Meetup and frogs eggs

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I wrote to all the 25 members of my Meetup group about a meeting on 20 March and so far no one has expressed an interest in coming. Although they signed up within the last couple of weeks as being interested. I think people have lost their trust altogether in going along to new events where they almost expect to be disappointed, either that or get drunk and be laid. I don’t know how else to communicate with people, apart from writing an inviting letter and telling them what is on the menu. I told them it would cost three pounds to help with the room hire and administration. my Other Half thinks that that is such a tiny amount for an evening that could hardly be the reason why people are put off.

Today is a sunny and warm day, about 17°, the frogs eggs have turned into little tiny wriggling tadpoles and they are clustering in their hundreds and enjoying the sun. everyone is out, and seems in a good mood. I have just restored my Internet connection, hence the hiatus in my reports for the last few days. We spent a glorious Internet free weekend and I think I’ve read more pages of books per day than I have done in the previous time. My gardening year starts today but alas the person who I was going to work for was out playing golf, his usual occupation. I gather, so I will have to call him later and ask if I can go along. There is nothing like potential and pay bills to motivate me to go out and get going. Once I get going. I enjoy myself and I don’t mind. The thought is worse than the action.

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