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Friday 20 May 1664.

Samuel Pepys Diary entry is rather lengthy so see it here.

… So home to dinner very pleasant. In the afternoon to my office, where busy again, and by and by came a letter from my father so full of trouble for discontents there between my mother and servants, and such troubles to my father from hence from Cave that hath my brother’s bastard that I know not what in the world to do, but with great trouble, it growing night, spent some time walking, and putting care as much as I could out of my head, with my wife in the garden, and so home to supper and to bed.

Samuel Pepys has suffered like the rest of us from an accumulation of family troubles. He tried to put “care as much as I could out of my head”. However he qualifies this by saying he spends time with his wife in the garden. It is my belief that the brain as a great capacity to sort out its own problems but the worst thing you can do is to focus on the problem itself. If we could see the world of nature as it really is we will be totally amazed at its ability to self generate, to recover, to balance itself and I think if we have not already done so we should take some of the lessons on board.

I think it’s fair to say that worry is much more to do with internal processes than anything that is actually going on in the outside world, though of course the latter is a catalyst. We could describe worry as a loop in our internal software. We go on thinking about the same thing without seeing a way out.

I can only say what works for me, and if I find myself worrying, I just get on with something, often a simple task such as doing the garden or talking to a friend, and I  find that the pain eases somewhat. We are all telepathic to a certain extent whether we like it or not but it may be worth thinking about whether we are picking up something outside ourselves. We think it is a problem originating in us but actually it is a signal from a friend in need.

Pursuing this model, a transmitting tower is not just the tower itself but the radius of influence via the signals. I have for a long time now regarded the human body as the solid bit in the middle of ‘us’; we broadcast or radiate for a great distance probably to the ends of the earth. If you care to do research there are numerous examples of people ‘picking up’ when someone has died or in trouble when they are thousands of miles away and there was no mechanical way of making that discovery.

So back on planet Earth …  here is another thought to assist your brain to calm down. Some things are urgent. Other things are important. Other things are important but not urgent. Other things are unimportant and not urgent. How about making a list of priorities. I would describe an urgent item as something that will deteriorate if you don’t give it your immediate attention. For example – a running tap. For example – cancelling an arrangement.

Another thing that can cause stress is that you are aware of a task that needs to be done but you don’t know how to do it and you don’t know who to ask. It is always worth trying the Internet because whatever type of problem you have, someone somewhere will have had the same problem. It may also  be that the answer is simple but your mind built it up to seem complicated.

I’m secretary of the local Allotment Association here in Midsomer. the whole was looking so nice in the sun I decided on the spot to do a picture newsletter to everybody on the tenant list. I took out my mobile phone and started snapping. If the timing is right, I find things go very smoothly and indeed this was so in this case. By about 6:30 PM I had compiled the newsletter and sent it off via a free mailing client, Mail chimp. 

So much is possible with the Internet.


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