Day: 12 July 2017

The perils and the benefits of networking

This evening I was invited with two colleagues to go along to a networking event run by a Christian organisation and funded by a rich philanthropist who wanted to put something back into society. It was held in Bath in a themed room called "The Ingloo".  There is no such thing as the perfect meeting but this came quite close to it. First, everyone had something in common in that they were...

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Noises in the night – how to complain about a faulty product

Monday 11 July 1664 - Pepys hears noises at night and fears for burglars. This is a long entry and a good read. Click on the link. As I have said before in these bloggs, knowledge is for passing around, for circulating, for sharing. What is the point in keeping things to yourself? Today I took delivery of a 52 cc petrol strimmer. There was a minor manufacturing fault meaning that I could not put...

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