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As it is Good Friday I have been watching a number of films on people’s religious experiences when they have an accident and temporary passed over to another place. It might be easy for some people to dismiss this reports but when you see the people breaking down in tears while they are talking, scarcely able to speak, they are most definitely not acting and why should they make something like this up when there is a risk of being laughed at.

Whatever you say about the triviality of the media, there is a lot of good stuff around and I enjoy watching videos on Youtube about every conceivable subject, not to mention Vimeo.  Depending on my mood, I watch videos of car crashes in Russia, or inspirational religious videos.

I have such a list of things to do today. There is a new series of programs on vaccination, where people reveal how they have left the industry because of discussed about the way that statistics have been manipulated. I want to watch is that and also I have half a dozen books recently ordered that I really need to read. Five or six TV programmes, all of good quality, that I wish to watch but the trouble is that with only 24 hours in a day I can’t do everything so I decided to do nothing for the moment apart from write this diary.

Quite frankly I never do nothing. I would find that impossible. Today I painted a garden bench and Françoise fiddled around in the garden iproving it. It’s a little bit of therapy. I wonder what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden. I suppose I don’t have to do anything to justify myself. I think it is mainly a state of mind.

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