Blind Dates

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Wednesday 13 July 1664

Mr. Moore was with me late to desire me to come to my Lord Sandwich tomorrow morning, which I shall, but I wonder what my business is.

Samuel Pepys was being asked to enter into an  unknown situation. He did not know why he’d being invited to this meeting.

This whole universe is so interesting because it consists of a multitude of dimensions. Within the physical dimension, which is only a minute part of the whole, we have the familiar everyday activities that we see as a  routine. We wander -through choice or involuntarily into other dimensions of comfort or lack of it every time we do something new or meet someone new. You could say every day of our life is a blind date.

And yet it is not completely blind. For those of us that want to use it, we have access to our intuition which gives us advance warning if the forthcoming situation is dangerous. Our stomach is normally the first reporting station. We get a funny feeling in our stomach. This is different from stage fright or first night nerves or nervousness because it is a feeling that’s not all is right. The opposite of this is a feeling of anticipation and excitement. Instead of focusing on ourselves why not assume that the other person may be as nervous as we are and wants to present themselves to the best effect. Someone said to me once that a stranger is a friend that you have not yet become familiar with.

Most fear of these ‘new’ situations is self-created fear without any evidence at all of the basis of that fear. Why do we not change our policy and relish the moment when something exciting new might happen. if you approach someone in a friendly way and they turn away what have you lost? If they’re having a bad day and cannot relate to someone, does this become your problem? It is a natural urge among human beings to communicate with and be understood by other  beings. If this apparatus has been damaged in someone else then they deserve compassion because that state they are in cannot be a happy one.

When I’m out walking I’m quite happy to talk to anyone with a pulse irrespective of age and all the usual criteria. Even if it is just passing the day talking about trivial things, if I can make a small difference to many people then the day has not been wasted.

I think it would be the next thing to hell on earth if I knew  all the people I were going to meet and the consequences of that meeting. Why not sit back and enjoy the ride?


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