A rainy and windy Christmas Day

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My goodness, what weather for a Christmas Day. No afternoon walks with the children and with the dogs. Who would want to with the wind at 30 miles an hour and rain to boot.
It has been snowing today in Oxfordshire and some of the motorways and A  roads are closed. Somerset seems to escape the worst of the weather. The last time we had snow around this time was five years ago. Pathetic.

Would you believe dear people, I don’t have many profound things to say today somewhat similar to my erstwhile diarist of the 17th-century. I set myself the task of cooking lunch and of course in my usual fashion provided far too much food so much so that I could not fit the food on to the plates. Never mind, we shall spend the next two days eating the leftovers. Cooking of a complicated meal requires timing and a certain discipline. You basically have to decide when you want to serve the meal, work out how long things take to cook, and work back. It seems easy and intuitive but alas I overcooked the baked vegetables with the result that most of them carrots and parsnips included stuck to the tin and I had to scrape them off the bottom afterwards.

Never mind, we had generous doses of the Nine Lessons and Carols, and the classic Oscar Wilde play The Importance of being Ernest” and in the afternoon the life story of the one and only Michael Jackson. Very strange that since I joined the prayer group about 10 days ago my desire for drinking alcohol even in moderate amounts has declined. It seems superfluous to requirements. I’m not complaining in the slightest. Maybe alcohol is a compensation for something or other. I’m sure that the desire to take drugs certainly are.

There is a certain quietness on this particular Christmas day which I relish. It’s not the normal absence of noise but the fact that everyone is home, for the most part contently, and not driving around like lunatics going to the shops and to work. I’m seriously tempted to take a couple of weeks out and do nothing. By that I mean rearrange myself, sort out my priorities, remove unnecessary and pointless aspects of my life and make sure that the 16 hours per day that I’m awake results in a real progress not saying “My goodness, where did the day go?”

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