The Ideal Day

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Sunday 3 July 1664

… Then up and spent the evening walking with my wife talking, and it thundering and lightning all the evening, and this yeare have had the most of thunder and lightning they say of any in man’s memory, and so it is, it seems, in France and everywhere else…

Thunder and lightning we are not having. Rather, a beautiful day just ideal for gardening. Gardening for other people is one of the most satisfactory things I know of. You come across a situation which is giving people pain and grief. You can see  how you can fix it, you do so and you get immediate thanks from the customer. Today’s customer, Judith, is living in a large three-bedroom house that was inhabited by her sister. Her father was a farmer  who had a farm just a few hundred metres down the hill so she has been in the property all her life. She is now thinking of moving to a smaller property in Midsomer Norton perhaps.

She is the ideal client in many ways. She trusts us to do what is right for the garden, is very grateful for anything we do and supplies us with tea and coffee. This encourages us to work even harder to make a nice effect. I see doing a garden as similar to painting a picture. Every element has to be in balance and say something. Gardens that say nothing or should I say elements that say nothing should be removed. Nature will  go chaotic and less you tell it otherwise.

Amuse bouche created for us especially

We were paid this afternoon so I decided to have a celebration in the local restaurant, a Greek place that is open every day for 12 hours or so. This is a very brave thing to do into what is basically a mining town where people are not used to going out in the evening and have meals. Anyway, we had a lovely time and returned home to see a glorious sunset.

Even Turner would have had difficulty reproducing this one


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