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We were woken by a blast of rain at about 6:30 AM it was as close to solid water pouring out of the cloud as I’ve ever seen accompanied by high wind. Other parts of the country had it far worse during the weather invented Doris.  We seem to get away with quite good weather in Somerset.

to the psychotherapist… Kerry certainly knows his job. He dealt with sports people for years and can almost tell by looking at the human body where the problems are. I had a problem with my right jaw which was slightly displaced from a fall. With him I discovered that the problem lay in the left jaw which took the brunt of the impact. We had to painfully unfreeze the jaw by manipulation. Funny how one end of the body organs can feel the pain yet the problem is elsewhere.

to a customer who rang me up asking me to trim a 4 m long verge. It abutted on a road where traffic was quite fast and because she had multiple sclerosis she could not risk falling from her frequent dizzy spells so I got called in. It was necessary to dig up a number of docks, quite gently, as I did not want to disturb the integrity of the bank can cause earth to tumble into the road. I estimated £80 for the whole but she text back saying that it would have to wait. I wish people would actually have the money to do something before they call people in. They think in terms of 20 or £30 with a mindset that could be up to 10 years out of date. If they were to come to me and explain their problem I could probably come to some arrangement but they don’t even want to do that so there’s nothing I can do really.

I tried to get to grips with Meetup meetings. You have to pay many dollars a month for the publicity service. Unfortunately they chose to publish the item before I was ready and on a Thursday evening. Here we have 23 February and the event is 20 March which is just over three weeks away. I want to give everyone time but on the other hand if you give a date to find advance people tend to forget. Meet up meetings tend to be characterised by people booking not turning up so I went to try and get around this by having a small charge of three pounds for the meeting room and for my professional service as an organiser.

An evening too warm to have a fire which is a pity because I find them so nurturing so we contented ourselves with watching TV. I went to sleep as I often do after energetic treatments.

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