an apparently simple garden job becomes problematic

You could hardly think of a simpler job. We had a delightful old lady who wants us to clear quite a large area, I cannot call it a garden, and basically de-weed it.  I agree this is not the most exciting topic in the whole world but nature will not be trifled with. We have tried to clear this area, pictured, of weeds on about seven occasions and dug them all until there is nothing left but each time nature brings on a new genre of unwanted plants or weeds shall we say.

We have already done one blitz this year and we left it five weeks before coming along that was a mistake. Before this picture was taken we have taken hundreds of chickweed and now we have these minute weeds of which there must be thousands. If we take each one out of the ground that would take us at least a day and the budget does not cover that.  my unilateral decision has been to take a cultivator and then pick out the weeds that appear on the surface and next time hopefully they will not be so difficult or numerous. I tried the cultivator but the ground was too dry.

not the most exciting picture in the whole world but just imagine picking out the errds individually it would have taken the whole day so eventually I hoed the whole

.This brings me to the whole topic of allowances for things that may go wrong on a job. Crossrail, the railway system that was designed to go across London with access to Heathrow has been delayed for about two years now due to signalling problems – would you believe. The U.K.’s ability to mess things up is available for all to see in wonderful technicolour. The idea to enable universal contact within the whole of the national health system was given to IBM. I wonder why they failed after £250 million was spent and let’s not even talk about HS2 the wonder railway system with no economic reason for its is it 56 1/2 billion pounds? Who cares, it’s the government money but we pay through our taxes. I would love to have spent this money on nurses, doctors, police, social workers, people who really make the system work. Just imagine, all this money just to make sure people get to their destination 20 minutes earlier.

Overruns are more common than you think. Normally, I don’t go over budget with my gardening work but nevertheless it is necessary to build in a factor no matter how simple the job may seem. I have told the dear lady. We are working that there will be an extra charge and she is happy to comply but I did not expect the weeds that you can see here. We have been doing this particular plot of land over the course of 18 months and we have never seen this genre.  Nature is full of surprises.

5G under the microscope, and wonderful art

It is always pleasant to see an historical car and this was spotted when I was standing by the bus stop in the middle of Midsomer Norton.

After a very pleasant breakfast at Wetherspoon’s, off on a bus to Bath to a meeting in a Congregational Church Hall on the topic of 5G. The meeting was limited to half a dozen of us who suffered in varying degrees from electro-sensitivity.

Some of us display very acute symptoms when there is the slightest amount of measurable EMF around and the room we had selected was quite low but even that was disturbing to some. We therefore moved out into a courtyard surrounded by stone walls and I must say the atmosphere was very much more peaceful.  I honestly do not think I could have survived in a city like London where I lived for 50 years with my present level of sensitivity. I think people must have to  ‘zombify’ themselves and  just cut off from their senses and take refuge in alcohol etc. I don’t know whether it’s a blessing or a curse to be unaware of electromagnetic fields.

It is very interesting how many people who are described as introvert spark up when the right environment is there. In other words if they feel they are with kindred spirits, there is no stopping them. I found this at our two-hour meeting which zipped by like it was 10 minutes. We were all jumping in, making points, nodding at each other, showing that we knew what we were talking about.

The number of people interested in 5G from the inside point of view and prepared to take an active part probably numbers dozens of the inhabitants of Bath and of Bristol.  However, I suspect that many more people are aware of the subject, and vaguely link it to the cutting down of trees and the gaining of very high speed download of videos. They are neither for nor against but if approached in the right way they would certainly be interested to hear about the downside, the dangerous side, of basically being zapped with microwaves. The problem is that fear prevents you from joining the dots which if you look at the facts dispassionately are pretty obvious.

There are as many entry points as there are people so for example we might catch someone’s attention by saying that 5G enables spying. This means that your movements within your house can be tracked and that when you throw away your toothpaste, that will be registered and an advert pops up on your mobile phone advertising a particular brand of the product.  It is easy to understand why no research was done (Tom Fellows) because this is possibly the biggest moneymaker of all time second only to climate change. From my web site V00080   Forcing a total, Saturated 5G future…. without safety checks. Aug 19 2017 Truth Stream. See the wonderful Tom Fellows in action. Others may not be bothered by this but might be troubled by the increased incidence of nosebleeds, depression, fertility rates, among those who are exposed to 5G.

Someone in the meeting complained that there was a router in her office and this give her pains in her arms and legs. The problem is that you can only really be believed by someone who has experienced it themselves.

One of the people had a natural talent for design and although the above can be improved, it is very visual and eye-catching.

My impression is that there are very few people who have yet found a group, no matter how small. There is a big chance to build a group into let us say 50 or 100 people where having a public meeting would make sense. I took along some of my 5G leaflets and I gave people 50 or so to hand round to see what effect they would have.

A group having a meeting about anything that threatens the comfortable ness and somnambulance of the population will not be thanked but I think if we concentrate on self damning evidence given by the industry itself we might stand less of a chance of being called the tin hat brigade.

We were told quite shocking facts that about 46% of the couples in Mumbai, India, cannot conceive. This came from a professor so presumably it has some credibility but I must do more research. I feel if we told the full story to people in the very first instance they would simply switch off so I think we have to say things little by little in the way that you give it child taste of food assuring that you do them no harm, and are now willing to eat more. I hope that is not seen as patronizing and I can’t think of any better analogy at the moment.


whenever I go to Bath I always have an eye open for interesting features and we start this little photographic essay at the Holbourne Museum which is splendidly situated in Bath and I would recommend everyone paid a visit both for its art work and for the restaurant on the ground floor. On the way to the art museum I saw this van. This is inside the grounds of the gallery itself.and then inside the gallery on the first floor looking outI then went to to Bath city Art Gallery where there is an exhibition by local artists. I love the freshness and spontaneity of these works.

On my way around the town I spoke with an American woman who has been staying in Bath since Monday and was having a wonderful time. She said how friendly everyone was. She said it made such a change from America. I joked with her and said that if she went on like that I would report her to Donald Trump who would send a tweet to everyone.

It continues to be a wonderful day albeit a little bit cold so I think I shall go into the garden and have a sit.  Today, Teresa May was trying to introduce a souped up fourth attempt to get her Brexit bill across and I’m sure she will fail. If we leave the European Union without a deal I think that’s a great idea. About 80% of our laws are from the European Union and many of them are a disgraceful attack on our liberty.

Floating on clouds

Sometimes, the weather conditions are perfect. A light breeze, the sun is shining on the clouds causing a wonderful three-dimensional effect, and life seems good. It is difficult to be in a bad mood with such weather.

I was on my way to see my physiotherapist, who is much more than the name implies. He is very interested not only in physiotherapy but physiotherapy with animals, and the use of acupuncture in general. He is widely read and studies material from Russia.  According to him, the nose, ears, hands and feet are all very valuable portals to the energies of the body including the musculature. I complained of lower back pain where I could scarcely get out of bed and he spent at least half an hour working on my hands. At the end of the session the stiffness had not disappeared but it had certainly diminished by about 50%. I think we severely under estimate the amazing pattern of neural networks that comprise the body.

That Is all I Want to write today. The evening is absolutely superb, and a lovely time to sit in the garden having a drink.

Lists of things that really must be done

Our goldfish love the sun and they gather together either sunbathing or swimming around fast. Our Buddha, below, contemplates everything, but he’s being slowly swallowed by the prolific growth around him.

I try to keep up with myself and my duties more or less but I find an accumulation of jobs that really need to be done and cannot wait any longer. The existence of this fact hangs on me and there is no question, you just have to put aside everything else and just get on with it.

Doctor’s appointments, things that have to be mended, things that have to be cleaned out and refreshed, phone calls that need to be made and cannot be put off any longer. My biggest characteristic, I don’t want to say fault, is not getting on with my tax returns. I have set myself this year the target that I really must get round to doing my tax returns early as opposed to waiting till December. It is now nearly the end of May.  I shall likely tell myself that I will do them on my return from holiday and then something will come up. I shall let you know when the happy day comes.

I can of course blame Russia for sending me microwaves to frazzle my mind. It seems that America and their slavish puppy dog the United Kingdom blame everything on Russia including wars, spying on other people, economic disruption, poisoning and of course global warming. It really makes me sick to see how America lie, bullying and murder their way round the world. The Hawks are so arrogant they just go on doing it and more or less tell everyone what they are doing  knowing that no one in the mainstream media would dare to do anything about it. Are there any investigative reporters left? There are a few dead ones I grant you.

I watched ‘Crosstalk’ which is a very good program run by Russia Today where you hear well-qualified people talking about both sides of the picture and giving references or what they had said. they were commenting that in Syria, the films of children suffering were manufactured and these were used as justification for the war and destruction of Syria. I am now waiting for the same thing to happen with Iran but I think this country is a tough customer.

If anyone is not up to speed, America thinks it owns the world and can interfere and destabilise regimes because they do not conform to the hegemony and dictatorship of this gateway to hell as I call the USA. The USA survives on three economic basis; debt with a charge ridiculous rates of interest and get countries in hock typically happening after a disaster; wars of which they have started 42 since World War II and counting (peace is not profitable) and finally drugs of both types. Pharmaceutical drugs are phenomenal money spinners and as regards the other class of drugs how many people know that the CIA have always been the major drug runners of the world, cocaine and suchlike. If the USA itself were ever to get a Nobel prize for anything it should be for hypocrisy.

The Tommy Cooper of salesmanship

So, we took our friend to a fairly muted version of the normal Cheddar car boot market and incidentally recorded the rather anxious bleating of sheep who had been separated from their lambs.

They have recently put up the price for cars from £1 to £2 so maybe some people will be put off coming but after some months I think they will get used to it.

Now look, I don’t use the name of Tommy Cooper lightly, but I have to say that Gary Devies who has been working for 20 years at Cheddar car boot sale is a master of his art. To go near to his large refrigerated lorry is to court danger. Initially, people stand about 20 m away and listen. That is stage one. Stage two is when they move forward, slightly curious and realising what a great value the offers comprise. Stage three, the final stage, is when they move closer to the action to within about 2 or 3 m, keen to make an offer. They are caught like a fly in a spiders web. The salesman knows this and allows the process take its inexorable course.

I can only give a touch of his talent by showing you this video.

.After all this time, he even knows who is going to put up their hand and bid, as in an auction, even before they’ve done it. In an exquisitely choreographed presentation he exchanges gay banter with the public with mock insults on his own staff. He offers £20 worth of really good meat “someone take this off me please” interspersed by sudden £5 and £10 bargain offers. Below you can see what I bought for £10 which consists of 14 very generous pork chops, total weight 2.4 kg, which will keep me going for the next couple of weeks at least. Freezer here we come.

In the main field area I spotted a van.  I had to give the utmost credit for sign writing. That must have taken absolutely ages. Use Ctrl and + to magnify the image.

Have you thought of moving to Frome, Somerset?

…. or come to that, move anywhere. In my considered observation over a period of time the best guide to the liveliness of the place are the flyers that appear posted up on boarded-up shops or hairdressers or community minded restaurants. You can see how much community spirit lies in a particular area. Of course if you want to know house prices etc you have got Zoopla and other concantenators of such things. The question you should be asking, inter-alia, is would you actually enjoy yourself in a particular place, would you fit in?

Another source of information is Trip Adviser to which I have submitted hundreds of reviews over the years. In this day of Internet provision there is no excuse for being uninformed.

I do not particularly need to comment on the following images which speak for themselves but enjoy them and see what impression you get

Evangelism for the 21st Century? – dangerous people

09.00 setting up and sound testing time

Up early at seven o’clock to drive to Frome for a breakfast and preparation for a large Christian men’s event run by Men United. The  Cheese and Grain is a large working community with a restaurant and Hall that is used for a variety of events mainly musical. You never know how many people are going to show up and I thought it was quite brave of the organisers booked such a large venue. At 9 AM, one hour before the start, most of the preparation had been finished. By 9:50 AM, however, the hall was pretty much full and I was told by the hall manager that there were about 280 people seated.

I decided to welcome people by standing at the door with a sign on my jersey reading “welcome”. I tried to figure out whether the visitors were already members of the churches of which there were four in participation  or whether they were the public just coming along to see what was going on. The latter was the aim; to attract the unchurched so to speak and as I sit here at my computer reflecting  on the meeting I realised it was difficult to spot who the newcomers were.

I would say the average age of the men was about 65.  There were a few “spotty youths” as we would say but they were friendly people but perhaps a little bit unused to the Happy Clappy atmosphere engendered by the music.

The event had laid on tea and coffee which participants could help themselves to and it was very nice as a greeter to be able to direct someone somewhere specific rather than just pointing to the innards of the hall.

People said some strange things when they entered. One chap said “good evening good afternoon good morning” and said “I really don’t even know what day it is”. Another chap came along with his flies undone and as the un-doneness was rather flagrant I had to tell him he should do something. I said that we don’t mind because we are all men but he said he did mind. We all had a laugh at that.

And then, the atmosphere changed.   I was then that a slim female appeared at the door to whom I took an instant dislike. It was a smile as I did not trust – here was a lesson for me never to get entangled with such people. She asked a question about whether women were allowed in and I said in my normally non-PC way, no, it’s an event for men, thinking to myself that if it was an event for women there is no way they’d allow men to come in. She asked me all sorts of questions about what we did and what the programme was. I got the impression she was asking for the sake of it and not because she really wanted to know. It was an act, a fake.

I haven’t a clue what the detailed programme was so I went off and found her a copy. There was something profoundly untrustworthy about her. I think it was either the passive aggressiveness or the veiled hostility towards men. Interestingly, I found myself shaking and continued to shake for about 10 minutes afterwards. This is my sign that there is entity activity somewhere and a person is not who they seem.   I felt, rightly or wrongly, that she wanted to hit back at people. Later on, the manager came up to me and said there was a policy that no one is excluded so obviously she had made a complaint. He was good-natured enough and said to me “just so that you know” in other words a non-combative style. I responded that I understood

In future, if such people come across me I will say as little as possible because whatever you say will cause anger or irritation because of their predisposition. I think these people are dangerous because they know they can accuse people of being discriminatory. Someone else asked if the meeting was sexist and I said ‘no’ it is specific. Had I had the time I would say that women’s yoga classes can be specific to women who choose to do yoga with other women. I think it is pointless trying to engage with such people because they have their minds firmly made up and to explain your side of things is a waste of breath.

The event started, of all things, with a darts match.

The first speaker was the footballer Linvoy Primus CBE who had been a leading footballer with many clubs. He was describing how it was that his faith emerged, an event that happened to be preceded by a high flying, high living  but insecure life.

There are several reasons why I found his performance riveting. First, he was completely honest about his successes and failures. Secondly when he came to faith he described all his defense mechanisms against Christianity when finally being persuaded to go to church. He decided in advance  no handshaking, no handshaking with smiles, and no shaking of hands with smiles with eye contact. However he found that he broke these three rules in the first 2 minutes so obviously underneath there was a believer trying to get out

The retired footballer spent a good three quarters of his time telling us about his life. A challenge and invitation normally comes at the end of an evangelical speech  but this did not quite happen. He gave a witness testimony about when he gave his life to Jesus, not just in name but in reality in so far as it affected his day to day activity and relationships to his fellow football players.

I spoke to him personally afterwards and discussed the difference between the meaning of the word ‘combative’ and the word ‘assertive’. We agreed that the state of mind was the most important thing and you could not tell that from someone’s behavioural characteristics.

I think the way to get people converted to any new idea is to be boyishly enthusiastic yourself and bring people into your orbit by almost a magnetic attraction.  I like the way he did not paint a rosy picture of belief saying that you are going to be criticized for your faith in what is largely a nonreligious world.

I have a chat with my friend Ian, a vicar at a local church, and we talked about Linvoy’s Charisma.  The word means “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others“. I started the conversation by saying that everyone is potentially charismatic if they are true to themselves. Ian said he thought it was a matter of practice in terms of projection and speaking before an audience.  I replied by saying that I think everyone can develop this quality but in some it is more extant than in others. We also agreed that if you don’t know who someone is you’re not going to take anything they say at face value.

We broke for lunch at about 12:30 PM and I escaped outside. I went for a wander around the open-air food market in Frome which happens every Saturday in the parking area just in front of the Cheese and Grain.  I had to run out of the hall because I felt that somewhere near me there was a Wi-Fi router. I was getting unpleasant prickles in my head and in my hands, the usual thing with me, but knowing the reason doesn’t make it any easier let alone be able to concentrate on a topic.

I returned to the hall  in the afternoon at 2 PM to hear Mike Hall, Ex. Bishop of Bristol, talk about an accident where his wife nearly died and the effect it had on his faith.  It had a good effect on his faith by the way.

My standards for speakers are quite high. I don’t want to see any form of exhibitionism, I want people to admit their faults, and I do want to see a speaking from the heart. I don’t mind if the technique is not brilliant. They say that Mother Theresa was not a good speaker but the conviction of her words riveted everyone who listened.  It is a pity that she recanted aspects of her belief at a later stage when she had retired.

One of the reasons I sit at the back of the hall is that I can escape if I find the subject matter boring or I can pace around. In this case the tea and coffee and biscuits were at the back which gave me the opportunity to nibble discretely at some rather nice digestive biscuits.

Reflecting on the whole day, I was glad I went. The darts at the beginning was a complete puzzle to me. I don’t think that many men over 65 are interested in the game but it did engender a good mood and the group mind we can say. Whether that is a good or bad thing I do not know, but people did stay through the whole day and seemed to enjoy themselves. During the breaks, many people had any major discussions with each other so in view of the fact that the whole thing was paid for and therefore free, I don’t think anyone can complain.

In part two of this diary I call shall consider whether Frome is worth living in as an area and what types of people are attracted to it.

Gardening job that nearly went wrong

I really must learn my lesson not to take anything for granted when the customer says “I leave it entirely up to you”. Normally, that is a sign that people are not particularly concerned about their budget and will pay what is necessary and this was the line that I took.  The garden was easy enough to do though volume of spoil was considerable. We took away 12 one-ton sacks of material to the recycle.

Because we had been given carte blanche, I decided to tackle the area in no man’s land behind the fence which would enable the customer to have a clear view over the valley in front. It was quite a trial, involving four types of tools, cutting, sawing, plain and simple hacking away of deadwood but we made it.

At the end of the second day I decided to broach the subject of the actual cost. I said that remodelling gardens normally attracts a charge of £500 plus. The lady, who was a bright and humour filled 90-year-old said that that was too much for her. She said the last person to do the job charged £250. I had a rather difficult situation because sometimes older people get time a bit confused and it may be that the last person did the job five years ago but the figure of £250 stuck in her mind and I don’t think she was going to be moved from it.

the customer can now have a lovely view over the valley which will please her because she can’t get out that much

We eventually agreed a price of £400. I economised with my time somewhat not to go too much over the hours. She thought we were expensive and said other people charged £20 an hour. I have had the problem before that the customer thinks that if two workers come along their combined earnings should be £20 an hour in fact of course it should be two people, two lots of £20, equals £40 an hour.  I normally agree the price before we start but for some reason I did not do so on this occasion and this led to slight embarrassment but the next morning she greeted me warmly.

Anyway I’m glad we did the job . We worked like Trojans except for brief tea breaks and I believe made a big difference.   The customer was happy.  We made it a rule not to accept the money until the customer declares satisfaction.  Once again, and I know I keep banging on about this, but I felt that there was a lot of love in the garden and she did confirm that her late husband had paid great attention to it, and we were somehow nurtured by this love and it did not seem like work, but manifestation.


Later, I went to see another job and met the affable Ian from Lancashire. I made a dreadful error of thinking his accent was Yorkshire.  It is the duty of every tenant to maintain their garden in good order and I was asked to come along and mow the lawn. I seem to have obtained a regular job, coming along during the summer and keeping the lawn in order. This is good petrol money so I’m glad to do it.


The visitor season is upon us. We have someone coming tonight leaving Monday. We have someone else coming down from Manchester on Friday and leaving the following Monday. The Wednesday after that, we have two people visiting. We shall take them to the Bath and West show in Shepton Mallet and then we’re going to take a brief vacation in Cornwall. No peace for the wicked but it is nice seeing friends I must say.  We are banning shoes from our living room because of the pristine new carpet. I wonder how long that will last.


Tomorrow morning, Saturday, I must rise early because I must attend as a member of staff and evangelical meeting of the Christian variety that is happening in Frome.  This is a combined initiative of four men’s groups. Most of them have no idea how much Christianity is being marginalised at the expense of the Muslim faith. It is a specific policy of the New World order to marginalise religion particularly Christianity, to destroy the family unit, to create a one world government and a one world legislative system and all sorts of other horrors. I really believe that most of these people think that Jesus will save us. The problem is that users cannot save us from apathy, blindness, indifference, use or misuse of free will etc. easy supposed to turn us into robots and say “well, perhaps this free will idea wasn’t so good after all?”  Oh cynic that I am I think it is rather far-fetched

A delightful garden – the burdens we bear

Off we went about midday to repair a rather untidy garden. It’s the usual story, the husband predeceases his wife. She loves the garden but cannot do it any more so just needs it done. The lady we are dealing with has a pleasant disposition, 90 years of age, bright as a button but little bit deaf, and makes us a cup of tea. Just the sort of customer we like.

My policy with untidy gardens is to start with the most difficult element and then work from there. It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t start at one end and finish the other. I tidy little bits and pieces and then it all comes together. I find the most creative thing is to do the job roughly, take a break, then see with a clearer eye probably next day what needs to be done.  I always try and communicate with the garden or should I say the spirits of the garden and tried to do what it requires.

A common problem is that plants are planted too close together so as a result crowd each other out. I can understand when you come across an empty garden and want to fill it but it is best to read the instruction on the packets so to speak and allow for what the plants or indeed bushes require. Bushes will fight for light and survival and seeing them bunched to close together even in a hedge is not a pretty sight.

We stuffed the car full of spoil and went off to the dump and then to home. During the day, I had correspondence with a chap called Paul who is a fellow sufferer from electromagnetic fields. He finds that he is becoming withdrawn.  He said he was coming to the area to visit his father and would like to come and see us. The evening came and went and no Paul. We then received a text from him saying that his father had to be rushed to hospital and it was very serious.

We sometimes tend to forget that people who do most for society themselves have the greatest burdens. I think Paul has had his problems for many years and cannot live like other people. I feel sure he has a friend but I don’t think she quite understands what it’s like to suffer from fields. I say to someone today that if I get too much exposure from my computer or walking around cities, it’s like hedgehogs raining down on my head. I can fully understand people thinking I’m crazy but I don’t say these things or indeed experience them for fun.

I got a quote for some new varifocal glasses. Without any whistles and bells the price was £220. I shall search elsewhere.

I continue to be stunned by this ridiculous global warming nonsense. In fact the Earth is cooling and approaching what is called the Maunder minimum. The lie about man-made global warming due to man made carbon dioxide is being perpetuated because of the enormous profits to be made from carbon credits. I read that British Steel recently had to pay £130 million into the system. What a wonderful racket! So long as they can keep the lie going for long enough the money will come rolling in.

If you don’t think the Earth is actually cooling, have a look at this article in The Science Times.

Time to have a break in the country

After three days of dystopian material given to me at a conference between 9 AM and 10 PM every day the time has come to have a break and seek refuge in nature.  The most difficult images to get out of my mind are pictures of Yellow jacket protesters being shot directly in the face with rubber bullets. The so-called police who do this are anonymous with no identification, showing no sensitivity or compassion towards the peaceful persons that they attack.

Anyway, today’s trip was to Compton Dando. It is a small village south of Bath, very affluent by the look of it and has its own website.  The splendid Compton Inn also has its own website and by the look of it I shall be paying a visit soon. Anyway, I’m ahead of myself.

The group involved was AgeUK and they organise good walks in the locality. They are supervised as you have to with an butage group that is slightly vulnerable. I took a few pictures to show you the splendid countryside that is still extant, looking all the better in the bright sun.Lucky old sheep having a wonderful time. Oh that all animals could have such an environment.This is an image of Lordswood full of bluebells and the exuberance of spring.

I then drove off to a hospital appointment via Compton Dando which has itself very well organised.  Here is a shot of the village centre, more like a village green.This is the central bus station. Public transport is not the greatest. The man who you see in the picture took delight in telling me that there is one bus per week to Bath that departs from this bus stop at 10 AM.

This is the interior of the very comfortable and traditional Compton Inn.  I love the laid-back atmosphere of the whole place. It is very intimate and ‘human’. The best test of the vitality of an town or village is its noticeboard.

Lots of ideas that could be multiplied through the length and breadth of the country but here it all is in miniature.

On to Bath for my monthly examination for wet macular eye disease. The amount of water in the layers of the eye has stayed stable so I don’t need another injection but she did think they may be a need for a cataract operation which is the replacement of the lens in the eye. This operation takes about half an hour and you are fully awake through it.

After three years without changing my prescription the consultant encouraged me to have some new glasses and said that if this does not lessen the symptoms that I have – sometime light blindness and being dazzled – then I should consider putting myself on the list for the operation.

It was a slight culture shock to see in the waiting area the advertisement below but then times are changing I suppose.

A brief visit to Bath. It would be quite difficult to describe the colour of this  car (below) on your insurance application. It certainly stands out in a crowd and I would think twice if I were so inclined before stealing it.

Today, the sun was very bright and in spite of wearing two pairs of sunglasses it was very difficult to drive back to Midsomer facing into the sun but obviously I made it otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this diary.

When to engage a skeptical person

Following on from yesterday, our weekend conference did continue so I watched through the Sunday sunshine yesterday and finished off watching a couple of presentations this evening. We heard first-hand from someone who’d been on the riots so-called riots in Paris – the yellow jackets – and hence seeing and hearing how a European police force had mercilessly fired soft bullets at people for just parading peacefully. Many people have lost an eye when rubber bullets were fired at them. Police used CS spray gas with poisonous substances in on young, old, people in wheelchairs, but anyone with a banner.

It’s amazing that people that go to such marches on what courage they have. The witness thought that Macron the President of France is turning into a dictator. She thinks he has his eyes on being the president of the European Union.

It is a late hour, nearly midnight, but I want to reflect on the numerous conversations I’ve had with people who simply don’t believe what I’m saying about an alternative view of the world. One of the people talked about the five stages.

  1. Cognitive dissonance: “ha ha you are a conspiracy theorist”
    this can be the first stage to waking up that it is questionable whether any value can be gained when a person is so prejudiced that they are unlikely to hear what you have to say.
  2. A person can be angry ” Maybe it is the Stockholm syndrome” they say. (This was when people were imprisoned and eventually fell in love with their captors).
  3. negotiation – could the theory that you have be a coincidence? At least the person is engaging.
  4. depression – the person will say when listening to you “is it that bad?” At that moment you can certainly have a conversation in which you present the facts.
  5. acceptance – when they admit that the world is not what the mainstream media would have them believe. It’s what we call ‘accepting the red pill’ as in the film “the Matrix”.  Then, they are probably on your wavelength than it’s worth spending a lot of time sharing your experiences.

    If a person in the normal course of their life have  three or four such kindred spirits they are rich indeed because most people through fear cling to an illusory world. How many people realise that our Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Teresa May, has all the time behind the scenes been signing up to the European police force and making sure that we never actually leave the European Community. That is why she is deliberately stalling and making impossible demands. I believe that all politicians are either bribed or blackmailed and end up following the steps of the corporate masters.

    Incidentally, did you know that the United States of America is a corporation not a country? On that rather dystopian note it is time for bed.

What is a ‘waste of time?’

I went off to Wetherspoon’s this morning to have breakfast in anticipation of another day sitting watching amazing presentations on various aspects of alternative reality. (See yesterday’s diary). I returned home by nine o’clock  – having had an excellent egg Benedict – to find a blank screen. At half-past nine came an apology. Sorry we cannot bring you the service today.   My guess is that they ran out of bandwidth. In other words, you are allowed to upload so much material to the world in general from your website in any given 24-hour period; after that red flags go up, and you cannot upload any more data.

From the organiser’s point of view, it may have been impossible to estimate the amount of bandwidth especially as some people sign up to receive it at the last moment. Goodness only knows how you negotiate with a network provider at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning. My guess is that there would have been a large amount of talking to answering machines and “please get back to me as soon as possible”

So, I can spend the day looking at a blank screen which says “AV 10 Weekend Livestream” or I could turn my attention to something else. There are a million things that I need to do. The shed needs a good clean out, I have a mountain of filing to do, the attic needs some items thrown away finally, I am halfway through one or two interesting books.

However, the sun is shining.

No one is holding a gun to my head. I have the choice to do – something or absolutely nothing. ‘Absolutely nothing’ does not include watching TV which is a state of mind which can become unrelaxing and counter-productive if the material is either violent or fake news. By fake news I mean main stream news – but let’s not go there on a Sunday morning. I think I shall just BE for a time. In fact, for as long as I feel like it.

“happiness is doing nothing, and then resting afterwards”
“sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me”
“doing nothing is very hard to do – you never know when you’re finished”
“it may look like I’m doing nothing, but I’m actively waiting for my problems to go away”
“sometimes the most important thing to do is to do nothing”
“idleness is fatal only to the mediocre”

That last quote was from Albert Camus. On that philosophical note I will close my diary and it’s only 10.43 in the morning.

A day sitting in front of the computer

Due to my electro-sensitivity I found myself unable to go to Alternative View 10, an annual conference over three days run at a large hotel in Hertfordshire.  I did a pendulum reading on whether I should go or not and I obtained the following ratio +2, -3.  This means that the disadvantages would have outweighed the advantage. I decided to take the streaming version of the conference where for £74 you can view all the talks from Saturday morning until Monday. I know that had I attended, I would been hammered. I have recently reached my critical limit for cumulative exposure to all sorts of electromagnetic fields including dirty electricity.

Once that happens you are a sitting duck for fields. God help us when and if 5G comes on us. 24/7 microwave radiation. You might as well sit in a microwave oven. I have not talked much about my dowsing but I use it as a form of Remote viewing and a stimulus to the ‘picture department’ as I call my psychic side so the reading I have shared with everyone is a small part of my work.

The AV day was dystopian in its context. One speaker was talking about complete corruption of the government with regard to the suppression of child abuse. Another speaker, David Noakes, had produced a wonderful method for curing cancer yes curing cancer but he fell foul of the pharmaceutical industry and their desire to make profits so was imprisoned for six months. His wife has been indicted for a similar set of charges most of which were trumped up. She will be extradited to France in a few days. Quite why France when she is a Brit I cannot figure out.

The message is this. If you dare to find a cure for cancer or a cheaper way of doing anything you will be taken out. You may be killed (suicided), falsely prosecuted, or otherwise drowned out of your business. David Noakes had all his bank accounts closed and was left with no money – all for providing a service which healed hundreds of people from cancer at a fraction of the price without any side effects or deaths.

There is absolutely no question that this world is run by evil psychopaths. I must admit my head is a bit full of dystopian material as I write this. I started watching at nine o’clock this morning and finished watching at 10 PM

Time for bed and more of the same tomorrow

The importance of giving thanks, and of being acknowledged

I experienced a particular event which caused me to reflect on the whole matter of ‘giving thanks’. For a start, in my opinion the giving thanks is not an optional extra. It is an acknowledgement of the effort, time and money that someone may have put into a venture. Last December I  built from scratch a new network for people who have participated in a particular conference. The idea was to continue the personal fellowship that had been experienced during the conference so that the participants would feel less lonely or isolated when they were in a state of physical separation from those on their wavelength.

The organiser of the group was aware of the initiative but unfortunately did not find it within himself to give support on his websites or verbally so as a result the number of members – about 12 – did not reach the critical takeoff point which I reckon would have been about 30 or 40. Eventually, I got tired of funding a project where no one was taking part and decided to close it. I suppose the cost to me was about maybe £600 but that was nothing compared with the hours that I put into it.

I had cause to speak to the organiser for whom I have a high regard and told him about the low take-up. His response was that it did not achieve the necessary traction. I would like to have heard “I know you went to a lot of trouble with this and I’m very sorry to hear that it did not work out” but he simply moved on to another topic. I’m a very independent person and have plenty of self-motivation and drive but lack of acknowledgement I found very hard to deal with. Of course I will recover and get on with life.

In my turn and in any event I endeavor to thank people as much as I can for what they have done or attempted even if it’s a little thing they have tried to do, just turning up to a meeting for example. They did not have to come but they decided to do so because they felt there was something they wanted to share.

Without society, what is there left?

The government of the United Kingdom are doing their very best to break us down as a community by default with their ridiculous acknowledgement of Political Correctness, unnecessary cuts, and a justice system not worth the name. Chris Grayling our transport Minister is frittering away money faster than I could tear up  £20 notes.  Mrs May, the Prime Minister….. I have run out of things to say. She has tried to put the same motion for Brexit through Parliament three times, and three times she has been rejected yet she still goes on. I can only think that she is beholden to some political and economic pressure behind the scenes.

A quiet time for myself

Perhaps it is out of guilt or panic that we spend time trying to make the world a better place. I have no objection to those actions, but it’s the motive for it. What about making life better for us? Surely, if we are in good order and full of energy we can be of far greater service to others than if we are half exhausted.

My son Mark left two days ago and we had a very valuable exchange. He is shortly to be married and all sorts of discussions about the practical and philosophical aspects needed to take place,  they did so with good effect.

Yesterday’s weather was not brilliant, and this morning saw the heavens pouring. I decided to light a fire so we spent most of the day drowsily sitting in front of the heat. I read a book about the cleansing of the liver, we watch TV or should I say sat in front of the TV and slept some of the time and woke up some of the time.

I feel there is a difference between self-serving, self regard and selfishness. Self-serving is a system which benefits yourself at the expense of others, self regard is when you respect yourself enough to look after yourself and maintain yourself, selfishness is ignoring the feelings and wishes of other people to pursue your own ends. I’m talking about the middle path here. Yesterday and indeed today, we are not doing much whatever ‘doing’ means.

I met a new customer where we are going to have to clear the garden. She was a delightful and grateful lady in her 80s and had been recommended by someone else. I always get an extra kick when I’m recommended because it means that our well-meaning efforts are bearing fruit.

This afternoon, I collected some unwanted pots, garden pots, from a new garden customer.We took a few pots for ourselves and then took the rest to the allotment of which I am the chairman for giving out to anyone who felt the need for a pot or two.

In  a healthy society I believe that barter and exchange is much more ecologically friendly apart from saving people lots of money

With many garden jobs the main problem lies in access. I hate dragging spoil through a house. It makes a mess and it is also so easy to break things. I gave a quote recently and forgot to check access and realised there was none. Parking is another problem. I have a large car, a Volvo V 70 estate. It is long and wide so it is easy to get stuck in a narrow lane without realising it so it’s no good going for a job along a narrow lane where you cannot turn round.

Interesting gravestones / garlic-picking in the woods

My son Mark is with me at the moment so we decided to visit a historical church, about 600 years old, and also go and gather some garlic from the woods nearby. Garlic is abundant at this time of year along the hedgerows and along the sides of roads and anywhere else you can think of. This will be a largely pictorial record of our day including the many interesting inscriptions on the graveyard gravestones.

Cows forming a welcome committee for us whilst contentedly chewing their cudd in an adjacent field

This lady was probably not aware that she inspired people. All she did was to be herself. My preacher said to me many years ago that all God wants us to do is to “be ourselves”. That did not mean much to me at the time, I  thought it was simplistic but I’m slowly over the years getting the message. We do not have to imitate other people but just find out who we really are.

I love the appellation ending with ‘peasant’

I get the point here but if this person spent less time on missing someone and more time about celebrating their life, and making the telepathic or spiritual contact which can be automatic and effortless with those who had passed on, I think the message would be more upbeat.

a beautiful touch of humour here

now that is a spot on message well done everyone

I somehow think the traffic needs to be the other way but I’m sure that many people who have experienced a loss would agree with the sentiment.

Who wants to sever anything? The spirit of the person lives for ever and love is eternal. I wonder if the right page of the book has been reserved for the partner when they pass.

Finally, here is a mysterious half built construction in the woods. I wonder if someone lived here or who tried to live here or whether it was the activity of some youngsters.

Snooker hypnosis

Trump vs Higgins – how comfortable are we losing?

Okay I admit it I love watching balls being planted and shot around the table. People make impossible shots look easy. On the other hand, when I am at a full-sized table I can hardly see the pocket never mind pushing the ball in its direction. There was a very interesting prelude showing the greats, including Alex Higgins and Jimmy White. Both these players had flawed personalities. They spent much of their earnings on drink, drugs and gambling and by their own admission sabotaged themselves but for some reason they were loved by the public.

I think this was partly because they admitted their flaws and partly because they were just being themselves. The general public of the United Kingdom in particular seem to identify with those who have tried and failed and succeeded – in no particular order. I remember the ski jumping athlete “Eddie the Eagle” who came last in practically everything but at least he had a go.

So Judd Trump was almost indestructible at the end with an inspired series of shots that made the whole game look easy. He became a professional 14 years ago and his dream was to become world champion. He attributed his success in part to his brother. There were his four brothers on the balcony cheering him on and applauding and that gave me a great sense of the importance of the family. Long live the family I say.


Etymology of Cheers! /Bristol vibes full on / a confrontation

And so to Bristol, with another vibe. It was almost like being in London. I wandered round and took a few shots because we arrived early so here they are to give you some idea. I think Bristol encourages people to do this street art work. I find it enormously cheering and humanising.

In case you were wondering, “blood and Fire” is the motto of the Salvation Army that describes the blood of Jesus Christ, the yellow for the fire of the holy spirit and the blue for the purity of God the Father.


Mulling over the use of the word ‘cheers’.

Four of us then went to the community centre. Only one person in our group had an alcoholic drink so we said “Cheers” to her. This caused me to wonder if and when and why we say ‘cheers’. Is it only when alcohol is consumed? Is it the drink or the occasion?

I spoke to a very pleasant chap next to me who was sitting with his girlfriend and asked him what he thought. He suggested it was mainly connected with champagne in other words associated with special occasions. He did not think that the expression was suited to the other end of the spectrum so to speak for example with meths drinkers.

If we look at this word it is a friendly expression said just before you have a drink but its use is not exclusive to drink. It can mean “thank you”. For example, if I’d done something for some one, or if someone had done something for me I would say “Cheers, mate”.

Cheers is a sign of encouragement, approval, congratulations especially at its highest point – appreciated by all – with a glass of bubbly. The custom is to wait until everybody has been served and then for some reason we touch the glasses together. Maybe this was done during toasts because the sound helped to please all five senses complementing and completing the drinking experience. Other theories were that the sound of glasses clanking together would scare away evil spirits.  It reinforces the communality of the celebration.

It is slightly rude not to reach out for people’s glass – certainly in small groups – but if there was a group of 20 people you wouldn’t clink with the other 19. In this case, making eye contact and smiling to acknowledge your host and other guests would be a substitute for the physical touching of another person’s glass.

if you would like to know about the origins of toasting, here is a tongue in cheek article from the Internet entitled “pre- Christian yes, but calling it pagan seems a bit heathen“.

After a few dances we noticed that the event had been hijacked by what we guess was the local folk dance society. Everyone knew each other and with one exception they all seemed to be used to dancing together so they took the opportunity to have an extra special celebration of their art from the visiting group. We just sat at the side and watched them all joyfully enjoy themselves and very entertaining it was.


On the way home from the event which ended about 9:30 PM we had cause to drive along a very narrow street where cars were parked on both sides. There was only enough width for one car to drive in one direction. We proceeded along the road and about 100 yards along we were aware of the spotlights from another car It turned out to be a 4×4. We thought that it was going to reverse but the driver just carried on towards us. Obviously, one person had to give way and reverse. The car sat where it was, engine ticking over. Our driver, Terry, who has had great experience of dealing with people got out of our car and approached him asking him very politely to back up. He refused to do so and just sat there.


I then went to approach him and after checking that there was a place he could reverse into i.e. a vacant parking space. I knocked on the window and made my request. His response was “don’t touch my effing car”.  I made a joke of apologising to the window for having hurt it by tapping on it. It was quite clear he was not in the mood for a dialogue so I returned to our car.

Fortunately for us, another car with two young men in joined the queue on our end. I explained a position to them i.e.he refused to move and I told them not to back up saying we had to stand our ground. Once they got the idea, they were up for it, and were busily texting their friends about the incident. One of the young lads said with a gleam in his eye this was the first time this has happened to him.

We waited for about 10 minutes, not moving at all, and finally the person in the 4×4 realised that he wasn’t going to get anywhere, that two into one doesn’t go, that there was no alternative for him but to back up the 50 yards or so. This he did. We shall never know whether he learnt any lesson, whether he backed up with good grace or bad grace, but we did what was the right thing which was to remain unreactive and calm.

Car boot sales – the season starts – The Topettes in action

Mother Nature has decided to blow winds from the north and give us temperatures of about 10°C. My friend who lives in Honefoss in Norway tells me that on Saturday night it was snowing.  In spite of the wind the sun is shining so we have decided to go to the first large local car boot sale of the year, Marksbury. En route, someone decided to have a head-on car smash so we were diverted around country lanes but arrived with a short delay.

Car boot sales consist mainly of children’s clothes that have been outgrown, DVDs and vinyl records, garden tools in various stages of repair and sold without guarantee, books, in the main women’s clothes, bric-a-brac. At this one you can get 90% of the object for 50 p or £1.There is one golden rule you never know what you might find and you may have to go through 1000 useless items to find one that you need and didn’t know it until you saw it.

At every single car boot sale I have attended in this region of the world there are always lots of Polish and Russian people. Maybe it’s the idea of a bargain, or maybe it fits in with their culture, so the next time you go, listen out for the distinctive accents.

Shortly after walking around, I started to become assailed by head and hand prickles associated with EMF attacks. I also get mildly dizzy and have to concentrate to maintain my balance.  I don’t seem to have much defense against these attacks I’m afraid but it means that after 20 minutes to half an hour I get a headache and I need to leave wherever it is I am situated.

The point is that in this country area the signal strength (number of bars on your phone) is very low and so the mobile phones which most people carry are maintaining contact with the base station every few seconds with more power than would have been necessary if the transmitter receivers were adjacent. In other words, the weaker the signal, the worst the danger and the potential damage to our DNA. You may have noticed that your phone sometimes gets hot and this is the reason.

We had some tea and cake, nice enough, and then left. This evening we are going out to see performance by the Topettes, an English French dance and music group which is performing in a venue to the south of Bristol, the so-called South Bank Club. I see from the videos that dancing is encouraged. We shall see. (to be continued in part two)

A meeting that nearly did not work for me

This morning I went along to High Lyttleton to join in a meeting to discuss what we wanted from our new vicar who is going to preside over our benefice. A benefice is where a vicar looks after more than one church in this case three but sometimes it is up to 7 churches. The era of one vicar per church is largely over.

I do not think I’m ready geared to behave at meetings. This one was held in the church hall, a pleasant enough venue, and there were four trestle tables laid out so that people could write notes and organise themselves in small groups. We were offered tea or coffee with biscuits on arrival and I was given a name tag. There were two leaders of the meeting, one was a lady whose job it is to stimulate growth in local churches and the other one was a chap called Neil from Belfast who had a placement in the Bristol and district diocese.

For me, the meeting started on time but badly. We were given the results of a survey about what people wanted from their church. I believe that the value of a survey is in direct proportion to the wisdom of putting it together and it needs to be done from the consumer’s point of view. I refuse to fill in surveys that I get requests for after I had made a purchase. We are asked to rate someone’s features and characteristics; were you extremely satisfied, very satisfied, satisfied, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied.  I find that I only tick five or one and on some occasions three. I don’t want to be bothered with saying why it wasn’t a five because I doubt if any human being reads the stuff. The corporations must get thousands per day. I hate Survey Monkey as it is called. Hate is too strong word, irritation is a better one.

In this case people were asked to say what they felt the benefit of church was. Examples were “a place to worship God”, “friends family and fellowship” whatever that means, “beautiful historic building”, “promotes Christian values”, “music and performance”. The basic problem is that we are comparing apples and oranges. These descriptors portray different types of need . For example practical aspects, social benefits, and spiritual benefits, and psychological benefits and it is completely meaningless to try and apportion them and compare them in one list.

We spent the first 20 minutes going through the questionnaire results from the benefice churches when we could as well have read it ourselves. In my view the most important thing is to establish rapport with the audience. My initial impression, confirmed through the meeting, that the main organiser was unwilling to let us steer the meeting but had her own views about what should happen. Of course there must be form and discipline to a meeting but for the first half an hour or so felt as if there was no point in my being there; that me, a sentient being, I was not invited to contribute even just saying a few words. There were after all only a dozen or so of us so it would not have been difficult.

Another lesson that I learnt was that people who are running a meeting, be it two or three, should get together beforehand and agree on how to run the meeting. At a certain stage they were suggesting to each other in front of us what should happen next and this did not help the continuity and confidence and flow.

During the morning, a lady gave testimony to me that a friend of hers had been to visit several times and finally asked her “please tell me about your faith”. This illustrates the point that you should only talk about something when people are ready

We were asked to give our favourite Bible story in terms of the actions of Jesus and this produced an interesting mixture. We were then asked what three qualities we wanted of a new vicar. We wrote each one down on a separate ‘post it’ note and these were all stuck on a board in various classifications in so far as they could be classified. My three were “walk your talk”, “be Love”, and finally “listen”. Others were more lengthy and went on about administrative competence. We had a list eventually of about 30 characteristics. I mentioned that even the Archbishop of Canterbury would probably fail that test because some of us are natural administrators, some are natural people people and some are mystics. Some would score quite low on the overall score yet be very good in their position.

Some of us thought of giving the vicar a list of places where he should  frequent, for example garden fetes, local events, meetings so he could be seen and visible. I made the point that if he really cared for people he would look at what was going on and come along himself or herself. I also said that it was a more pleasant social unit if vicars could bring their wives or husbands. In some way I find it less confrontational to speak to 2 people than to one.

I did clash with the organiser on one point. She asked us to list three positive things about the church and two negative ones. First of all she is programming us by giving us a number when in fact it may has nothing to do with numbers and secondly she introduces the idea of positive and negative. I said to my group that are there no positive and negative ingredients in a cake. It depends on how the ingredients are used and in what quantity. Something may be seen as negative when in fact overcoming the challenge could be the best thing that’s ever happened to the small group of practising Christians.

I mentally clashed with the organiser of one other point. She made light of the fact that we ended the meeting earlier so that would give her time for a bigger lunch. I found that unprofessional because her eating habits and nothing to do with us.

We discussed how to get people into church and Caroline the facilitator quoted the Methodists who said that “there needs to be a sense of belonging before there is believing”. In other words you need to be welcomed into the church or – come to that – whatever is going on in the church buildings, to feel comfortable to be able to ask questions about the more important things in life. I cited the example of St Martin’s in the fields in London where there is a restaurant downstairs and many different types of musical cultural activities. Some come as tourists, some, as first timers from the area, but they all receive a welcome from the very robust and cheerful crew who run this amazing church.

There is no way that people are going to walk into a building they’ve never walked into before, tell the first person they see that they need saving, and come obediently along through Sunday morning service. There are as many ways of moving away from the divine as there are coming back to it so we must leave people to do their own thing in their own way. That’s what Jesus did; that’s what we should do.

On the topic of getting people to talk about spiritual things, I suggested that one of the most effective and least offensive ways was to ask a question in which religion does not have to be mentioned. For example what do you think about the way the world is going, or why do you think the world is the way it is. I believe we all need to believe in something and if there is a need just below the surface then we can gently coax it out rather than being accused of being friendly with people for some ulterior motive, to save their soul or something like that.

It may be that a person needs many encounters with you before summoning up the courage to speak and this is simply a test of humility and unconditional love. as someone said once “you don’t have to like them to love them”. Love is a general philosophy, a wavelength, an attitude and indeed a stabiliser for our time on this teetering orb that is called planet Earth.

I left the meeting and stepped into the sunshine with some relief. There was definitely a powerful wifi router in the hall  and the top of my head suffered from prickles and I felt a little bit sick and wobbly. This is one of the many symptoms of electro-sensitivity which is becoming more and more of a nuisance. I can tolerate less and less each day. I just have to keep my exposure to the minimum but it is difficult in towns and public places where there is such a cocktail of radiation. It will get far worse when 5G actually comes, whose power is many more times powerful than 4G, which in its turn is more powerful than 3G.

A meeting with William Rees-Mogg’s brain

Following promptings from Mark Steele of this parish, a couple of weeks ago I made an appointment at the surgery of our local MP for North East Somerset Mr William Rees – Mogg. He’s the one with children with exotic and Latin sounding names, at the last count he has six offspring. He is frequently to be seen on television in discussion programmes, he is the author of articles and a contributor to the proceedings in the House of Commons.

The last time I met him was in our local town hall when I asked him about my wife’s possible problems with Brexit and residency. I also mentioned 5G and the installing of LED transmitters on more and more Street lamps. The meeting was 15th May 2018 just after I had started my website 5G I was new to 5G at the time but my reason for the visit on this occasion was to update him. Whether my mind set was a mistake or not I shall never know but I did my bit. This afternoon the meeting was held in the community hall, Wedmore Road, Saltford which is near Keynsham. It is an undistinguished building, multipurpose for the community, 1960s vintage, backing onto a sports field.

Each person gets 15 minutes and you can come along and discuss whatever you want. My reception was handled by the very capable agent Margaret. The meeting started in a rather strange way. There was a French lady in the entrance hall with a young four-year-old child. Mr Rees-Mogg immediately bonded with the child and asked her how she was. Interestingly, the child only spoke french so the mother tried to persuade this very shy girl to tell us how old she was. Mr Rees Mogg said that he had six children of his own,  the youngest being three. He really was very tender and enquiring with the child and almost played little games of hide and seek to get the child at their ease.

I went into the hall and sat down at a small table. There was the agent, a lady who I think is in for training of some description, and myself. I’m not very good at self presentation because there’s so much I want to say, I really don’t know where to start. I’m also not very good at looking at people at the same time as talking and looking at my notes. I made the point that 5G had become more dystopian, that it existed for two purposes one of which was espial and the other of which was control. I said that there was a perfect storm at the moment because the executives of the corporations had ‘bought’  governments; the government had accepted money for licenses for 5G and thus received their 30 pieces of silver; that any dangers from 5G can have a considerable latency period. In other words even if it’s a class A Carcinogen it could take up to 10 years before the signs of cancer appear.

I threw all my bombs at Rees Mogg and he took everything on the chin without blinking. He gave the impression that he was aware of the topic already. Before I started speaking to him I gave him a nine page summary which I thought was addressed to the middle intellect person. While I was speaking, He had read through the summary, has spotted one sentence in it that was ambivalent and drew my attention to it. I did not feel offended that he was reading at the same time as my speaking because he was clearly giving his full attention. The fact is, he is a very bright man make no mistake about it. He has to be. He’s got to hold his own in the House of Commons against some of the most ebullient and extrovert speakers such as Boris Johnson.

He took particular interest in my Voice to Skull technology where 5G and in the systems prior to their camp project thoughts into your head and there is no way of distinguishing between the projected thoughts, and your own thoughts. I pointed out this was a very in situ is one of mind control and that the whole system was a prelude to the post human era that the people behind the scenes wanted to bring about. I reminded him of George Orwell’s 1984 and that this was not a prophecy but a walking. I mentioned that all those Huxley, Brave New World, taught french to George Orwell (1984). Huxley was the secretary of the Fabian group, one of the progenitors of the New World order.

With regard to the Voice to Skull he wanted to know exactly when it started, what countries were involved, and how it is manifested. I can say his tone was clinical but it was caring at the same time. In other words there was no hostility but just a desire to learn, and learn quickly. After writing this diary I must give a better answer, or should I say fuller answer, then the off-the-cuff version I gave him when he asked the question.

At 3:57, the meeting having started at 3:46pm, there was a knock on the door and a lady said that they needed the hall for a dance class. We were briskly thrown out. It is amazing how quickly the time goes. I had about 11 minutes and it almost seemed to come to an end before it began. It’s a funny feeling, it is difficult to express it in words except to say “time flies”.

Anyway, I thought to myself, I’ve done my duty of care and registered the fact that 5G is still an issue. I drove off to the main road and found a cafe called “the little coffee shop” which is obviously frequented by mothers and children on their way home from school. I had a lovely rich coffee and cake and reflected on my efforts.

My guess is that people tune in to whether the caring is genuine and the interest of the subject matter as it is perceived, and I do not have to do a song and dance act to get people’s attention.

It’s a bit like riding a bike, you never forget but you get a bit rusty and wobbly. I don’t do a lot of public speaking save for the odd question when I go to a lecture, and I realise that I do get out of practice. I am in sympathy with people who want to say something, perhaps of an emotional nature, and cannot get the words out in the right order. If I preside over a public meeting where there are neophytes (from the Greek neophutos, literally ‘newly planted’) I will tell them that style doesn’t matter. If the final point emerges at the beginning and the starting points appear at the end then it’s part of courtesy to listen to what someone is trying to say. Public meetings are not speaking competitions. It is up to the chair of the meeting and anyone else on the platform to get the best out of the question no matter how stumbling.

We can laugh with people but we should never laugh at them. Let’s say that someone asks a question that is incoherent. It may well contain a word that someone else, listening to it, is catalyzed and was stimulated in asking a question that does make sense. Why should everything that we utter make absolute sense so long as it leads to something.

The day of the new carpet in our living room

So what? I hear you say. On one level that sentiment is quite correct.  On the level of collective consciousness and awareness maybe there are lessons for us all to learn or should I say reflect on.

Yesterday evening, I took out the entire old carpet. The underlay fell into pieces, almost into beads I could say. This is evidently because the underlay was at one time made from shredded car tyres so after 30 years or so they were just reverting to type breaking up into their constituent parts. Funny how the room is bigger with no furniture and nothing familiar. When I got down to the concrete floor it was almost echoing and unpleasant. My feet made a cavernous noise as I walked around.

Two beefy and cheerful men arrived about 10:30 this morning, continuing the conversation and banter between them that they had obviously enjoyed on the first job. A golden rule is that you always offer tea and repeat your offer if they say no the first time. I have seldom found workers who refuse tea. Anyway they went about their business with much bustle and singing and three hours later they walked out having given us a lovely new bouncy carpet.

The old one, a ghastly green one with flowers, my wife had wanted to get rid of with varying degrees of passion since we moved in six years ago and today was the day. I had thought of trying to install a carpet myself but I could see that there was far more to it than just rolling the red carpet out and if you cut it in the wrong place there is nothing you can do about it.

Also they have a special gadget which enables you to grasp the carpet with claws and push it towards the wall to make sure it is firmly laid. It is called a Knee Kicker, don’t ask me why though I can imagine.

I have to say that the whole room has a different feel about it. More importantly however we cleared everything out and some of those things are not destined to return I feel. I can’t help recalling with some nostalgia images of Japanese room styles where the only thing is a bed. The rest is space, paper thin walls and light .

We have decided not put back one of our bookshelves that was cluttered with all sorts of books and magazines. It will be banished to another room.

So great was our reverence for the new carpet that we felt we had to take of our shoes before entering the room. I feel much more comfortable reading in the room although I admit it’s early days yet, or should I say early hours yet. The room is definitely cleaner and quieter.

The event has also caused me to reflect on how much material we have in-house that we really don’t need. I’m not a terrible hoarder but a hoarder never-the-less. I believe somewhere deep down in my mind that I will need something the day after I give it way but I can’t think of much to do with three old mobile phones, about 20 mains battery chargers for various bits of electronic instruments, 150 file dividers, eight suitcases of various vintages. The time will come, who knows when, when I will have a grand clear out. I could say the same thing of the garden shed.


They finished around lunchtime so we decided to go to our favourite friendly restaurant, Hartley’s, presided over by the one and only Jason who has been doing this job seven days a week for most of 10 years and loves what he does. We had two of the most delicious glasses of wine with our meal I ever tasted even in France itself.  I realised what rubbish is served in the local supermarkets.

It is interesting that the restaurant is in the middle of nowhere situated on a small industrial estate where they are is a sports gym, and an auctioneer. You might think to yourself, who on earth could make money in a medium priced restaurant along some non-descript road in Somerset. The great thing is that good news travels and they have built up such a reputation that on an ordinary Thursday we just about got the last table.

Beltane – now these are what I call real women

In case you didn’t know, Beltane is the annual May Day Festival. It is about halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

As you will see from the many images I have enclosed, Glastonbury knows how to celebrate its ancient ‘important days’ of the year. We had the usual midday celebration which was sparsely attended but later I realised why. There was a major procession of about 200 people all dressed up especially the women. The procession started at the top of the high Street through Chalice Well and then up the hill to a field where we had the official celebrations. I hope this 10 minute clip gives some idea of the joy and spontaneity of worshiping the Earth, giving respect to the four quadrants, and acknowledging mother nature

If you would like to see a video of the whole event, click here. Here are a few more pictures, hopefully self-explanatory. The first one below I saw on the way to the event. This museum has been renovated by courtesy of the National Lotto  but they still have to work to get people so this is the latest effort. The lettering of “museum unlimited” is very weak and does not stand out particularly in less than bright weather but hopefully people will take the time to study it.

Challis Well dressed for the occasion

a dark and mysterious figure. I know it has a name and when I can think of it I will insert it

a property of the way to Glastonbury Tor

These sort of occasions provide an atmosphere of trust and communality where anyone can speak to anyone else and so long as there is a smile and a pleasant comment, people will respond. I had too many conversations to count but one was with three women from upstate New York who were not trying to do Europe in seven days but decided to stay in Wells and Glastonbury for a week to absorb the atmosphere. Well done them.

On two or three occasions I passed a chap who has the most lovely smile and when Francoise and I sat down for our lunch on the bench in the centre of Glastonbury lo and behold, there he was sitting on one of the seats. We fell into conversation. It appears that he has moved from somewhere in the Midlands to Glastonbury where he has been resident for the last two years and does “many things”.

I did not ask him what those “many things” were. Sometimes it’s better not to ask and just accept a person as they are. A lot of people passed him and greeted him by name. We discussed the importance of making contact and smiling to strangers and how this can making enormous difference to people’s day. He said he loved it in Glastonbury and it was absolutely perfect for him. I said that I knew a person from the Caribbean who smiled so much that he smile entered the room before he did and I thought that was the pinnacle of achievement, creating an atmosphere in advance.

I met another chap this time who had been in London campaigning with regard to the recent Extinction Rebellion. I decided not to take sides but pointed out that without carbon dioxide we would all be dead. He commented that the last round of protests in London had not achieved much especially with the government so he was planning to go back to London to take part in more activities. I wonder how this is being funded. Probably George Soros. Movements do not arise out of nowhere without reason. Expecting reaction from the government is a bit like expecting the day to rise what with the current confusion and nonsense of Brexit.

I cannot say what a pleasure it is to see women secure in their own identity, happy and positive, greeting anyone including any passing men without any hesitation, without putting the guards up as so many people do. I’ve written about this before but I find such women exciting, exhilarating, particularly those who believe in the goddess and mother nature. Many of the Jordan Peterson female haters in his public audience are like wasps. They have I believe a combination of two factors; a complete lack of humour and a hatred towards all men. This can only be because they have not forgiven a man be that their father or a boyfriend who has abused them in some way. I would say to these people, “can you find it in your heart to forgive?”. Forgiveness should be applied both yourself and to others. We all possess male and female within this and if we don’t like ourselves how on earth can we like other people?

It is said that women were abused in the past. Excuse me, everyone was abused in the past. Read about torture in the Middle Ages. If a man abuses a woman he himself is demeaned so isn’t it time to bury the past, fall in love and marry yourself, and the rest is easy.

We popped into one of the new-age shops and bought a quartz crystal. It is currently sitting outside in our lawn getting used to its surroundings. Some regard quartz as a time tunnel; others as a message centre; others as a healer. I just felt I should buy one.

We had spent a couple of hours or so at the celebrations so after that and having had lunch we ran out of energy and did not make our usual trip to the Goddess Centre so off we floated home via a trip to Aldi in Shepton Mallet.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we have a new carpet arriving in our living room so we had to clear everything out including emptying bookshelves, I’m going to have two sort out the mass of wires that come out of the back of the hi-fi system.

What a complete bore but then you have to dust everything which I suppose is good and the room will look nicer afterwards.

An ordinary day that was anything but

I have made an unpleasant discovery or should I say an unpleasant realisation. My body can no longer cope with the cocktail of electromagnetic waves that I throw at it. This is the other side of the coin to being sensitive. Yesterday as you will have read, I had a busy day on the computer. Today I logged in and after about 2 min I got an unpleasant sensation in the hand holding the mouse. It was like being stuck with pins or trying to grab a hedgehog. My whole body feels ill at ease. The only way of solving this was to go and stand outside in bare feet, wash my hands, and just turn the computer off.

Anyway, I was determined to go to my church coffee morning and also I had to make good on my offer to George the verger of the church in Paulton that I would have a bonfire and dispose of some old wood. I arrived at the coffee morning to find about half a dozen people there. As usual, we start by talking about generalities such as the weather, but I decided to make an effort and go up to a woman called Sheila who sings in the choir. We had a very interesting conversation about the approachability of Vicars. The previous one had the big disadvantage of not getting on with his wife who had dissociated herself from the traditional role of Vicars wife. They eventually divorced. The vicar had some sort of mental problem, possibly autism, where he was very rude to people without realising he had been so. We wondered how he got through the net. This turned into a discussion on how to evaluate people, and maybe how not to evaluate them.

I spoke to George the verger who was busily mowing the churchyard. We had a good discussion about strimmers of all things.  George was wearing a safety helmet with a classic metal gauze front. I immediately recognised this as something that I needed because the plastic goggles that you are supposed to wear quickly steam up and you have to stop what you’re doing and  wipe them clean  every few minutes.

When I have written this diary I shall be on to eBay or Amazon and order one. The model he had was of the famous company Stihlthe. It may be expensive but it will last a long time and if it will save my eyesight it will be very cheap indeed. What price health?

I had a lovely time burning the wood. It is one of the most therapeutic things that I know of. I can say I’m a basic element man; air, in the form of wind, Earth, in the form of digging and gardening, quick fire in the form of, well, fire and water in the form of streams, rivers, rough sea, even dare I say watching videos of people clearing drains. I love anything concerning water that flows.

On to the local hospital at Paulton where I presented a troublesome big toe. I waited about an hour. The nurse apologised saying there were only two of them on duty. She does not like to keep people waiting but  the hospital also has a triage unit to the rear of the front office so to speak. Even more urgent cases come then they have to take precedence over people waiting for minor procedures and of course we don’t see that.

She told me there people in the main hospital in Bath where it is five or six hours to be seen, in one case until three in the morning, and simply returned home. They then decided to come to the local hospital instead.

Anyway back to my big toe, the nurse found a sliver of what looked like a brass strand, the type of metal you see in an abrasive tool. She removed it triumphantly and I was duly relieved. It would not have come out on its own because it was under my big toe and every time I walked on it I pressed it in further.

Paulton is in a country area and there is a lovely garden at the back of the hospital for people to just be by themselves and enjoy the landscape

As usual, I took careful note of the notices in the hospital

I’m at the computer again, obviously, writing this diary. My friend and colleague Julia has sent me an old roller-ball style mouse which is not wireless and which has no infrared detector. After 20 min intermittent use, it certainly seems better in that my hands are not prickly. Julia tells me that she has up days and down days for no apparent reasons and it looks like I’m going to be in the same modality. I cannot tell you what a bore it is because I use the computer on a daily basis for research and the thought of curtailing this is horrifying. I think I might get less of an effect using a laptop computer and may be less when I work outside so perhaps I need to build myself a little wooden hut.

Let me finish with a lovely video about Political Correctness, the Marxist sabotage device that has been so devastatingly successful in the West.

Will this be the great 5G confrontation, the people v. The corporates

Today, at my cost, I spent most of the time creating a pop-up page on my site I took on the huge task of going through the press of the world and finding out who has responded and in what way to the press release by one of the big mobile companies that they were going to test 5G in Glastonbury.

You never know when the truth will out and it could be that so many festivalgoers and potential festivalgoers protest that what EE is intended to be a wonderful publicity stunt for themselves would turn into a disaster. I very much hope it will. I don’t particularly want to have my body microwaved all the time without having any choice.

It took me about six hours to get the page together. If you would like to visit it, then click the link here.

Not much time for anything else today apart from staring at TV for a couple of hours and having an early night. Since putting the blackout material behind the curtains we are getting about 1 1/2 hours extra sleep which is absolutely great. If I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, it’s absolutely great.

A church-less day – Glasto to be blasted by 5G – ideas galore

Yesterday I went to my men’s group evening. We were reminded that each person is a part of the jigsaw puzzle of life and we should all share. For the first time, the Curry evening event was open to ladies and there were about 35 people there I think. I do notice that men are unwilling to come out of their shells beyond talking about the normal everyday things. Maybe religion is outside the comfort zone of most English men. For example, it’s too late to start thinking about life after death when your other half has ascended to the heavenly realms. It is as well to be prepared because it’s difficult to study and absorb objectively when you are grieving and in shock.


Today Sunday we are experiencing the latter effects of a storm. I admit that I did not find within myself the incentive to attend church. When I do attend, I’m normally glad I’ve done so and have had a couple of interesting chats along the way, but not today.

The wind has died down the temperature is about 10° I decided not to go to Cheddar car boot sale as I normally do. Francoise spent the morning clearing out her very small room and trying to put a quart into a pint pot – very difficult as she counts sewing and painting among her hobbies. I would love to materialise a lovely big room with just the right light.


Watched a video by Simon Parkes about extraterrestrials, artificial intelligence, universal consciousness on Age of Truth  TV. have if you have two hours and 13 min to spare it is a mind blowing thing. but I found  particularly helpful his statement that many years ago he was offered the possibility of safety in a concrete bunker if and when there would be a nuclear war. He decided that a far better state of mind was to create conditions in which there would be no war because accepting the offer of a bunker means that you give in in advance and have a different more pessimistic mental landscape.


I’ve come across an extraordinary series of films entitled “time of the six sun launch”. I’m having the privilege of looking at advanced human beings speak about the awareness and future of mankind from a very elevated perspective taking into account the nature of the universe not just look From mankind’s point of view, the implication of increasing consciousness, the need to avoid the cycle of life and rebirth.

As usual each of nine films is available for 24 hours only and then you are invited to buy the whole series together with a lot of other special offers. The online offer is only $97 so I may well take them up on that. I don’t have a need to have the physical set of DVDs.

David Icke appears and discusses alien races and their need to be fed with energy. I agree this may sound strange to those not in the loop,  those who have not taken the red pill but chaos, stress, low vibrations on the earth are the very energy food that they seek for their own continuity. The world is set up the way it is to feed them. They cannot cope with higher-level vibrations such as love. I think this is half the answer of getting away from the chaos that we are seeing around us. Love is a vibration, it’s not sentiment.

I was so impressed that I wrote to the three people running the distribution and administration

This Series encourages an absolutely outstanding step forward in human kind’s consciousness.  Whoever made this series was truly inspired. As you do the work you should receive abundant blessings for the changing energy fields in others caused by this work”
to which they replied
Thank you so much for your support and kind words, we are delighted that you loved the film and it is wonderful getting such fabulous feedback from people, we are touched. We do hope that you enjoy the rest of the series. Please do share the love and tell everyone as we are just a team of three and we would truly value your help; for your convenience here are the relevant links: etc etc”

Today I sent two newsletters out to my 5G client list. The second one, the shortest,  was that EE the ongoing to introduce experimental 5G to the Glastonbury Festival they are going to put up five masts and blast everyone with microwave radiation. This is a total disaster. How can people get rest and refreshment I hope a ton of people write to Michael Eavis who should know better. The problem is and he must have signed a contract and received a lot of money for it.

The first one was about an enormous summary on the dangers of 5G, I would call it a superb document by someone called Oliver Vuillemin. He has summed this up in a fresh way with such clarity that only those who are either paid off or brain-dead could fail to be impressed by. I started my 5G website about a year ago and I’m very impressed by the number of new kids on the block who have perhaps seen my work, decided they could do better, and so to speak stood on my shoulders. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see this. Who cares who gets the credit so long as we get the result. If 5G goes ahead with all its implications the human species as we know it will be under serious threat within two generations. I’m going to see my MP on this next Friday to impress on him the importance of all this.


Today, we did some work on the allotment. I’ve taken delivery recently of a new strimmer, a petrol model. It is quite difficult to use without wearing out the nylon cord quickly. I find that after about 10 min work I have to replace the cord. I feel that it has too much power for its own good and I have thought of substituting wire for the nylon cord that the speed it travels it would cut through your boots like butter.

The other problem is getting the angle of the cut right otherwise you just run over the grass especially when borders are concerned. It is more difficult than I thought. N.B. wearing eye goggles is essential because the small stones and indeed the grass itself flies off at a quick rate and can easily get in your eye.

The glories of imperfection – abdominal matters – good posters

I have today considered my tendency to become helpless and rely on other people, especially with regard to paid services or products. The tendency is nothing like it was but it is still in my software so to speak.  We are considering light-proof curtains for our bedroom and have had various quotes from £300 over £500.   This morning, I thought to myself, why do we not have some fun and some experimentation. I decided to take our existing curtains and put some blackout material on the back. Strangely, the blackout material is white but it makes no difference. I bought 3 m of material which at a 1 m 40 cm drop was perfect – at a total cost of £17.97.

Using metal staples, yes staples, I attached the backing to the curtains just to see what it would look like. You could call it a Heath Robinson attempt. It did give me the idea of what a dark bedroom is like and quite frankly if I was on my own and not being very style conscious I would be quite happy to leave it as a permanent feature.

I believe that we can do far better in terms of improvisation, repairing, making do, and asking ourselves the question “do we really need to buy something new”  If it works then what’s the problem. Something does not have to be perfect to be usable. Are we afraid that other people will see what we’re doing and somehow pronounce judgement on it? If so we need to get on with the business of individualisation. We are Queen or King of our own domain and people don’t like it …. then they know what they can do, By the way you don’t really want friends that will only attach themselves to you because of your possessions? That would be sad indeed.

I’m not saying that everything acquired should be second-hand, I don’t like the idea of second-hand underwear and we are certainly going to get a new carpet but I do wonder how much money our personal vanity costs us.


Off to hospital again, not my normal eye appointment but to have an examination or perhaps I should say scan for my stomach and any anomalies therein.  It was a curious if slightly surreal event. I had to lie down on a couch and the scanning instrument was based on my stomach. I then had to turn on my left hand side when further scans were done, and the same with me on my right hand side. I was asked to clean the jellylike substance off my stomach and that was the end. In out. 10 minutes max.

I did try to initiate some conversation on a suspected hernia that I have a little lower down but I was told by the consultant that she was not able to look at something that was not on the request list so I must talk to my doctor.  There was nothing wrong with anything during the 10 min, nothing unprofessional,  it was just that no conversation took place. I guess it was a highly technical thing.


As usual, I admire the efforts of the hospital in Bath, the RUH, to make the idea of volunteering and giving and being aware as friendly as possible. This section shows the many examples I saw on this visit with comments as necessary.

For the first time, I visited the spiritual care centre at the hospital and was mightily impressed by the sheer power of the accumulated prayers that I felt in the room. Anyone going in there could not fail to be uplifted.They have a program of events which seems to take place on a daily basis. I will certainly try and visit if I can fit it in with my next eye appointment..


lovely peaceful garden nearby the spiritual area



Meta analysis. I had thoughts today on how to present – in a very limited amount of time – material that will make people think, or should I say cause people to think if they are so minded.  I don’t think anyone can make anyone think. Thinking is a voluntary act, reaction is any in voluntary act arising out of some sort of restriction.

Take the latest nonsense about global warming. The most valuable thing I can do is to point out the conditions for a perfect storm where deception and lies are most likely to take place. It was noticed that people like David Bellamy and others were removed from the public arena not to mention the 30,000 scientists who disagreed with the current hypotheses about man-made global warming. Secondly, the question, who benefits? Billions of dollars are to be made out of carbon credits. Thirdly, it would appear that a number of people in the public eye refused to discuss the matter and there are instances of them having displayed conflict-of-interest, for example supporting the industry that there are supposed to be judging on.

Anyone can take sides but if we can help people to see the background information, who is controlling the world and why, then and only then can they make sense of the apparent inconsistencies of how the Main Stream Media represents the topics to the public. The same goes for 5G.

As I said previously, assume everything is a lie unless proven otherwise and I’m afraid when money is involved everybody has their price and integrity goes out of the window.



Another ‘mobile phone’ orphan – political diary – jet washing

Another doomed child. How will they recover?

I notice that Ian R Crane is mentioning more political activity on his Facebook site. It occurs to me that I need an outlet for my own political views so as from today, certain of my diaries will be political in nature. I am going to Wetherspoon’s here in Midsomer Norton about twice a week these days. The idea of paying £4.70 for a decent traditional breakfast including  unlimited coffee is too much to resist.  The ingredients would cost me near that.

At the table opposite me were a couple that you cannot see in the picture above because they’d gone to get some more coffee. The child, three years of age? was continually playing a game on her device.  Hysterical laughter was emerging from the device.  Obviously, some points have been won.  The parents had been speaking animatedly to each other but totally ignored her. Just imagine the effect on the psychology of a child of that happening 365 days a year probably for most of the day.


I am sick and tired of this Greta Thunberg, the child of 16 from Sweden who stands up in front of people and tells them that the Earth is going to auto destruct in a few years.   I consider this the most cynical and deliberate PR campaign on the half of those behind-the-scenes who stand to make a lot of money from irrational fear about so-called climate change. The golden rule is “follow the money”. Who stands to benefit from this? Those who trade in carbon credits.

Greta with her mother

The reason that Piers Corbyn (  is not seen on BBC TV is that he ridicules their attitude to climate change . In today’s Daily Mail Piers brands 16-year-old climate activist as “ignorant brainwashed child” who is being “abused by manipulative cults”. It is no coincidence that Greta is the daughter of two parents in the acting profession.  Weather is not controlled by carbon dioxide. It is controlled he claims by certain planetary configurations. Based on those, he can work out the weather well in advance. He says that carbon dioxide is ‘a fart in the wind’. It is worth remembering that without carbon dioxide, a necessary trace element, we would all be dead. Trees require carbon dioxide which they convert into oxygen. There’s no point in these extinction people campaigning in England when Russia and China merrily increase their carbon footprint by gigatons. If the United Kingdom stopped producing carbon dioxide altogether it would make no difference to the overall picture.

A word on the BBC. For the last three decades they been little more than a PR company for Israel, Washington, the government of the time, and various large corporations.  They are also quietly marginalising the Christian religion.   Anyone who expects impartial news from the BBC is living in a fantasy world. Every item broadcast is scrutinised and skewed according to their own agenda. if you want to know more about the BBC, read the excellent book by David Sedgwick “BBC Brainwashing Britain”. If people want quality news, ‘news for grown-ups’ then Russia Today is in a class of its own. Those that want disguised propaganda and trivia then stick with BBC News. There are many aspects of the BBC that I admire. Their nature programmes are a joy, I wouldn’t miss Dragons Den for anything and I think the innovatory BBC “Sounds” where you can listen to any item you heard on BBC radio is an excellent idea. The BBC are fighting for market share and this could be a good way towards it. I wonder if the younger people have already left for the most part.


I have been told that Whatsapp is a much better client than Skype. One of the frustrations is that in spite of the incredible amount of knowledge there is on the Internet I don’t get the chance to update myself with the latest technology. I’m coming on for 75 years of age now but in no way is my intellect showing signs of dying down in fact I’d say quite the converse. As they say, you are as old as you feel and part of me feels about 18 years of age. Attitude is the ultimate system beater.

Anyway it’s 10:43 AM and the day has yet to begin…<later>

Francoise and I did a gardening job today. It consisted mainly of pressure washing paving stones, one of two statues, and doing one or two hours of weeding. It is very interesting that when I’m in the zone I do not seem to lose energy. I did the jet washing for about four hours which by normal standards would be quite wearing and yet I found myself wanting to carry on. I may go back this evening or I may continue tomorrow morning, it depends on the weather forecast. Nature supplies all the energy we need if we take the trouble to get in tune with it.


I decided to go back and finish the job which was done in to hours. The weather was absolutely perfect; tomorrow it is going to be pestilence, frogs, hail, snow, 45 miles an hour winds, not really time for working in the garden.




Can we believe anything we read? – staying out of court

We had this disastrous fire at Notre Dame, the 800 year old Cathedral in Paris. I am now suspicious of such events. My suspicions were well founded. For all such disasters there is a method that I follow. I listen to descriptions of commentators on all media immediately after the event and then I notice which part of the commentary is taken down. A classic case of this was 911 but to even think of this is boring. I also look at the data from the first 24-hours and see if it is consistent – including premature claims.

You have to wait a few days for the first videos to appear on Youtube.  The first one was made in the USA from a lady who had studied the remarkable fires in California that had the ability to turn cars upside down and melt their engines. She commented that the smoke from the so-called wood fires in Paris was partly white as opposed to the normal black smoke you would get in the case of incomplete combustion from the burning of wood.

When she was first told about the Paris fire, her first question was “what colour was the smoke?” Lo and behold it was white. This is a sign of a chemical accelerant. I then watched another video from Australia. The commentator said that it was amazing that within a few hours the authorities had definitely ruled out arson. How did they know unless they had done done an examination?  There was also a remarkable video of a man on top of the building running around shortly before the fire started holding something in his hand that flashed from time to time. This was taken by a webcam which sits above and adjacent to the Cathedral. The video of this is below.

He also played an interview with a previous chief of security and renovation at the Cathedral who said that the electrical system had recently been replaced and that was no chance of a fire. We were also reminded that the reason for fuses is to detect surges in current and cut off the set current to avoid damage.   He also mentioned that there were at least three fire wardens on duty 24 hours a day.

The previous custodian also pointed out that 800 old oak trees become almost fossilised and in the absence of large amounts of kindling would catch fire only with the greatest difficulty.


One rule that I would make is that at all times, keep out of court. Court is a slow motion torture system. You may be right, you may be wrong, but the thought of appearing in court in a few months time hangs over you. I’m reminded of that because my friend, Marina, who works in South Africa selling art from South Africa to the world, was troubled because the girlfriend of her son became pregnant and they both ended up staying in the home. The girl took full advantage of this and was quite happy to eat their food and have them as a free taxi service but eventually things got so bad that the girl was thrown out.

Instead of accepting this, she took out a court case against my friend Marina for cruelty and abuse. Over a period of seven months her story was eventually recognised in court to consist of a pack of lies.  My friend had to pay the equivalent of seven months wages to a lawyer. An application for costs was not made to the girl because she was unemployed. The emotional toll upon the family cannot be overestimated.

My point is this, don’t be tempted to go to court over minor things where mediation may be the answer. The only people to win from court cases are the lawyers. The wisest thing is do not do anything which might lead to a court case. People who owe you money will often string things out as much as possible hoping you will lose interest and that is also a strain.  Human nature is a wonderful thing and there’s plenty of it about. If you detect instability or insanity in any person, have as little to do with them as possible. If you are not completely satisfied with the contract then leave it or ask a qualified friend.  If is means walking away, then you walk away and lick your wounds. The wounds will probably be of pride not of money. People are capable of lying convincingly, lying to a solicitor, lying to practically everyone, and to get the firepower to deal with these people costs a lot of money.

Mells Annual Daffodil Festival

This is the 40th year of this amazing festival where a sleepy village is transformed into a bustling market very much like it must’ve been in the Middle Ages. Mells has only one street and it is very historical in nature. We arrived about 11 o’clock, the official opening time, to find there were hundreds of people already there. Bearing in mind the wonderful weather, this was not surprising. Because I am an organiser, I’m on the lookout for how things are organised and this event did pretty well.

Here are the main points that you might like to bear in mind if you organise something (Skip this if you want to move forward to the pictures)

1. Volunteers are vital. You will probably need more than you think you will. I reckon there were about 100 altogether.

2. If it is paid access, take time to get the price right. In the case of this festival it was three pounds ahead and children free. This will depend on your being able to get sponsorship, in part at any rate, so you might want to try to get sponsors on board earlier rather than later.

3. car parking is vital or at least helpful and in this case they found a friendly farmer who allowed his very healthy looking greenery to be driven over by hundreds of cars

4. Signage. It may be worth paying the AA to sign the event. They know what they are doing and what is legal and what is not. The AA brand does add status to the event

5. They should be separate car parking for the market stall holders who will probably want to make an early start. I expect that people started turning up from about seven o’clock. Some stands take a long time to set up

6. The map of the site and a timetable of events should be clearly listed and given to everyone if possible. Consider people wearing bands to identify the fact that they have paid and so they can come and go as they please.

7. Events should start on time and finish on time

8. Contingency plans should be made in case of inclement weather.

9. you have to agree with the authorities well in advance where the monitoring points will be and who can drive where and which streets to close. People who live in the restricted streets will have a right of egress.

10. Allow space for stalls and features and don’t cram them up though they may look lonely with no public there. There is nothing worse than an overcrowded event.

My commentary for this event will be appended to the various images that follow. they are in no particular order.

in the very posh Tea garden

a piano in the tea garden somewhat in need of repair

somewhere there is a seller of balloons

there was a good shuttle service from Frome, regular and well-organised

the multitudes watching bears and other stuffed animals being parachuted down from the top of the church tower

what it says on the tin, one of the many coffee outlets. Prices of coffee were between two pounds and three pounds

1933 MGK1 6 cyl O.H.C. 1286 c.c. only 23 were made some were cut down to make K3 a races. I’ve had it for 61 years Mke Brockway

owners love to come along and sit near their cars in this retro atmosphere and talk about cars to anyone who wants to chat to them

There were about 10 town criers  competing. This chap was the first one and in my opinion the best. I was disappointed with them because they had not made any special attempt to make a poem or timely speech or period piece. If you’re going to bother to dress up in period costume then at least act the part. This is something over which the organisers have little if any control. This crier did Wells proud. Distinguish between Wells and Mells.

We left after about four hours. The music went on well into the evening but I was too footsore to walk around more. I find walking slowly and intermittently far more exhausting than going on a long walk.

And so ended a wonderful Easter holiday.