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This morning at 10 AM we went to see a garden to give a quote for work. There was a huge orchard full of brambles and trees that need to be trimmed, an area of brambles behind the house and another area by its side. I reckon it was a good three days for two people so the price was £795. The lady declined the quote, but asked me for a quote for the smaller elements, 10% of the job, but I said that that went below the minimum level for which we would go out and suggested she finds someone else. it is most important to start a job on a sweet note if not a civilised note. If the job starts or tends to start badly I always walk away from it because once a tone is set it is very difficult to change it and it may be money but it’s bad money. Nothing is ever just money.

Many people simply have no idea how much it costs to run a firm, no matter what you are doing, if I were to work for say £10 an hour I would end up by working at less than the minimum wage because you have to pay for your own tools, fuel, transport, insurance, wages etc.So if I work for £25 an hour per person;  we end up getting about £16 net which of course is taxable. I’m not one of these people that wants cash under the counter because if you putting all your legitimate allowances the tax demand is actually quite reasonable. The level at which you have to register for value added tax is about £80,000 a year so we are well below that.

Midsomer Norton has a Railway preservation Society which is situation at Midsomer Norton South railway station. There is a very good bookshop in the station and there is a first-class dining car parked in a siding which is used for serving snacks and if you are lucky, Sunday lunch. The chef is a fully qualified retired chef and I hear the food is very good. We sat down and had coffee and chatted with a couple opposite. I am at my best with complete strangers in terms of making jokes and using any excuse to start a conversation. We discussed the possible rate increase businesses on 1 April 2017 and bemoaned the already existing tendency for pound shops and charity shops which land when the small specialist shops are driven out of business.

We spent the afternoon in the garden. Francoise made a box in which she wants to plant seedlings. It took three hours to make it out of bits of wood but it’s a lovely therapeutic way of passing the time. For every profession, there is an ideal activity which is the perfect antidote for the stresses and strains of work.


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