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Saturday 6 August 1664

Pepys has a social day, plays bowles – ‘eat, drink and be merry’

We had invited our friend at the  previously mentioned One World Festival to come and join as overnight and take part in Francoises’  birthday celebrations. she duly turned up having had the experience of using a GPS for the first time but have not found the neck of turning up the volume so she had to keep on looking at the device to see where she should go.

We took her to 2 places; the world-famous quilting centre in Chilcompton and my beloved Mells.  we turned up at the quilting centre about  2:45 PM  to find a special exhibition by Stephanie Crawford, who does this type of work as a hobby and is not particularly interested in making a living from them. She uses the works illustrated for her lectures and workshops. here follow miscellaneous examples of the work, it is a combination of stitching and painting, and really has to be seen to be believed that the pictures will give you some impression.

THE axe

time for celebration

political satire

the Great Train Robbery

lovely southern European feel


The subway

Holy Island

yes this is a quilt not a photo


My day will continue on another post.



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