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An unexpected Pride encounter in Frome

Saturday morning and nothing planned for the day. Raining but promise of sunshine later on so once again I followed my instinct and decided to go to Frome.  In a way you are walking towards nothing but I know myself...

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Am I a churchgoer? Not really. 

I have had 80 years worth of being a member of so many congregations that I have lost count. I thought it would be a good time to reflect on all my experiences, good bad and indifferent, and see if this resonates with...

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It was my birthday yesterday

I was motivated to find out (or remind myself) of the characteristics of my star sign, Gemini.  I can relate well to what was said in so reproduce it here.  See the full article by visiting here As May...

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Conclusion of short break in North Somerset

I do not like to leave anything unrecorded but on this occasion I find myself somewhat short of energy and time so I will be publishing a few pictures that will have to suffice. On the Friday morning, the day of our...

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Testimonies of those who have seen heaven

I have always been interested in life after death or more specifically what happens when you leave this mode of existence and move to another and what experience is people get. Advanced information is obtained when...

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Yet more from Bath on a sunny but breezy day

Off to Bath to buy some bits and pieces for my birthday party next Sunday. We stopped off at the Methodist church in Manvers Street. There is always a welcome in this clean and bright place with plenty of social...

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