pictorial Somerset – anti-aircraft gun for sale, and Koi

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so who wants to buy an anti-aircraft gun – it would make a wonderful feature for the back garden. See below.

This was the last afternoon with our friends so in spite of an impeding rainstorm we decided to set off for various venues. I normally sit down at the computer with all the alternatives and feel my way through the journey. If I get a positive feeling I make the decision with confidence and I always find if I trust my intuition we get a good result. This is particularly important if other people are involved. So off we go on another journey…….first stop, a miniature Japanese garden in Cheddar.

Count the number of varieties – see below

a hot target but for one only – not quite sure about the meaning of “I love you to the moon and back”

The National Garden Scheme encourages people to open their private gardens once or twice a year, charge a modest fee, and give the money to charity. Here was a remarkable small garden in Cheddar tucked away in a small side road. The owner exhibits acers and conifers all over the country in all their varying hues, along with koi.. but then have a look for yourself.

a half yurt?

subtle hues – the photo does not do justice to this

koi and gold fish

a lovely picture taken by my wife

Somerset levels – we watch two sets of parents taking their brood of ducklings off for the night, horses stand vaguely around

this place has to be seen to be believed. It is on the road from Glastonbury to Wells

you will not believe the variety of stuff here. Many bargains, some contemporary items for use in a stylish home. Bring a trailer if you want to buy anything. Unbelievably eccentric.

this is the road sign gently beckoning you in. There is adequate parking inside




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