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What a wonderful day. Full of sunshine. This is the day when we removed five trees. At 10 AM they were there, at 1 PM they were gone. I had a very good experience of being objective and therefore succeeded in doing things that could be considered dangerous. Will and I discussed what we were doing while we were doing it and not taking anything for granted. We discussed it before each of the trees was felled. We checked our equipment, the wind direction, each other. In which direction was literally going to fall? Were there any branches that would shift its fall in another direction? I had bought an elastic rope with a breaking strain of 80 kg. We tied it to the top of the tree and while my colleague made cuts to fell the tree, I wrapped the cord around myself and will the tree to fall in the direction that I desired.  The trees were only 1 m away from our property foundations so there was a risk that they could smash into the roof but it did not happen. Each tree obediently fell, was cut up, and transported by leg power into my lovely workhorse Volvo V 70 and thence to the recycling.

Will was also reroofing my garden shed, in sore need after the felt was in tatters after attentions of storms and wind. We started at 9:30 AM and by 5:30 PM the roof was renewed, the rotten wood taken away, five trees were felled, and to spend time was had by all. Will is a great need for tea and we supplied him with a least 4 cups. Incidentally if someone does engage a gardener or workmen, it is almost bordering on bad manners do not to offer them a cup of tea the work is hard. You sometimes don’t realise it but water needs to be replaced and tea is the ideal way of doing it.

I have taken some opportunities to sort out my clothes. The problem is I just wear the same old few but I’ve got lots that I don’t really want to throw away because I have memories for me but they are occupying more and more space. Maybe I should throw them all away and be done with it. I have contented myself with stacking up my jerseys in neat piles and somehow trying to clear a little space for something else.

I received a letter from a friend saying that although they would love to put us up, they have so many other problems including look at looking after a neighbour who is becoming demented, looking after a son who’s got depression problems and showing signs of autism, apart from the need as a single parent to work and bring in the money. We do give thanks for the problems we do not have. We don’t have debt, we don’t have a mortgage, we don’t have health problems to speak of. We are mobile, we can go where we like, we can lay in bed all day if we want to, we don’t have dependent relatives, we have decent and neighbours who don’t trouble us and this is worth an awful lot. We still work. We garden for the locals. It is heavy at times but very enjoyable in the main.

My eyes were troubling me yesterday. I have wet macular degeneration in my left eye. this means that the back areas of the eye develop something similar to corrugated iron and so the focus on subjects by the middle of the eye is almost impossible. I am being treated by the National Health Service but I noticed floaters in my eye yesterday. They are like little worms that run around in the eye and are common symptoms among more senior people. However, today they are better. I was going to ring the hospital and bring forward my next appointment but I don’t think this is not necessary.

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