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Our first real gardening job of the year, conducted in lovely sunshine for husband-and-wife golfers and musicians. doing a gardening job involves familiarising yourself with the layout and meaning of the garden and I have turned down jobs in the past because I cannot see what real changes our labours would produce. Strictly speaking, we don’t need the money, but we do need the physical exercise which we are paid.

It is most important that we get on well with the customer. There needs to be a chemistry of some sort otherwise I find myself resenting the fact that I have to work even though there is payment involved. I do really want to enjoy my work and so does my other half. The beginning of the season is always a time when energy starts to build and we often get jobs which pay very little money, but nevertheless, which we do.

I had a talk with my son via Skype. He was concerned that I had broken confidences about a particular matter. I think sometimes it is in the interests of the greater good for people to be advised. What is going on in someone’s mind. In spite of the catalytic effect of my words, I made a deal with my son, who is 38, that I would not share information with other people given incompetence without discussing it with him first. That is all I can say in public but I noticed that when communication between people, has not happened regularly, people build up their own views of what has happened or what other people are thinking, which may have no relationship to reality.

I really enjoy the fact that no two days in my life has never been the same. Not only am I developing, but my friends and associates are developing. This evening I went to a talk about a nature reserve an arboretum in fact, near us. The subject matter, and the people were there, has never happened before in the history of the universe and will never happen again. This makes me excited to be a unique human being. I did my usual thing of asking questions, which were designed to bring out the best in the lecturer who had been a volunteer at this place for some years and loved what she did. Quite frankly I don’t care what the topic is about, I find enthusiasm infectious and it encourages me in my daily work especially when things are not so exciting.

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