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Monday 17 October 1664

….Thence to my office doing some business, but it being very cold, I, for fear of getting cold, went early home to bed, my wife not being come home from my Lady Jemimah, with whom she hath been at a play and at Court to-day.

I wonder if was damp as well as cold. It was after all only October.


well, that’s honest …only in Bristol…which is actually quite an edgy and cool city

yes, and…..?

In today’s special Bristol edition – visit to our buffet – visit the world’s oldest Methodist building – walking around a shopping mall – another unexpected hug – review of ‘Loving Vincent’ – the pianist in the bus station – drunk bus passengers on the 376


Trivial matters first.

The all-you-can-eat buffet the Cosmo did not let us down. It is within reach of two art galleries and with easy connection to the centre of Bristol by many buses (unless you like climbing steep hills). I again remind newcomers to the buffet scene – the connoisseur will case the joint before selecting any food. The ratio of excellence between the starters including salad, the main courses and the sweet course will show you how much room you allocate to each. There is no need to rush and fill your plate with all manner of things at one go. Take your time and make several visits. The dirty plates are normally taken away whilst you visit the food.

depleted supplies – get there early

Bear in mind – the management do not want to waste food  and so do not plan on replenishing the lunch tureens much after 1.30 pm. The best idea is to get there about 12.30 – after the first rush and before the food supplies have become depleted otherwise your choice will be limited. This particularly applies to fish for some unknown reason.


Edmund Burke 1729-1797

The centre of Bristol seems to be a permanent building site / road works. For the last three years the road system has been subject to one type of repair or renovation after another.
I did notice a rather fine sculpture of Edmund Burke, an MP for Bristol in 1774-1778. The words on the foundation stone ‘I wish to be a member of parliament to have my share of doing good and resisting evil’ were theoretically impressive and noble, but he had to answer charges that he neglected his constituency.

very impressed by the ‘in your face’ challenge to us about how we look at ‘different’ people

So on to the one and only John Wesley the founder of Methodism (don’t forget his brother Charles). The oldest Wesleyan church and building has had a massive renovation courtesy of some very generous philanthropists, and the National Lottery. What a shining example of good design which any gallerist(?) or exhibitor would benefit from visiting irrespective of their interest in religions.

the entrance 36 The Horsefair BS1 3JE 0117 926 4740 open 10.30 -4pm.  use Ctrl and + to enlarge

John Wesley on his famous horse (or one of them)

250,000 miles is scarcely believable but then are so many aspects of his life (enlarge to read)

the original chapel – benches were used. The pews are a recent addition.

Through the back behind the pulpit, an extra building has been constructed. It consists of meetings rooms (smaller), a bookshop, a small coffee bar, and an extension of the upstairs rooms which have been so cleverly converted into a top class quality museum. I am so frustrated at this point knowing what photographs to leave out, so for the majority you are just going to have to go along and see for yourself. but meanwhile here is a taster.

one of his most famous observations

I can’t remember the typeface but it is absolutely spot on. Traditional yet dynamic. By the way, did you know that the term ‘Methodism’ was originally a term of ridicule.

read on (enlarge to read)

an engraving

Visitors are offered a most up to date and ingenious way of using the recorded voice DIY Guide. You just point the device at the icon and it recognizes where you are and starts speaking. No numbers to press.

point and listen

an austere life to say the least. He seems blind. Maybe a blind trust in God.

an outstanding illustration of his productivity. You will have to go and see more.

not bad advice for today’s preachers

and some indication of the resistance that Methodism experienced in the USA.

and so say all of us…

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