those people who would stand above the parapet but are afraid of their views causing a loss of employment. There are idealistic people who are too young to have any funds assembled or to have the time to devote to their cause.

Because of their youth they often make mistakes by being too extreme and not being aware of the system that they are complaining about. Then you have the more senior people like myself most of the intended to adopt a fatalistic attitude, saying that there’s nothing you can do. If you were lucky then, you are left with 1% of 1% of people who are happy enough to make the commitment to make a difference. in the United Kingdom that would make one percent of 650,000 which is 6,500.

There is no question that campaigners are going to face loneliness, indifference, hostility, ridicule, you name it they’re going to get it. I would say to people, don’t even start campaigning unless you have time, energy, some money in reserve, and can survive personal attacks of one sort or another. It is very important that campaigners or activists form together in a group or at least keep people on a peer support group list so they can call up their buddies and commiserate or encourage as is needed.

Our little meeting took place in the Methodist Centre in Manvers Street Bath. This is a Methodist Church with an alcoholic refuge and a cafe and a place for disabled people to work all in one place. They do wonderful work and I feel very comfortable there and it is a place where we always have our final cup of coffee before catching the bus to London and from thence to various parts of the world.

After the meeting we went to the BRSLI, the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution which is place for the promotion and advancement of science, literature and art. I went to seek permission to put on quite a controversial subject which is the eventual demolition of trees in the Bath area consequent upon the introduction of 5G.This is not a brilliant picture but it shows how each radiator point and you will note that there are very close together, needs to have line of sight every other point in order to penetrate densely enough to track people, transactions, the turning off of electrical apparatus in the home and so on. In a couple of years time, most of the beautiful plane trees in Bath will have to be cut down because they will obstruct the line of sight, particularly important if they going to go ahead with driverless cars. You cannot have an area that is partly 5G, it is either 5G or not. When the local council signs the document with the companies, they have no idea what they’re letting himself in for either from the point of view of the environment or the point of view of the biological effect of microwaves on the body, not to mention birds and bees.

Anyway, Ian, one of the staff, was kind enough to see me, said that they do controversial subjects all the time and the only thing is to remember that they are a neutral gathering place who do not take responsibility for the content of the various presentations. I think I should try and form a twitter and Facebook group to get about 40 or 50 people who would be interested in coming to a meeting and then supplemented by handouts which I will either put through doors or get people to go out on the streets.

Inside the rooms was an interesting exhibition on coral and conservation.


Outside there was a setup for a boules competition and people from local office were having fun playing.


Off we go now to the quilt exhibition at Town Art Gallery which I wrote about a few days ago. Quilts are one of the most time-consuming and to me fascinating types of art involving enormous complexity, large canvases, rich statements of culture and the mixture of various patterns and materials woven together. As I had been before I let Francoise roam around while I went into the Parade Gardens where I took a few pictures.

This is a very cleverly designed place for growing seeds and plants which is in the form of a book. At the moment it is between shows that I shall go along later this year and photograph it in full bloom.

A freshly planted circular bed of various flowers. I hope someone waters them from time to time.


We then went back to the bus station but noticed in one of the squares a lady who was part of a do-it-yourself painting exhibition which consisted of an owl which she could choose to paint anyway she wanted and at the same time draw attention to the artists and their website and so on. The artist, Emma Taylor, was happy to engage Francoise in conversation.I found it a lovely welcoming intimate space were good quality contact could be made.  Off home on the bus. In the middle afternoon you get the children coming away from school and a time from five o’clock you get lots of homeward work traffic. The traffic here is nothing compared with Bristol so, Bathonians, do not complain.