Watching trash TV – sunrise – encouraging people

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This edition – watching trash TV – sunrise – encouraging people

Pepys Diary Friday 18 November 1664

Up and to the office, and thence to the Committee of the Fishery at White Hall, where so poor simple doings about the business of the Lottery, that I was ashamed to see it, that a thing so low and base should have any thing to do with so noble an undertaking……

This reminds me that in order to maintain any sort of integrity we need to make a stand for what is right, and focus on worthwhile ventures, otherwise we will Twitter ourselves into frivolity and become a non-entity in the process. For me this means not watching certain types of video or TV, typically people behaving badly in whatever form. It does have a debasing effect on me from which it can take hours to recover. The excitement of the moment does not make it worth my while.


This morning outside my house 07.02 (Ctrl and + keys to enlarge the image).

I aim to encourage others as much as possible. They just have to show a little bit of spirit and enthusiasm and I am with them. I do not do the ‘seeking the living amongst the dead’ which Jesus advised against.  I am Chairman of my local Allotment Association, and as such most dogsbody activities fall on my lap. I do not object to this.   One of them is handing over plots where they have been neglected for some time and it can be dispiriting especially if the incoming person is not an expert gardener.

I follow the example of the animal world. Mothers show their offspring how to do this or that task and the latter learn by being given an example. I do not quite work this way but certainly start the ball rolling. I clean the worst of the plot so at least they can see what they have got including a starting point.  Sometimes this tactic does not work due to a change in circumstance over which the tenant has no control for example the loss of a job or an illness or a death in the family. Not withstanding, my default mode is to give them two  hours voluntary labour by me and hopefully that will be enough.  In the case illustrated below, the edge had become undisciplined and wandered 2′ into the plot area over a period of years.  Duly corrected by yours truly.

ready for digging


Four weeks to go until the shortest day though it is more accurate to say ‘shortest days’. The log fire is blazing. Time to watch David Attenborough doing what he does best – commentating on the latest wonders of the natural world (but don’t mention the 150 million tons of plastic that is dropped into the ocean every year).



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