The best things in life are free?

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Thursday 27 October 1664

… At noon, Sir G. Carteret, Sir J. Minnes, Sir W. Batten, Sir W. Pen, and myself, were treated at the Dolphin by Mr. Foly, the ironmonger, where a good plain dinner, but I expected musique, the missing of which spoiled my dinner, only very good merry discourse at dinner….

Well Mr Pepys you can’t have it perfect 100% of the time. If the discourse was merry is that not a type of music?


Today’s reflection:

The best things in life are free,
Now that I’ve discovered what you mean to me
The best things in life are free,
Now that we’ve got each other
The best things in life are free

but are they? I disagree with the premise that a relationship is an essential prerequisite but hey that’s one view point. Many of us are prisoners of our own inertia and we have blocked ourselves from our own power. It is a form of self induced mind control or light trance to think we have to pay for something to get enjoyment
1. feel restless or unsatisfied
2. find something ‘to do’
3. fill the car with petrol, off you go, spend more money at the destination. 4. go home and rest.
5. repeat the above.

Let’s think outside the box. What is already available to you ? I thought I would make a list of what I enjoy with no monetisation attached i.e. it does not cost you anything. Why not make your own list?

* The lovely peppery taste of nasturtiums. I can eat about a dozen flowers at a sitting. Don’t believe me? Try some.
* My  partner coming home and hearing her voice after hours of silence
* hearing an item of music I first listened to years ago and remembering every note.
* the smell of newly mown grass
* the sound of crickets
* retrieving a file thought lost on my PC
* sunsets
* sitting in a hot sun with a slight breeze, looking forward to a drink
* receiving an E-mail from someone you have not heard of for ages
* having a conversation with a complete stranger and finding you have something in common
* coming indoors out of the wind and cold and sitting in front of an open fire
* being praised / appreciated for a piece of work I have done for someone
* when working as a gardener, hearing the customer saying during the job ‘my, what a difference you have already made’.
* talking to someone and realising that they are actually listening to you (quite a shock, eh?)
* hearing about the birth of a friend’s child.
* paddling on a beach
* crawling into bed after a good day
* making a good pun and having someone laugh at it
* the smell of Sunday roast
* holding hands whilst walking with my partner
* balancing my accounts
* looking at a pile of books, each one of which I long to read
* getting a book on Amazon which I ordered the previous day.
* being able to thank someone spontaneously and sincerely for something they did
* taking freshly baked bread out of the oven and smelling it

* and finally if any of you can send me a pleasure example greater than this then let me know. Click here.
We are all children at heart.
A – speak for yourself
Q – I am speaking for myself.

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