a sunny morning and a lovely breakfast

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Françoise is on the TGV now (11.30 am) going to Lille as part of her return journey.

I don’t have much to do this morning or should I say what I have to do can wait and meanwhile I decided to enjoy a very sunny though not warm morning walk and go into the town.

When my head starts irritating me it’s always a sign that a haircut is due. My lady barber always wants to talk to me more than I want to talk to her. She always asks me, “do you have any plans for today?” and I always say “to do as little as possible”.  I emerge from the barbers shorn of what little hair I have.

On the way I passed an historical site with exceptionally clear and interesting signage about it’s history. It made me realise how rich the heritage of many places is and how in our instant computer Internet world we can forget about the many men and women who have struggled to make our civilization the way it is.

A “half breakfast” exquisitely composed – actually better without any toast – £5.50 incl coffee

I am a frequent reviewer of Trip Advisor or to be more specific and less modest I’m almost up to my 650th review. I am very proactive with my reviews and always talk to the proprietor before writing one just in case I got something wrong. This morning I had breakfast at a newly opened place called “Ola Barbecue”.  I have written what to me is a very short but concise review for TA.  You can find it  by typing in the name of the restaurant followed by Radstock.  There you will see my review and also a list of all my other reviews.

I told the proprietor why he would succeed. First of all it is the quality of the food but also the quality of the decor. I love seeing a smile on someone’s face when they’re actually been praised and he did a very Greek thing and put his hand on his heart.  Such moments are priceless and all it cost is a bit of care and attention.  The previous person had dark wood which made the place feel small. This chap has put in light pine wood which brightens the whole place and makes it a pleasure to sit in. Although pine wood is cheap compared with say oak it has not made the place appear cheap because it has been very well done.


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