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Donald Trump Assassination attempt special

It is not every day that a leading figure is the subject of an assassination attempt.  I remember Olaf Palme. JFK, Martin Luther Kind, Bobby Kennedy, Here is a blow by blow account of how the 'alternative' media have...

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One url, 1000 positive images

FACEBOOK MEMBERS ONLY  As I am occupied on many things today, this will have to do as my soul (sole) contribution. Warning - it is addictive but a wonderful balance to gloom and doom / dystopian material.   sit back...

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A weekend in one entry

I've just returned from a weak end during which I went to a party thrown for my son whose fifth wedding anniversary it is and he bought his Indian wife with him. It is very pleasant, and that pleasant feel does not...

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A two in one Sunday

 Two contrasting elements to my day. To a farm run by two of the leaders of what used to be called the Vineyard for a combined meeting which included the usual repetitive singing and praising but also a testimony of...

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The value of listening

Not much to say today. We are preparing the house for a visit by my son and his wife. I found a lovely story which I enclose. I got it off Facebook but it is a little bit difficult to read so I am reproducing it....

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Midsummer solstice at Glastonbury

A very pleasant trip by bus for a jolly mid Summer Solstice celebration tainted by one thing. Due to pressure from Woke people they had removed a copy of a statue created by an artist who had some questionable sexual...

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The start of my 9th Decade

After the guests have gone, the helium filled balloons are still hanging around in my living room even after a week It is slowly dawning on me that I'm into my ninth decade of life in this particular cycle. This...

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An unexpected Pride encounter in Frome

Saturday morning and nothing planned for the day. Raining but promise of sunshine later on so once again I followed my instinct and decided to go to Frome.  In a way you are walking towards nothing but I know myself...

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Am I a churchgoer? Not really. 

I have had 80 years worth of being a member of so many congregations that I have lost count. I thought it would be a good time to reflect on all my experiences, good bad and indifferent, and see if this resonates with...

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