Month: January 2018

a day with no desire to say anything

I have just returned from a very lively and satisfying weekend in London as you have read. For the last 345 days I have been inspired almost on a daily basis to write something. Today is different. I'm letting all the information become part of me and incorporating new ideas into my subconscious. In a way, I'm halfway between London and here in Somerset, almost anaesthetised. You cannot breathe...

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What community spiritedness is all about

I went along to my local church, the one I have written about, which is in Paulton. I attended morning coffee which takes place from about 10 o'clock until 11:30 AM every Tuesday. Coffee and home-made cakes are offered. Since I have just started attending the church, not many people know me but nevertheless I was welcomed. I'm very used to social occasions large and small inter-alia because I...

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London visit Pt. 5 – back to Tate Britain

We rose at 8:30 AM, had a shower, and went to breakfast. Our effervescent Irish friend James was in the breakfast room , about to go off to the hospital for a check on his broken ankle. We found him forever positive and enthusiastic about life. There were three other people people from the Middle East also having breakfast. They ate almost furtively and whispered to each other. They avoided the...

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London visit Pt. 4 – order out of chaos?

I do not normally get up early on a Sunday morning but I have a business meeting to attend By "business" I mean I want to discuss a matter of some importance which is my potential contribution to a philanthropic community-based organisation which started in one country and has now spread to many countries.  I met my friend at Marylebone station and after a brief sojourn at a local restaurant...

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London visit Pt. 3 – a day for visiting friends

I will give you a clue. It is from south London. It is the only steep hill facing directly towards the city and it is the only road where this applies. A small prize will be given for those who can recognise the road. We went to visit to friends in East Dulwich near the Horniman Museum, which so far as I'm concerned is a gem of educational value unparalleled in south London. My wife worked with...

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London visit Pt. 2 – Saatchi and Saatchi

We awoke and went to breakfast as usual. To say that their breakfast arrangements are laid-back is to understate the situation. There is a choice of hard-boiled eggs, cheese, ham slices, bread, cornflakes, fruit juice of two types. The only catch is you have to find out where the crockery is and if the supplies run out you have to do your own washing-up. At first I was a bit upset by this but...

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