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irritation. I have done my usual quota of Trip Adviser reviews this time of London and my recent visit. I wrote a review of the Hayward Gallery, saying that it was closed and would only open in 2018.  My review was returned to me with the following comment:

Dear TripAdvisor Member,

Thank you for your review. We have opted not to publish your review as it does not meet our guidelines for traveler reviews. We have listed the guidelines below; you may also view them at:

*Authentic guest reviews of first hand experiences
We accept reviews that detail first-hand experiences with the facilities or services of an establishment. General discussion that does not detail a substantial experience will not be posted. No second-hand information or hearsay (unverified information, rumors or quotations from other sources or the reported opinions/experience of others).
No reviews written by ownership or management; including past employees, volunteers or anyone associated with/related to employees of the property with which they are affiliated. No reviews written by vendors employed by the property. Individuals affiliated with a property may not review other properties of the same type (accommodation, restaurant, or attraction) within the same city or town, or within 10 miles/16 kilometres of that property.

General commentary, bulletins, and questions for other reviewers are best suited to the TripAdvisor Forums ( Forums are discussion boards where members may ask and answer one another’s travel-related questions. Please feel free to submit your message there. Your original review is included below for your convenience.

It is clear that the majority of reviews are scanned by computer and the algorithms are geared to throw out swear words, personal comments etc. At a second stage they are reviewed again to weed out those that should not have been published in the first place. The above is a standard letter which everybody gets. I have reworded my review but the only thing I’m saying is that the place is closed and will not be open until 2018. it was returned again. How do I get a human being to actually read this and think, i.e. use their brain. What I did this time was simply write back to them saying that I’ve given them the information, they must do with it as they wish.

Today was a sunny day and other half and myself spent the day in the garden weeding, cutting, building a fence in my case. There is a particular quietness in working together when you don’t really have to say anything, just the pleasure of communal working.

A friend of mine, one of the allotment holders here locally in Midsomer Norton has decided to buy the local health shop with a friend. it is so good that healthy foods will continue to be sold in this quite small conurbation of about 20,000 people. I urged her to allow me to create a newsletter for the regular customers. She did not need much persuading but I said it does no harm to remind people so hopefully when the contract is finally signed, she will ask people whether they want to be kept in touch via some leaflets at the cash desk. I shall do this task for nothing because mailing lists and newsletters are my thing and it’s a bit like paying an alcoholic to sit in a bar.

I learned something today about bargaining. I wanted some extra cement for my work, but did not want to pay much for it. So I found a bag that had been broken open and obtained a substantial discount. The role is, if you don’t ask, you don’t get and shopkeepers will offer a discount if they know that they cannot get rid of the item due to damage.

We went to a talk on old-fashioned tools News in woodworking and the like. I realised how intimate a relationship is formed between an Artisan and his tools. Wood is a living thing and the use of manual tools enables us to feel our way through the wood, whereas electric drills simply carve their way through wood with brute force and there is no feeling and association with it.

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