A grand car boot sale and the perfect salesman

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Cheddar in Somerset is home to one of the largest car boot sales which comprises a field where people bring their unwanted objects for sale, hard stands where people sell vegetables, machines and other less ephemeral objects and finally a large indoor shed which consists of a number of antique shops and miscellaneous stands.

I go not intending to buy anything but always see something useful and when it costs a pound or two you don’t even think of it. I bought a book about the rise of Nazism as seen through one particular village in Germany and also a lighter because mine has emptied and my efforts to replenish it with fuel have resulted in very cold fingers but nothing else.

I always look forward to a company that is there every Sunday and that is a meat sales company. He and a couple of acolytes work from a large trailer and sell more meat in a shorter time than I have ever seen. he sells a whole side of lamb from £20, two chickens, six lamb chops, and a few other items thrown in for £10.  How they make profit I don’t know. They have a very good reputation and I know that they are very popular among the Chinese takeaways that pretty much get their whole supply of meat from him.   He is almost telepathic. In a crowd of about 50 if you just blink your eye or raise your hand somewhat he knows that you want to buy.

This was where I took my friend Andrew on the last part of his weekend with us. I checked his route back to Manchester via the AA website as he had had a big delay on the way down due to an accident.  Fortunately I did because the M5 was closed and so he planned an alternate route through Wales. it just shows you can’t take anything for granted because circumstances change so quickly. Overall we had a brilliant weekend. The weather was cloudless if a little cold but so long as the sun is shining I don’t really care. I feel all we can do with visitors is to offer them something interesting and if they don’t find it interesting then just do something else. There is no lack of things to do around here. The country is far more filled with events and features than you would ever imagine.

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