Mid Somerset Show part 2 – lots of pictures

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The Alpacas to which I previously referred

Dont forget to use Ctrl+ to increase the size of all the images.

preparing a horse for show

a pony and trap pair dashing along

these geese are definitely followers

£2000 for this wooden horse. Yes darling but where would we put it

this is still a table. I’m not quite sure what we would put on it, why and how

there are many craftsmen in this part of the world plying their trade

fiendish machines part one

fiendish machines part two

this looks like a seed sowing machine

acres of judging of fruit and veg bread and preserves

perfect onions

vegetables made to look like transport vehicles

first prize for saladings

that’s not bad either

perfect leeks

endless cheeses in the competition

goodness knows how many kilograms these weigh

first prize in the Wine and Roses competition

the second prize isn’t too bad either

Capt Manwaring talking about WW1

Peter Hayward and his wife specialising showing West Country milk bottles between 1880 and 1980 in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset

lots of competitions for the children

a painting competition

developing children’s imaginative powers

telling a story

dogs waiting to be judged

a style suitable for some – a scaffolder maybe

Anyway, I trust you got the idea. It is always worth going to these events. you can have a chat with anyone you want, compare views or prejudices, and above all enjoy an occasion that doesn’t cost anything at least in this situation. If you are coming on your own, it really doesn’t matter. An individual is an individual and that’s all people care about.

Part three of my diary for today here




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