Month: April 2017

Actual rain!!! – THE book arrives

My goodness, it's actually raining. Not much but at least it's enough to change the colour of the ground. I watch BBC weather forecasts and I am reduced to despair when I see the graphics. They find it necessary to project a picture of rain on the screen as if we didn't know what rain was. I wish that newscasters would just sit down and read the news instead of standing, walking around the...

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The day began like any other day

We had spent a quiet day together doing the garden and spending some time preparing lunch. Little did I know what was going to hit me in terms of learning experience. About 2:30 in the afternoon I switched on the TV. I think we were having a late lunch. There followed a sequence of events that focused me exactly where I needed to be both in the attitude to myself and to others with a certain...

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How can any day be boring? … ladies – how to escape from men

Even Samuel Pepys, the great diarist of the 17th century, is capable of having a bad day. He wrote on Thursday, 28 April 1664 ... " quite tired with business, and without joy in myself otherwise then I am by God's grace enabled to go through it and one day, hope to have benefit by it" I may be fortunate, but I find that as soon as I get up I'm "full of beans" as the English say. Moving from the...

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the day of the grand sort-out of my attire

My clothes occupy far too much space; I only wear a fraction of them depending on whether it is for work, play, rain or shine, summer or winter, or more formal occasions such as dinners and weddings. What causes me to keep clothes that are well beyond their sell by date and out of fashion. Referring to the latter point, however, I have to note that fashions come and go and may be if I hang on to...

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viewing the smaller from the greater

I had the good fortune and the honour of meeting a retired professor of world politics from America who had settled near Bath whom I met at a temporary exhibition of remarkable photographs in the Victoria Hall Gallery, Bath. He was a duty volunteer at the time. I struck up a conversation as I am wont to do and said that although it was my fifth visit, the photographs spoke to me in a different...

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a woman crying on the bus

So I'm on my way by bus to Bristol for the long-awaited meeting which I have put so much energy into. The skill set demanded by the NHS for patient representative is very much my line of work. To my right sits a woman looking very uncomfortable with herself. Her mobile phone rings and it is her husband or friend saying rather brusquely  "how's it going then". She held him online while she...

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