Day: 1 June 2017

Waiting, waiting and more waiting

...continuing my theme of waiting for something you cannot control as indicated in my first diary this morning... Most of us have had to wait in lines and queues in hospitals if not for us for somebody else. I would like to reflect on my monthly visit to BUH (Bath hospital) for my eye checkup. When I visit any sort of facility I like to leave smiles on as many people's faces as possible. Insofar...

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They also serve who only stand and wait

Once again, Pepys is very loquacious almost to the point of being  laborious so if you want to read the full diary entry please click on the date below. I have included a excerpt on which I wish to base today's thoughts. Tuesday 31 May 1664 ...Dined at home, and so to the office, where a great while alone in my office, nobody near, with Bagwell’s wife of Deptford, but the woman seems so modest...

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