An impossible position

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Today being a sunny one, reputedly the best of the week with promised temperatures of 25°, we decided to escape from the dreadful news about the burnt residential block in West London. The famous Wye Valley in Wales was the choice of the day but before that we visited Chepstow Castle, I find a substantial enough place with some real history  where you wondered how they found the ability to set so many thousands of stones upon each other.
I met two members of staff applying roundup with a spray to kill the weeds on the various paths. I recognised the smell instantly and asked them if they had had any health issues. They said immediately that they suffered from bronchial infection. So here we have people using poisons without the proper protection. If they complain to their bosses, they will probably be dismissed or told to get on with the job. If they go on month after month year after year they will surely have respiratory difficulties or even cancer. An element in glyophosphate is carcinogenic. What a horrible predicament.
On toSymonds Yat which is is an improbably named natural tourist centre with wonderful views and unspoiled forests.
Good news in that I have heard from the hospital administration that they would like to move my project forward. I cannot stand waiting and in this case it’s been three months now since the first meeting but I’m glad to say they had not  forgotten. I confess to being thoroughly impatient and wanting everything now.
I don’t have many philosophical contributions to make since I have taken the day off. No doubt some will come to me and I will add them as I feel moved.
I shall try to avoid watching endless interviews with people in the burning accommodation block. The death toll at the moment is recorded as 12 but I’m sure it’s going to be three or four times that number. The tower block in West London has been impossible to enter due to the still smouldering fire.
In the words of Samuel Pepys, and so to bed.

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