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Saturday 12 November 1664

Up, being frighted that Mr. Coventry was come to towne and now at the office, so I run down without eating or drinking or washing to the office and it proved my Lord Berkeley.

Horrible to have that sinking feeling when you get up late. I once did that crossing America by plane with a friend and forgot to adjust my watch. I had an hour to catch the plane and return my hire car. We made it – just, and that was before the days of standing in lines being strip-searched. Since the enhanced security farce, tourist traffic to the USA from Europe has gone down by 7%


My friend Terry of South West Computers is going to make me a new computer from scratch. I will be spared the hundreds of junk software items ‘included’ in PC’s from PC World and the like without telling us and which slow up the computer. I am splashing out on 8GB of RAM which is what most software now requires to run at an optimum level. My existing computer is 6 years old. It has been running slower and slower mainly because modern programs have enhanced  requirements and also if you put new items in (new wine in old bottles) they are not 100% in sync for what is already in the box. Result: slower running and less reliability i.e. more crashes.

I know this will excite you but here is my shopping list.

Goods Shipped:
£49.99 x 1 – Asus H110-Plus Intel H110 (Socket 1151) DDR4 ATX Motherboard
£26.66 x 1 – Kolink KL-SFX250 250W 80 Plus Bronze Efficient SFX Power Supply
£74.99 x 1 – Kingston Fury Black 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 PC4-17000C14 2133MHz Single Channel Module (HX421C14FB2/8)
£11.66 x 1 – LG 24x DVDRW SATA Rewriter – OEM (GH24NSD0)
£22.49 x 1 – Raijintek Arcadia Mid Tower USB 3.0 Case – White
£41.66 x 1 – Intel Pentium Dual Core G4400 3.30GHz (Skylake) Socket LGA1151 Processor – Retail

So  for £285.24 plus the labour of connecting it all up I have the latest up to date machine with no junk. A result in anyone’s language.

I ordered the bits from an Internet company called Overclockers. They are completely nuts i.e. turbo speed.

For example:
17.40   My order was received by them
18.22   the order was dispatched
19.36   formal note of delivery with tracking details
21.12    an invoice received
10.08   goods arrived (inserted by Ed. the next day)

I look forward to re-loading my Dragon Speech to Text software. It badly needs a large dos of RAM. For the last six weeks I have been typing these diaries using a keyboard which although I do not mind doing makes the whole proceedings more drawn out than I would prefer.


This afternoon I had a dream gardening job. A lovely client who divides her time between looking after her 100 year old grandmother who lives in her house upstairs, her husband who is having a course of Chemotherapy ‘treatment’ after the removal of a brain tumor, and her numerous voluntary duties in the local library. She is a giver, happy and giggly with it, and I find I work far better for givers than for ‘stuck’ people who are often miserable. It is the difference between chalk and cheese. One takes energy, one gives it.  The wan autumn sun shone across the garden which abutted on fields and there was no wind so speak of. Although it was only 5 deg C I had to take my jersey off.


This evening, the annual Midsomer Carnival. More or less the whole town turns out, the children have a lovely time, and lots of money is collected for charity.  Snaps of moving objects at night are impossible to take with an ordinary mobile phone camera but the enclosed will give you some idea.

waiting, mobiles in hand, for the procession

Flashing objects for sale, the Town Hall lit up

These floats must have cost a fortune to assemble. They are used several times in towns throughout the South West.

Many marshals ensure ‘ealf and safety

These are all real people who have to hold a pose for 50 minutes.

Dancing Dervishes (not really)

Ever resourceful, a Mexican themed float

Weird Alice in Wonderland theme

We fight our way through the crowds going home, to the computer and then to bed.

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