Waiting, waiting and more waiting

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Not one queue but many in the same room. Mindless TV aka daytime BBC provides a distraction.

long line

…continuing my theme of waiting for something you cannot control as indicated in my first diary this morning…
Most of us have had to wait in lines and queues in hospitals if not for us for somebody else.

I would like to reflect on my monthly visit to BUH (Bath hospital) for my eye checkup. When I visit any sort of facility I like to leave smiles on as many people’s faces as possible. Insofar as I was able I made a number of comments to about half a dozen people example I complimented a woman on her smile and she smiled some more. it is as well to remember that for some people, an appointment is the only contact never mind social contact they have on a particular day so why not make a difference to it. It costs nothing but a little bit of care and consideration. Even if you talk drivel at least you’ve made the effort

Some newcomers to the hospital system may be misled or fooled by the fact that there are 31 or 35 people waiting in front of me. This is in fact incorrect. There are queues for many different types of services and for all you know there are only two or three people waiting for you in a particular dedicated queue. Also, most people bring a friend so you can safely halve the number of people who are actually waiting.

Why do you have to wait beyond your appointed time? It will amaze you to know that many people turn up late, demand or need more attention than their original remit, and give the doctor or attendant more work to do. It is a rule in the NHS that you give people the attention they need and not be governed by the clock though of course everyone tries to keep to time. If you are made to wait there was probably an emergency that exceeded yours in importance. Do not take it personally.

If you watch the staff, they never actually stop moving. Some do not even have time for coffee or even lunch. My recommendation is, take a book or newspaper, don’t look at any clock or your watch, do not complain or grumble because the person next to you may not want to hear it and wait for your name to be called. They do not forget you. Once you have announced yourself you are in the system and attention will happen.

The corridors of the hospital are filled with wonderful quality art which does lift the spirit I must say. Here follows many examples:

Golden Harvest by Roger Longdin

The Simarillion: Of Beren and Luthen Vera Carbin,  South West Illustrators.

a lovely day out

an installation in the main entrance of BUH hospital

intentions of the hospital

I have finally heard from the hospital where I have been negotiating for a particular scheme on behalf of patients who have been discharged. I would describe the letter of reply as an interesting step forward with many background factors that have to be taken into consideration which of course the average person cannot see or be aware of even. However there is the spirit of cooperation abroad and so we will no doubt proceed slowly but surely.

Tomorrow, Friday, 2 June 2017, off to the Bath and West show. It is vast in its proportions and we typically spend as much as six hours there before exhaustion sets in by which time we only see about half of what is on offer.




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