Don’t push the river, it flows by itself

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Tuesday 13 September 1664

…and after dinner to Fishmonger’s Hall, where we met the first time upon the Fishery Committee, and many good things discoursed of concerning making of farthings, which was proposed as a way of raising money for this business, and then that of lotterys,1 but with great confusion; but I hope we shall fall into greater order.

I love this phrase ‘fall into greater order’. In modern parlance we could say that we have done our part as human beings, now is the turn of time and the processes of thoughts taking root in the minds of others to bring about a result acceptable to all not to mention the mysterious twists and turns of providence of which most of us are unaware.

“Dont push the river” was the catch phrase of the 60’s and 70’s. The phrase is attributed to Fritz Perls (1893-1970) who was a noted German-born psychiatrist and psychotherapist of Jewish descent. The phrase was the guiding principle to his work.

…..if someone in a group were working on a dream in which he was afraid of a river, he might be told, “Become the river” and encouraged to stand up and move around the room like the river, to feel how the river flows by itself. “There are no rules in Gestalt, only awareness,” Fritz might tell him. Anything you fear or resist out in the world is part of you and inside you, and becoming aware of its presence and vitality will free you from pushing and move you into flowing. Background here

Yesterday I gave an intuitive reading to a lady that I had only recently met in which I unwittingly touched on all the most important parts of her life that were holding her back from experiencing the next chapter of her life. It is most exciting when this process starts up especially when the reader or intuitive ‘does not know what he or she is talking about’ but it all makes sense to the client.

I rang her this morning to warn her that she will have mixed feelings because so many buttons were pressed but encouraged her to let things slip into place. When you give a reading you should try not to become part of it and say it was ‘your reading’ but only words that you were inspired to say.

The patient should be let go and not contacted to inquire of the success of the process. A seed will grow when the conditions are right. Sometimes a patient will remember advice given years before and will only then act on it.  It is not the business of the therapist to ‘push the river’ of the patient and expect results to happen. If you repair a car and the owner drives away, it is not your responsibility for any dereliction or event save if it is due to your bad repair work.


And now, back to the allotment which I run in Midsomer Norton

watching over the slugs

a carrot that cannot decide which way to grow

a vibrant feta and carrot salad with flowers included.


A brief clip about the moronic nature of the American psychology. People are praising North Korea’s successful launch of a nuclear missile.

This clip is disgusting. It shows how the USA economy is dependent upon war. If there is no actual enemy, they invent one to keep the war show on the road. So many thousands of jobs depend on bombing and shooting innocent people.
USA depends on 1. wars without end, 2. drugs – pharmaceutics and drug drugs e.g. marijuana 3. debt of countries tied up to ‘loans’ which have all sorts of terms and conditions attached.

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