Actual rain!!! – THE book arrives

by | Apr 30, 2017 | Latest Post | 1 comment

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My goodness, it’s actually raining. Not much but at least it’s enough to change the colour of the ground. I watch BBC weather forecasts and I am reduced to despair when I see the graphics. They find it necessary to project a picture of rain on the screen as if we didn’t know what rain was. I wish that newscasters would just sit down and read the news instead of standing, walking around the studios, and having very large backdrops of images which sate the senses but give little information.

On another matter, the Amazon machine has kicked into action.

Saturday 4:30 PM    mentioned book about autistic person was ordered
Saturday 9:38 PM    email – the book is dispatched
Sunday  10:06 AM    email – the book is out for delivery
Sunday   2:25 PM     the book was posted through my letterbox
Sunday  2:35 PM      email – ” your package has been posted through your letterbox”

Amazon certainly works seven days a week, 24 hours a day. I hear the Amazon couriers are pressured so much so that they don’t get time even to go to the loo, never mind have a meal break. Still, I say to myself in mitigation, it does give weekend employment to those who need the money. I do wonder how anyone survives on the national minimum wage except by living at home perhaps.  If you are a giant company and get a certain density of orders in a given geographical area, I suppose you can pay the deliverer £1 or £1.50 a piece and still make a profit.

Off to the allotment to collect rhubarb. There is so much to pick that I could have rhubarb every day. I have picked 10 large sticks and I will give some to the next door neighbour who has just moved in.

11°C so that a good enough excuse for a fire.

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