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The etymology of the word “kind” is interesting. It’s about someone’s nature, someone with natural feelings, someone who is well disposed, someone who is benign, compassionate, loving, full of tenderness. This definition goes back to 1300 A.D.

Norton Garden Machinery

“Kindness” is different from say the quality of generosity or the quality of friendship. It is a whole basket of things which can include generosity of friendship but it is more than this.

it was with these thoughts that I left my mower repair station in Kilmersdon, Norton Garden Machinery no less. Mike, the owner, is the epitome of kindness. (I hope it doesn’t read this otherwise is going to be big headed). First of all, he’s a decent and caring chap who is always polite and never raises his voice or gets irritated. Secondly, he cares very much about the service that he gives which means supplying people with moweers and various strimmers and cutters, and servicing when they go wrong. Thirdly, he genuinely likes his job and will unfailingly do his best for his customers even if he doesn’t know them very well. Fourthly, he knows his products inside out and can give very good advices some paid, some given for free.

I do not think Mike tries to be friendly, he just loves his job and this comes across. You cannot fake friendliness by putting on a plastic smile and asking if there is anything else I can do for you and all these dreadful phrases. He never wishes me a good weekend, good day, good evening, and any of the other dreadful American imports that we have to suffer.

pride of place to an antique mower

On this occasion, I went to get a new chain for my chainsaw for my current job and we chatted about the advantages of taking on work that no one else will touch. I would say this difficult and unattractive jobs are the norm for myself and my partner plus my latest team member, my friend Will who is built like a house and is very strong. He comes from a farming background and understands the countryside through and through plus what the client needs or should I say what the landscape needs.

The point is that you never know when these kindly human beings are going to pop up. It could be the bus driver, someone selling vegetables, someone behind the post office till or someone you just meet in the street. It is nice to be prepared for such things.


We had fish pie for lunch made by my wife and also a delightful salad which I felt was pretty enough to photograph. The food was good too.

home-made salad by my ever loving Other Half

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