Depressed, oh, and Wszystkiego najlepszego w dniu imienin

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 6 June 1664

Please see the original by clicking on the date above. It’s rather long.

….Up and found my wife very ill again, which troubles me, but I was forced to go forth. …..

Most diseases were undiagnosed by doctors in pepys time, let alone treatable. We in the historically named United Kingdom  are going to have an election tomorrow. Listening to the excellent Ian Crane on you Tube giving us a discourse on the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt it is quite clear that Hunt has been put in place to dismantle the Health Service. This excellent institution was started in 1947 but his plan is to put it in private hands no doubt run by American companies. American companies are the supreme predators. these beings are expert at exploiting weakness and greed. They bribe those in control with amazing incentives, making them an offer they cannot refuse, and when they have their tentacles thoroughly wrapped around the organisation they dictate the terms.  The American corporate mind is as close to the psychopathic mind as you could imagine and probably more so.

I’m not saying such news and are makes me depressed because that is a clinical term. It would be more accurate to say disheartened and affeared.

I very much doubt if my offer to the hospital to look after and support post discharge patients will come to anything. The problem for them is that I’m very good at my job and I think they went on the defensive. It is a great pity because the patients will miss out.  I know that the NHS is grossly overstretched at the moment. This is deliberate as discussed above.

Anyway, today is the anniversary of my popping into the world in Harrogate hospital no less so I suppose we will do something celebratory. I try to celebrate every day but this is special.In Poland, the main celebratory day is the Name Day. In that country no one would ever dream of asking what name day it is. The above link is worth a read. if I were Polish, my name day would be 6 November.




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