Day: 1 July 2017

Wedmore – one of the most expensive villages in UK

A Saturday in July means that there are at least half a dozen fayres, festivals, fetes, flower festivals, you name it it's happening probably all at the same time so there's no chance of attending them all. We eventually decided on Wedmore little realising what a beautiful village it was. Due to its historical unspoilt nature and its proximity to the M5 motorway, property values here are sky...

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walking safely in the street, beggars

Pepys' Diary, click for full version Thursday 30 June 1664 ...Walked back from Woolwich to Greenwich all alone, save a man that had a cudgell in his hand, and, though he told me he laboured in the King’s yarde, and many other good arguments that he is an honest man, yet, God forgive me! I did doubt he might knock me on the head behind with his club. But I got safe home... Whenever we go out we...

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