The world is not as we see it

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The sun shines, the sky is blue and it is the perfect winter day for walking. It is most certainly not the day for dystopian reflections. Do you remember all the fires a month or so ago in various parts of California? When I first saw clips, I thought it strange that the houses had been demolished by fire but around them, trees were unscorched. I’ve just been watching a video by the American website Forbidden Knowledge showing how high powered lasers giving a blue beam actually started the fires. These are lasers from space. Does that surprise you? Well it shouldn’t. We have a normal world as it is presented to us and then the behind-the-scenes world where things are entirely different. Have a look at this video if you want. It is only a few minutes long but seeing is believing you might say. You might like to look at agenda 21 which is the plan for a complete rezoning and depopulation of America – again only if you want to. There are only 171 million references on Google two agenda 21 so nothing much to worry about.

I spent a lot of time today listening to my favourite religious radio station. If I was a betting man, I would bet against the continuation of the human being on this planet.  I wish on a daily basis to lay out my treasure where my heart is which is in eternal values and if I don’t have time to fully express my creativity this time around and I need to come back in some other incarnation then that’s what I will do. These days, the age of 73 is not particularly significant and I find myself being quite willing to start a new venture. Part of me feels a teenager. I see people of my age hobbling around with a stick and near to death’s door. I do not identify myself with these people. Only the good Lord knows when our time has come but until that day I intend to be fully active.

I do not understand the word “retire”. I need to be doing something in order to justify my existence though I know this is bad theology. “to be or not to the, that is the question“. This was Shakespeare’s thought when his Hamlet character was thinking of committing suicide. I like to be active for example doing gardening for myself or for others and earning my daily crust this way. Each and every day I need new ideas to feed on. Without these ideas I feel that life is aimless. Ideas, or brain activity we can say is what keeps me going. Visualisation, imagination, rehearsals of speeches that I might make, things that I could do and making plans, are all necessary life components for me.


A marathon 90 minute conversation with the new contact who is UK representative of a group of people trying to bring about peace and harmony. He seems to find my input or my wisdom helpful. I don’t see it as wisdom actually just me being me but if that helps then let’s do it. We discuss the tendency that human evolutionary groups have for attracting people who are very much in need, as well as those who really do want to make a good contribution to mankind. The vulnerable ones are those that need encouragement and support because one day they might become valuable contributors. You never know at what stage someone is from their behaviour. People can present badly but might have a heart of gold or they can be immaculately polite, well-dressed, well presented, and yet have a heart of stone.

What I do know is that everyone has a human being inside them wanting to get out and that gives me the incentive to do the work I do in small or large measure to encourage people to move onward and forward. Sometimes, when speaking to people, pictures come in to my mind which make no sense but they seem to make sense to the recipient so who am I to activate my left brain and stand in the way of what appears on reflection to be a reasonably efficient functioning intuitional source.


Oh, and if you want another really way out example or examples of why I say the world is not what it seems, check this out.

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