Day: 27 August 2017

Chilcompton Fringe Festival and how to motivate people to sing

The outstanding design / logo for the web site. Well done someone. We arrived at about 12.30, half an hour after the event was opened on a grand all-purpose sports field suitable for football, cricket, anything else that needs a large space to find about 100 visitors there. Since the opening times were between 12.00 and 11 PM we expected the numbers to build up as the day went on. They did. It...

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a lovely sunny day, a boxing match of note, websites good and bad

Friday 26 August 1664 ...Up by 5 o’clock, which I have not been many a day... I must admit that this morning I was up at just after 4 AM to listen to the fight between a kickboxer versus a 100% real boxer. There is something in my psychology that wants the underdog to win and confound everybody, and there is definitely something about Las Vegas that tells me that an event that happens there will...

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