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So much happened in London. It is too daunting to record it all but I must say that I didn’t realise how much I needed the impact and healing of high quality art and spent five hours at the Tate Modern because there was so much to see and I could see no reason for leaving.

I am adept at speaking to strangers and I do this particularly when I’m on my own. I make no distinction between men and women, couples or singles. You need to learn the right body language which is not to be too confrontational and face someone, but look towards the object of interest with them. When you have made your comment and had some sort of reply you move on and do not follow them around. The only rude encounter I had was from an American couple. I was talking to the woman who thought she had missed a talk and I said, you could arrive late and join in. I thought that was quite useful information but the husband simply ignored me turned his head away and said, “let’s go honey”.

Yesterday, when we came back in the afternoon coach from London to Bath, there were the most amazing rain showers which, combined with the sun shining into the clouds and through the rain produced this most spectacular imagery, which unfortunately does not show very well on a small camera attached to my video or even my Galaxy.

Today I’m getting back into normal gear, whatever that is, and realising that I have to learn a little bit of money here and there hopefully through some gardening. It is early in the season but I’m getting one or two enquiries. The problem is people don’t want to spend any money. The person I gave a quote to for two days two people was considered too much but then I know that they had had a gardener for years and he probably charged about £30 for three hours. This is just not possible when you run your own company because I would then be working for the minimum wage and probably less.

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