A rainy day

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Monday 8 August 1664

Whilst all southern Europe is enduring heat of 35°C and upwards we are having to endure front after front of rain coming from the Atlantic with temperatures to match. I blame the Jet Stream.

I wrote to a professional friend of mine this morning telling him that I was concerned that he was overloading himself with having too many clients in too short a time. When I mentioned this to him on the phone he did not seem to ‘hear’ it but it is understandable because it is a vicious circle in the way. If someone is overloaded they cannot hear or entertain something that will help them to resolve the problem of too many clients. the Boiling Frog syndrome applies here  when the temperature goes up degree by degree and you don’t notice; it is the same with stress. Some people feel duty bound to help as many people as they can but that could be a thing of guilty conscience because the energy spillover from one client to another must cloud the issue in my view. In my considerable observation, there are very few people who possess the inner security  and confidence in themselves to listen to a criticism without getting defensive.

I’m dealing with a very traditional P2P business platform at the moment where  I place any spare money I have. At 6.5% per annum and that’s really not bad. I’m very glad to deal with a firm that is traditionally very conservative and very careful about anything it does, so diametrically opposed to the  get rich quick merchants make big promises but with a high degree of risk. In my mind, trust is such an important commodity that I do not deal with anyone when there is not a certain level of trust. I had cause to write to them first thing this morning about a paperwork matter and by 9:30 AM I had a complete answer. This is something that does not happen with an Indian call centre or large impersonal organisations that have no heart and driven by profit maximisation.

I received a DVD which I have never seen called “On The Beach” with Gregory Peck. It is a war and ‘end of the world’ scenario so I might watch it this evening as opposed to yet more athletics.

Two weeks ago I asked the hospital group of which I and the Patient Representative to give me one person  who has similarly been a patient of the hospital so I could have some fellowship with them and keep my morale up in the absence of any feedback from the hospital. I can’t help the feeling that I’m very low down on the priority list because I am a mere ex-patient. Alas, no names have so far been supplied to me. I am as independent as they come and will do things on my own if I have to but it  makes an awful difference if you’ve got a companion or a friend with whom you can chew things over. Talking to yourself in the bathroom is not the same.

We have no gardening business at the moment which is not surprising because of the weather and because it is holiday season in August but I think that I will be flooded with work in September due to the huge amount of growth that has taken place. a couple weeks ago someone asked me to come to strim his grounds. Due to the rain I wanted to come in the afternoon and not the morning and I told him so. I got a sniffy answer saying ” you must be an indoor man then”. I don’t think he got the point that strimming is more difficult in the rain due to the enhanced slippiness of  grass and weeds.  I find the same with hedge cutting. Laurel is very slippy, Privet is much easier to cut. It all depends on the amount of oil in the leaves. As I specialise in hedge cutting, I have to have a variety of instruments including a high powered petrol hedge trimmer on a long pole, a lower powered electric cutter, secateurs and clippers. Between them they can deal with most types and sizes of leaf but you cannot get away with just having one tool no matter how good it is.

Some hedges such as Yew, to be found in churchyards, have a very fine dust attached to the branches and spines and this can wreck havoc with your breathing. The particles are so fine you cannot see them. That is why breathing apparatus is so important. So you see folks there’s more to hedge cutting then you might think as indeed is the case with most subjects we could name.

Ended the day watching a film on Scientology. It is amazing how intelligent people can be drawn into selling their souls and giving their money away to someone who in retrospect  is seen as a complete fraud and a fantasist.


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