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I sit in front of my computer at home far more than the average person, not that I have any desire at all to be average. I subscribe to many websites and I just received my daily news e-zine from Forbidden Knowledge TV which is one of the most consistent and stable sources of real knowledge. Alex, who runs the site, has had her Youtube channel de-monetised on more than one occasion but she fights back. She must be doing something right. The aforementioned David Icke is now back online with his YouTube channel after a week of being cut off. The pathetic apology by Youtube was that there had been an ‘error’. This would not have occurred if there had not been thousands of people protesting at the removal of the channel.

Anyway, I have developed the art of very quickly reading an e-mail to evaluate its worth. There are certain expectations when I don’t even bother to read the second line. These are when yet another SEO company from India offers to do my website and help me obtain number one ratings. One of the last ones I received was from a firm who offered a service – lite – for $500 US. By Indian or Pakistani or Sri Lankan standards there is a huge amount so it seems that some of these firms have just gone greedy and are desperately fishing to find some poor soul to con. Potential customers are not necessarily aware that they work for a fraction of the salaries that people do in the US.

The second annoying thing about these firms is that you always get an anonymous type Gmail or Hotmail e-mail account and never any mention of the website of the firm. I would never deal with a firm that has no website and I don’t think they’ve quite got this message that you need to be respectable and have a profile.

Appellation is also a giveaway. Hello Mr Brian, or dearest Sir Mr Snellgrove, or beloved dear customer.  This doesn’t give a supreme amount of confidence about their grasp of the English language. Even if I were to engage them, although they may know English they don’t think English and the sentences they put together lack a certain flow. It is very subtle. When here in the UK I get a reminder of my dental appointment the words are “please remember your appointment”. This is clearly software written by a non-English speaker. If they were English they would say “we would just like to remind you of your appointment” or ” don’t forget your appointment”.

Prof Jordan Peterson

Let me finally try and get back to my subject. The newsletter drew my attention to one Jordan  Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. This man is another version of David Icke except that David Icke takes on the whole field of deception and mind programming. Jordan’s campaign is about the craziness of PC or political correctness. If I went on in full about what his contribution is, this blog would be much longer than the average 1200 words I write per day. Let us say that he exposes all aspects of this absurdity, this Marxist idea created in 1923. this includes lively discussion on the  legislature enacted in New York that is mandating 31 different appellations for sexuality.  Virtually any and every descritptor could now be considered as ‘hate crime’ if you get it wrong,  deliberately or unwittingly.

Here they are.

Bi-gendered, Cross-dresser, Drag King, Drag Queen, Femme Queen, Female-to-Male, FTM, Gender Bender, Genderqueer Male-to-Female, MTF, Non-Op, HIJRA, Pangender,  Transexual/Transsexual,Trans Person, Woman, Man, Butch, Two-Spirit, Trans, Agender, Third Sex, Gender Fluid, Non-Binary Transgender, Androgyne, Gender Gifted, Gender Blender, Femme, Person of Transgender Experience and finally – Androgynous

As if children in the USA are not growing up with enough disadvantages such as 46 vaccines by the age of six, fluoride in the water, the dreaded education system, antidepressants etc. they now have to figure out what these funny classifications mean which at the age of five or six I would think is pretty much impossible. What sort of mindset do you require to accept all the above as normal even if you understand what they mean. The situation seems well beyond the stage of being a question of straight or gay men and women. According to the so-called liberal people, your sexuality is based on your perception and there is no biological basis to it, apparently.

I love this guy Jordan Peterson. This is him talking about how you cannot force someone to respect you.

I was so happy to come across this man because it shows what can be done if a person actually has the courage of their convictions. Do watch it here. For the last 25 years or so, David Icke has taken abuse after abuse from people who understand little of what he stands for and who have not even bothered to read his books. I think the population is now becoming so deranged that they are beyond thinking. I think David calls us the ‘post-fact generation’ or some such term.

At its worst, PC can turn people into babies, into people who are afraid to say anything for fear of giving offence. I’ve just had a letter from the lady who runs my writing group to say that I have to get permission to write something of my experience of the group even though the other people in the group and the place and any identifiers have not been mentioned. How is that for paranoia? There will come a time when anyone who disobeys the herd mentality is regarded as mentally ill. David Icke has been warning about this for years. Fortunately, more and more people are listening to his sold-out shows in Europe and elsewhere.

These extreme manifestations are particularly bad in American campuses where people almost yearn to be victims so they can feel important and campaign for something. Where is the respect for the uniqueness of the human being? If you want really get mad, or get angry, (if you’re reading this in the UK), just type in the name of the man above in Youtube and watch.

This ‘best moments’ one is another good example.

Finally here is another  of his ‘straight from the shoulder’ quotes:

…don’t be fixing up the economy, 18-year-olds. You don’t know anything about the economy. It’s a massive complex machine beyond anyone’s understanding and you mess with at your peril. So can you even clean up your own room? No. Well you think about that. You should think about that, because if you can’t even clean up your own room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world.

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