What comprises the ideal Village Festival?

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We have recently seen large festivals in the form of the Bath and West show which I visited a couple of weeks ago and on which I reported voluminously. Now, we go to the other end of the spectrum. OakHill is a small village in Somerset near to where I live. we decided at the last moment, as we normally do, to choose this event amongst the many events on this one of the most popular days in the summer.

It must be said that any decent local event needs to cater for children to a large extent and this event excelled itself as you may see from the pictures that I have included. On a less than perfect day I consider that this Festival had most of the elements  that constitute success without being commercial and having big budgets. There was no entry fee or parking fee. The  farmer had lent his field free of charge and most people who came offered their services without charge. The result was a very pleasant and unstressed atmosphere where the children were running around enjoying themselves and  friends were meeting each other.  The images are in no particular order and includes some from this very well-to-do village.

a picture postcard of a house

an outhouse in a private property – visitors particularly from America, it will be a pleasant experience to wander round and see such accommodations.

a flamboyant American design

detail, dashboard in all its simplicity

guess the weight of the sheep. It was actually 108.5 kg

it’s good to have too much space rather than too little

the children were encouraged to do barn dancing – wonderful socialising training and not a mobile phone in sight

where would a village fete be without lovingly home-cooked cakes

and now the six or seven-year-old limber up for their gymnastic display

meanwhile, the local brass band play their hearts out with well-known and well loved melodies

the obligatory plant stall

and the display of historic and working tractors

so how about some wellie throwing then

and here is a nice place to escape from the rain and wind should that be necessary

the young lady taking delight in pulling off  strands of grass and making a pile

the obligatory raffle

the children having the time of their life

an older chap telling anyone who would listen how he is a good carpenter and hedger

a practice tug of war. The children were more keen than the adults on this occasion

and now a run and explore on this unusually designed bouncy castle and maze



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