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Last night we watched a film on the Eve Saint Laurant, a French designer that revolutionised the way women dressed, and influence that held over 50 years. He was gay, nothing against that, but he was very sensitive to what people thought about him. He was never satisfied with his own work and always wanted to do better, he was  prone to fits of temper and spent some time in a psychiatric hospital. I think sometimes we tend to see people in the public eye as Superman and women without any problems, and if they haven’t they overcome them with an iron will.  in truth we are all fallible, we all have their lessons to learn, and we all make mistakes along the way.

We rose at 8:30 AM this morning or to be more particular my wife arose at 8:30 AM and I arose about 7am  when the papers arrive.  I sometimes think I do a days work or maybe half a day’s work before my wife gets up. After I’ve had my bucket of coffee, before which no one should ever speak to me, I open my Internet, deal with my mail, reconcile my bank statements which I do on a daily basis (not obsessive of course) and have a glance  at the paper.    Mercifully, I don’t have to go to work. The nearest to that will come in the summer when I start writing again.  that is our main source of income apart from pensions.

Funny how things work out.  good days often start from nothing and then we get an idea in our heads that we want to do something and then this invisible script rolls out.  We went off to a nursery to buy some plants.  Due to a fire in the restaurant there was no service. We just happened to see a bistro called Hartleys Bistro, a place on a small business in estate in the middle of some fields. We thought that hardly anyone would go there but to our surprise when we arrivd we found one of the most popular cafes in the area. Evidently they routinely  serve 80 covers on a Sunday for breakfast, branch and lunch. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

For the first time ever, the manager or was it the owner took me out to see the kitchens. He was proud of the cleanliness and the order, and he also introduced me to his wife. They spoke to me about how people came to breakfast particularly in the weekend’s not knowing anyone and formed relationships with people who also came and now it resembles a community centre. I would love to have such a centre but it will only happen if I win the lotto. My idea is that anyone in the area come along to a place for coffee, for a meal, and just feel at home.

I talked to my son who works abroad for some time on the phone today. He has difficulty with a colleague and I could so easily hear in his life the sort of things that I had to experience in my earlier life. I used to listen to people but I did not.  I think people will hear things were now ready to listen and that growing up and becoming an individual is not easy because you have to rise above the supposed opinions of other people even though they are not you and have no right to judge you.

we continue to try and find foods that do not have chemical poisons in them or too much sugar. Yesterday we attempted to make some yoghurt which you do with taking pure yoghurt and mixing it with warm milk and leaving it for some hours.  The milk essentially curdles and organisms grow due to the whey  that is in the existing yoghurt.  I find that my stomach is becoming more and more critical about what I put down my throat. I can have a series of acid reflux events if I eat too fast or I can have a perfectly good day without any sort of stomach problem if I have less food. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to completely learn this lesson. I think I may have mentioned it before in this diary.

I’ve been chosen people from People per Hour  to help me rewrite website that I’m doing for my son to help and to get extra work. It’s a bit like a dating bureau rarely, people say the most immaculate things about themselves and how well they can do and who has recommended them and yet when it comes to delivery they can’t do it.  However the benefit of the Internet is that you have reached to people all over the world. for people to help me deliver my product they need the same mindset which is basically a community mindset. I’ve nothing against Indian people who are very hard-working but their mindset is totally different and although they speak English they don’t think English and I don’t like talking to someone on the phone feeling that I’m speaking by shouting across the chasm and that the listener doesn’t really understand what I’m talking about other than in a robotic way.

Tonight, off to a talk about old railways from Somerset. I just love black-and-white films especially where machines or engines are concerned.   it is 615 in the evening and black as night while it is night so it would be wouldn’t it. I’m looking forward to the light evenings and since the turn of the year I think we have about 45 min extra daylight.  I’m a creature of the light not the dark.

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