Priddy Rural fun day – a Thai massage – back to the 60’s in full 3D

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On to Priddy with its annual Rural Fun Day. The triangular Green offers a  natural environment for stalls and entertainment of all kinds. At first glance the layout seemed ramshackle and lacking in features but I soon started to be impressed. There were a number of ‘car boot’ type stalls offering tat with varying degrees of age and usefulness. I walked past them with hardly a glance.

the Green

The child showed no fear. impressed.

We then went on to the green itself. I noticed that one of the most popular attractions was a sled run which looked as if it had been designed in the 1950’s (no criticism but a compliment).

One feature I really appreciated. The public address speakers were playing very laid back 60’s and 70’s music and it made just the right atmosphere.

the kids loved it and were drawn in.

a very docile (bored?) animal

one of two historic cars

two children making a glorious mess

natural building methods should be applauded and encouraged.

see text

Now this was a sight to behold. Three young women aged about 20 I estimate were walking about and were invited to build a wall from the stones provided. They obviously thought that was a cool thing to do and they approached the challenge without hesitation. This would NEVER happen in a big city.

I noticed a stand devoted to Thai Massage. The lady doing it had such a winning smile. I thought that the offer was worth the £3 asked for a ten minute demonstration.  She had been doing this type of work for many years and is managed by her English husband , an ex-policeman called Neil. She has an intuitive knowledge of where the tension points are and I jumped and wriggled with pain though she was only applying gentle pressure. Subsequently, Francoise and I decided to invite her to our home for a proper session of one hour. Contact barnesorathai @ gmail . com

putting me through my paces

the full massage is quite demanding as you can see from the images (use Ctrl and + to enlarge)

I walked off or should I say floated off to a large tent of arts and crafts. I came across a stall which intrigued me called ‘All Four Paws’ another English pun. ha ha.

type of canine problem addressed.

dogs with challenging problems

He is a good dog but …..  Ian Francis has had over 40 years experience living and working with dogs, and over 8 years working with dogs with problems. AllFourPaws visits and works at the home of the owner. Such niche markets are very important and although I have no dog I wished him the best of luck. PS I never ask for compensation for what may be considered an advert. If I think the person is the real deal I will tell you.

been coming here for years.

I have never had a so called Welsh cake before so I, forever adventurous, had a go. What have you got to lose for £1.  It is basically a bread mix with raisins added and coated with sugar if you wanted. Mine was a little under done but good enough. I would not have another. The old chap who was running the stand talked of the old days where the Green was ‘heaving’ with people and the sheep were ‘over there’ he said waving his arms and the horses ‘over there’. I felt he regretted the decline of a great event.

Little did I know that the highlight of my day was yet to come and to save you endlessly scrolling down I will write part 3 of my diary separately, and can be found here.

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