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At 3.30 this morning I was listening to Radio Five Live.    there was an expert answering questions about devices, gadgets etc. I texted a question  about my sky plus box. Why was the hard disk running all the time? The experts said it was less wearing to keep it on than stopping it and starting it. he said that in the future there would be greater use of solid state memory. it’s amazing how many people are up and about in the middle of the night. I only rarely sleep without a break so I have my earpiece beside me in the bed already tuned to Radio Five Live and just plug it into my ear when I get bored. It says me jumping up to make a cup of tea.

I have booked to go to London for a few days at the beginning of March. Because I cannot afford a kings ransom I’m not going by train. We always travel by coach and paid £30 for the two of us return. Cheapest train would be £115 return. The train takes about one and a half hours, the bus takes 2h 45m . It’s not that I can’t afford the £115 but I’d rather sit for an extra hour and use the balance of £85 on restaurants, travel within London etc. We are going to see if among other things a friend of Frost was my partner who is showing signs of dementia and may not have long with us. She has known him for 40 years and has not found a way of bypassing his stubborn desire to be helped.

I had a little splash of inspiration this morning. I decided to go to the local garden allotment of which I am secretary and photograph the first signs of spring. this was the warmest day of the year, 12°C temperature, bright sunshine, and I thought it was a lovely time to send a newsletter to everybody. I made photographs at 11 o’clock and by 12 o’clock the newsletter was out and I think it has so far been read by about half the recipients.  It’s lovely to think how easy these things are to do, no snail mail, no printing, straight from mouth-to-mouth so to speak.

This afternoon we spent in the garden, cutting things, tidying the shed, sorting out which of the four strimmers I wanted to keep. I read another chapter of my book about Tibet and managed half an hour of dictation without making more than a couple of mistakes.

On the radio today there was a lady who decided to marry herself. She has bought her wedding dress, invited bridesmaids, booked a place and will have an evening ceremony where she will walk up the aisle with her father. She says she has no intention of getting married to anyone else and has described herself as “mad as a box of frogs”. I think only in England would this be acceptable as behaviour because let’s face it most of us are a little bit eccentric or we enjoy eccentric behaviour. Even I’m eccentric I must admit. I consider that normality is a pathology because you were predicating yourself on being accepted by others so you continually monitor your own behaviour which in my view cuts out a lot of creativity.

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