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You have arrived at U.K.’s leading philosophical and pictorial blog inspired by the diary of Samuel Pepys. The blog has only been going since February 2017 – this year – but has attracted interest from around the world. I believe that everybody should consider keeping a diary. It is so therapeutic apart from being a good historical reference point. It’s also nice to relive memories.

Ideas are for sharing and visitors have found that the ideas expressed here act as a catalyst for the development of their own thinking as individuals as opposed to being one of the crowd. Many subjects are covered. You will find the search facility for all text (top right of this page) quite useful and more so as time goes on.

Myself and my wife Francoise. We live in Midsomer Norton, Somerset

Please feel free to share my life with its excitements, its ups and downs, its dreams and rude awakenings. I only write what I feel to be true for me so no posing or window dressing here! Comments welcome.

I suggest you open the diary at any date. The subsequent pages will automatically appear as you scroll. If you wish to make a comment you will receive as full an answer as I can supply.

You might like to put this site on your favourites as almost every day there is something new and you never know what you may find helpful.

I have no idea what I am going to write until a theme pops into my head.

Brian Snellgrove

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