Over-blown drama – the world is not ending

Oh dear here we go again. someone stabbed a policeman near the Houses of Parliament and they died. The same person also ran over some people and killed five of them. All over the papers, Terror in Westminster. far worse  things are happening every day in Aleppo and not a word from the media. In London the area around the scene has been closed off. Why? You have a deranged individual, a knife, a shot corpse, a number of bodies arranged in various positions that have to be taken away. And yet the centre of London is virtually closed. This is part of the agenda to frighten people into submission.

The reputation of London as a safe place will be questioned as the news goes around the world. this will affect tourist numbers in the immediate future especially from the hysterical mindsets of Americans who will assume the whole of the United Kingdom is being bombed or threatened.  in events of this type you will notice that the perpetrators are shot thus giving them no opportunity to be tried. Since when was an unarmed man carrying only a knife qualified to being shot?  I have turned off my radio today because I don’t want any more hysteria. I tuned in to radio three and listened to some nice classical music. It does me more good.

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