is there life without a mobile phone?

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I suppose I’ve got used to it now, glancing at it every 10 min or so to see if there is a message. I think it’s actually a bad habit, and slightly sad. Not only was my phone stolen but my old one that I wanted to rely on gave up the ghost site by new phone and what  better place than eBay. I think I paid about £35 altogether including postage. It is a similar Nokia but not exactly the same but who cares. It says 4G but I don’t really need that.

The real problem is the transfer of numbers. I’m sure that somewhere there is an apt for uploading your numbers. In my case I had about 200, in most cases the people are out of date that the up-to-date ones I had were actually quite valuable and I’m going to have to recover them from somewhere.  in the real world, when you just want to transfer numbers, you just load them to the SIM card and then transfer them or I think you can do it using wireless. If you cannot do this, it’s a real pain.

On a more general basis, when I don’t need to have my mobile phone with me I do feel more free because the phone could ring at any time with someone that I could actually deal with another time. Also, and were going into a big topic now, the phones radiate and they are particularly disastrous with children who have thin skulls and there will be a huge crop of cancer cases in a few years time. The inverse square law does apply to electromagnetic  radiations. I could give a whole talk on this but if you are in an area of low reception, in other words if there is only one bar on the phone, the phone has to work extra hard to keep in touch with the signal.  I have a signal strength meter and every half a minute or so there is a burst of radiation which of course is not naturally good for the body.

Creatively, I’ve had a happy day so far, I sent  artwork for a new leaflet to a PPH person who happened to be in Bristol. She was exactly the right person and I got the artwork back at about 11:30 AM. I sent it straightaway to the printers and as of 12:45 PM it was ready. Technology can be a bit of a pain in the neck sometimes it but on this occasion it served me well. As I mentioned before, I have a meeting next Wednesday and I hope the brochure will give a good impression. If it doesn’t, it’s not for want of trying.

And now, off to pick up the leaflets mentioned above, and also to mow two plots on the allotments of which I’m secretary. They are in very poor condition and no one is going to want to rent them so I’m going to try and top them up a bit and make them look halfway decent.  Later…. The leaflets look brilliant and are head and shoulders above anything else that I have seen. To celebrate I bought a bottle of champagne. Well done Elizabeth of Bristol you did a great job.

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