The day before the Easter weekend

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Traditionally, holiday weekends are always either cold or rainy or both and I can’t remember the last time we had actual sun. Since no one expects anything of me over the holiday period I shall go into a vegetable state, AKA non-manic state and just chill, read the numerous books that I’ve been meaning to read for some time and not make a great effort over anything. I attended to such great tasks as maintaining the level of water in the fishpond, helping to rearrange the deck chairs in the garden to make a more pleasant sitting area (actually my wife did it come to think of it) and staring at the TV.

We enjoy Japanese TV very much, it’s almost like Slow TV in Norway, the country is full of traditions, beauty, art, respect, politeness, all the things that we seem to have lost in UK.

The centre of our town, Midsomer Norton, is virtually dead at 5 PM. Everyone is taking a well earned rest or perhaps driving somewhere. There was a good article in the Independent saying how the sight and sound of the sea could hasten the healing of traumatised patients, or anyone suffering from a condition that needs the right environment. Even whilst in hospital, people could wear headphones and 3-D goggles and benefit from being at the seaside. Virtually of course.

A lady just rang me, a previous customer, wanting some gardening work done. She has broken her foot and cannot function in the garden so because I like her I might just work over this holiday weekend, more specifically on Saturday morning. I’m a bit like the squirrel with nuts, except that it is spring and not autumn. We like to pay our bills from gardening money and not dig into any of our capital funds so I’m quite keen to jump on anything that will assist. We tend to avoid going anywhere over the Easter holidays because there are far too many people around and I do like my space I must admit. so does Francoise.

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