Mystery photo of the day – Christmas Fayre season

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Mystery photo of  the day – Christmas Fayre season – Christmas day provision in Bath

Pepys Diary Thursday 17 November 1664

Up and to my office, and there all the morning mighty busy, and taking upon me to tell the Comptroller how ill his matters were done, and I think indeed if I continue thus all the business of the office will come upon me whether I will or no.

If you want something done, ask a busy man.

This day I received from Mr. Foley, but for me to pay for it, if I like it, an iron chest, having now received back some money I had laid out for the King, and I hope to have a good sum of money by me, thereby, in a few days, I think above 800l. But when I come home at night, I could not find the way to open it; but, which is a strange thing, my little girle Susan could carry it alone from one table clear from the ground and set upon another, when neither I nor anyone in my house but Jane the cook-mayde could do it.

This reminds me of the freedom of mind of the young ones. I sometimes stumble over my mobile phone but I know that any 12 or 13 year old will solve the problem in a moment without even thinking about it.  Well done ‘little girle Susan’.


This is Christmas Fayre season with a vengeance.

Our supplies of marmalade are depleted but no one is selling it any more. First stop, St John’s Church Hall Midsomer, an event  for the McMillan Cancer Care. I had a cup of tea whilst Francoise wandered around. I  fell into conversation with a chap from my mens group. I asked what he was doing over Christmas and he did not know but told me of the Bath Churches ‘Open Christmas‘ where 500 people are accommodated at Kingswood School for Christmas Day lunch. About 200 volunteers cook, serve, collect the guests and take them home. Bravo community spirit.

mystery object

A brief parking stop in Sainsburys and what do I see? No barrier. What do I find on further examination? The pole of the barrier to the car park has snapped. By itself. Suddenly. Or was it the result of deliberate human action. No, surely, nobody would lose their temper over such a minor thing as being denied entry. Human nature never ceases to amaze me.


Next stop, Paulton Memorial Hospital Fayre, a crowded event with plenty of good value items. This is an A and E for minor medical complaints and serves as a resource for lack of ability to see the doctor. Today, though, the normally quiet corridors are filled with fund raising stalls, plus a Father Christmas to boot. The usual teas, and lovingly made cakes.

Reception desk purloined by stuffed animals – can I help you?

says it all

Tonight is dark (as is usual in late November) so I am going to read. No TV, no radio but SILENCE. I have unnecessarily lit the log fire. I like the ambience.

Till tomorrow then….


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