John Humphrys and dowsing

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I was delighted to read in the paper that the well-known BBC broadcaster John Humphrys has a secret talent (well, not now)  for water divining. In his case he needed to find where a plough had cut through a water pipe outside his farm in Wales. According to him, the man on the plough handed him a bent coat hanger and told him what to do. He said he felt a total fool walking up and down this field and then suddenly the coat hanger bent forward – “I couldn’t stop it – I felt the force, I really did, when I dug down and found the pipe”. This article might interest you.

I was introduced to the pendulum and dowsing a little over 40 years ago. There is far more to being nervous system than we imagine and any item can be used as a focaliser. Humphrys used a coat hanger, I have a normal conical shaped pendulum but have used a teabag, a nut on a thread, and anything else that came to mind. I cannot dowse for water to save my lifebut what I can do is to dowse the human energy field to a degree of accuracy that continually surprises me even to this day. I don’t think I mentioned the topic in my diaries so now is the time.

To call the body a computer is a bit reductionist; our human body is capable of receiving information on far more levels than we would first imagine. Most people are aware of a pain in their solar plexus and this can be telepathically induced. If you groan about the word telepathy, it is probably one of the most tested so-called psychic skills but I regard it as a natural part of the human being that we have most effectively dampened down and even cut off by the combination of prejudice, cynicism and I’m afraid the current materialistic climate.


Francoise and myself both came down with food poisoning . She caught something on the last day of the holiday (see Wednesday’s entry) and I followed suit after I returned. There is a certain state of helplessness when the stomach completely rejects everything that is in it including bile. I tried to get some measure of peace of mind by realising that the body is doing its stuff, what it is best at, getting rid of the uninvited guests, the virus in this case, and returning to normal. After continual vomiting I finally got to sleep at 2:30 this morning. I woke at 10 o’clock feeling refreshed and invigorated but let it be said little bit wobbly on my feet. I went along to the local hospital for a checkup but they found no reason to send me to the hospital. Sometimes, a little bit of assurance is required as part of the healing process. For me the lesson was not to rush to take a pill but to let natural processes function.


Off to the hospital again to have my eyes checked. It seems that there is a marked deterioration in my left eye, the one that gives the problems. I am most concerned that macular degeneration has a habit of spreading from one side to the other and I cannot imagine my life without reading. <returned home> The degeneration was not so bad as I thought that I still had another injection, I think about my 12th, so hopefully this disease will be kept at bay.




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