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Tuesday 6 September 1664

Pepys buys a rabbit that he subsequently discovers to be ‘deadly old’ but eats it never-the-less.

A quiet day on the Kennet and Avon canal

Today we went with a friend for a walk along the local canal which as my readers will know I find to be the quickest way of getting back to the 19th century. This is a weekday after school holidays are over and the whole gives a different feel.

user friendly map – it almost encourages you to explore

I found a rather endearing map clearly aimed at children though useful for adults. Ctrl and + to enlarge.

benevolent keeper

This image sums up the spirit of the canal system which I find is reflected in most of the people I meet, who have in common the desire to seek an alternative life style. You would not wish to offend this nice man would you.

Since my back was sore I did half the walk eastwards – about a mile – and let my wife and friend continue their walk. I just enjoyed sitting on a bench and watching the boats chug by and the birds and squirrels going about their daily business.


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